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Chasing Famous: Living the Life You've Always Auditioned For

Chasing Famous: Living the Life You've Always Auditioned For

4.9 9
by Lisa Lloyd

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Have you ever considered your life as an audition? Regardless of who or where we are, we are constantly—often unconsciously—auditioning for a part. Loving wife. Amazing employee. Crafting queen. Socialite. All we really want is to be loved, affirmed, and accepted. What if we could learn to live the life we have always been auditioning for without all the

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Chasing Famous: Living the Life You've Always Auditioned For 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
richardblake 11 days ago
Using the Stage as a Platform to Proclaim the Prominence God for His Glory In her book “Chasing Famous – Living the Life you’ve Always Auditioned For,” Lisa shifts the focus from self-seeking affirmation to pointing people to God as the one to be honored. The theme of exchanging auditioning for approval from the crowds and seeking world renown challenges the reader to change the focus and to seek to proclaim the excellences of God. Chapters are filled with Scripture truths and an invitation to: • Embrace yourself as unique • Find God’s unique purpose for you • Break free of the bondage of shame and guilt • Boldly step out to accomplish your mission of proclaiming the redemptive message of Christ. Lisa’s writing is articulate, relevant, profoundly thought provoking, and rich in illustrative metaphor. Lisa is openly transparent; and shares an account of an incident from her life when she was young, vulnerable, and felt alone and trapped. She also tells of events in her career where God orchestrated unexpected blessing after a period of testing. The ‘Questions to Consider’ feature at the end of each chapter can be easily adapted for use as a Reading Guide for book clubs or a discussion guide for small group Bible studies. Destined to become a spokesperson for a new generation of Christian women, Lisa Lloyd is a successful actress and writer and is a popular speaker at women’s retreats, conferences, and other events, nationally. “Chasing Famous – Living the Life you’ve Always Auditioned For” is highly endorsed by her peers, and by well-known Christian leaders. A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.
Anonymous 3 months ago
"Chasing Famous" was an incredibly inspiring read. I am an actress with a deep faith (though you definitely don't have to be an actor to fully appreciate this book!). The way Lisa tied in acting terms and the creative way in which she laid out her book were so refreshing. I love her vulnerability and extraordinary storytelling. Each page prompted deep thought and introspection. I loved my time with God at the end of each chapter. You can feel her heart in every chapter and her encouraging words of truth are life-giving and life-changing. I have recommended it to many friends and given it away as gifts.
Anonymous 3 months ago
When I first read the title to this book, “Chasing Famous”, I was curious as where the author was going and how a desire for fame could (and should) be a part of every Christian’s life. Lisa Lloyd masterfully weaves her story, vulnerably I might add, with God’s story in a way that encouraged me to look more closely at my own life and how He wants to use me, and every part of my story (good and bad), for the fame of His Name. I was encouraged not only to look at the way God has gifted me, but also to step out in faith and look for opportunities to use my gifts, without comparing to others. And then she talks about our “every day for the eminence of God” in Section 3. Talk about practical! Gossip, beauty, marriage, justice, obedience, and a beautiful and challenging chapter on parenting…. all issues we deal with on a regular basis, and all issues where God wants our choices to bring Him glory! Thank you for bringing a Biblically-centered book about every day life to this every day woman.
NatalieRae 5 months ago
Am I chasing famous? Or am I chasing after what makes God famous? Author and actress, Lisa Lloyd poses these questions in her book, Chasing Famous-Living the Life You've Always Auditioned For. I was hesitant at first because how can my life as wife/mom/homemaker compare to this actress? But Lisa Lloyd removes all pretense immediately offering honest, heartfelt, and revealing guidance to live life in the Light of who God created each of us to be. Ms. Lloyd does this through chapters uniquely titled to reflect terms related to the stage. Topics like Method Acting, Encore, Booking the Job, The Aside, Trust Fall among many dive into the truthful theme that when we live on purpose--doing what God called us and created us to do--we will make Him famous. We can bring Him the glory and honor and live boldly in the calling. I found myself underlining a lot of passages that became personal to me. Ms. Lloyd uses personal stories and Scripture to support each idea and at the end of each chapter there are a list of questions that will help readers dig deeper. I found each chapter gave me much to think and pray about. In fact, it gave me much to discuss with my growing teenagers and husband. Chasing Famous is well-written and thought out book that I think would make a great women's study but can also be read individually. I think this would also be a great resource for young women who are preparing to face a world where the topics in this book will help validate them and encourage them to live boldly. "What if you and I trusted Him with radial faith?" -Lisa Lloyd, Chasing Famous At the end of this book, this is the question that remains on my heart and I believe Ms. Lloyd ignites the flames of hope by suggesting what if... How will I answer that question and what amazing things can happen in my life, in the lives of those around me, and in the world if I truly begin to chase what makes Him famous?? **I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.
JenKyle 6 months ago
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book! From the very beginning, it had me taking a good, hard look at myself and evaluating who I was seeking to please. Too often we get caught up in "how will this make ME look" instead of "how can I glorify God" with my life/actions. The probing questions at the end of each chapter could easily lead this book into a weekly women's devotional group study. But, beware, it will stretch you to open up and be honest about things in your past that are still hindering you from fully accepting God's unfailing grace and things currently in your heart that are holding you back from being the WOMAN that God created you to be. He did not create us to make ourselves center stage, we were created to make HIM famous through our lives. May those around you know the character of GOD through your actions, life and testimony. May you leave behind a legacy that makes GOD famous. I am ready to read this book again and see how God speaks to me this time.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Wow. I just finished Chasing Famous and am beyond inspired. This book is such a gift! I have sent countless quotes and pictures of pages to friends because there is gentle wisdom and loving encouragement for every woman within these chapters, no matter what phase of life she finds herself in. This book is vulnerable and real, and Lisa eloquently puts words to so many of my scattered thoughts and dreams, affirming the deepest cries of my heart and replacing my fears with truth. Chasing Famous brings scriptures and stories from the Bible to life, and the Holy Spirit has used this book to stir my affections for our sweet Savior and to deepen my desire for closeness with God. Each chapter points me to the cross, and fills me with purpose and a passion for His glory.
AnneWatsonTX 7 months ago
I am always looking for books that motivate and inspire me and “Chasing Famous” does just that. Whether you are a Christian or not, this book has something to offer. After reading it I felt brave, courageous and more confident in God’s plan for my life. Lisa is raw, honest, funny and a great storyteller. Each chapter has questions that help solidify the message as well as helping to narrow down your purpose and passion. I just feel ready to stop shrinking away from my purpose and walk boldly toward the action! I highly recommend this book!
DonnaDfromParker 7 months ago
How does one make God famous? What might seem like a moot question (Who is capable of making the God famous, after all?), is one that burns at the very core of Lisa Lloyd. This is evidenced by her quest to turn her personal struggles (and likely, others’ as well) into God-honoring experiences. Her clever poetic verse begins the journey by challenging the reader to ask the question, “Why was I created and what was I born to do?” The answer lies within the individual who follows her soul-searching metaphor of theater. Being an actor herself, she examines many challenges one might face in attempting to make God-fame, through the eyes and steps of the theatrical world. Beginning with fear of an audition, she brilliantly crafts a passionate, yet coherent analogy for every stage in the process from seeking the role to waiting with patience, and perhaps angst, for the timely cue for action. Each piece of the theater experience has a parallel in what one might expect who attempts to use his or her talents for His fame, with plenty of her own skirmishes revealed as examples of both failure and victory over the need for egocentric applause. As ultimately and inherently important in the process, she underscores the need to trust God with the outcomes. Readers will find scriptural truth in this offering, which concludes with a poetic recitation of God’s gift of Christ. A must-read for anyone who wishes to find meaning and purpose in life’s tumultuous trials and the encouragement to trust God with the results. I received a complimentary copy from the publisher.
SusanMB 7 months ago
"Chasing Famous" by Lisa Lloyd is an amazing and empowering book! Lisa uses her faith, acting experience, real life "characters" from biblical stories, scripture, her own life stories, and powerful truths to explain the need to make God famous. She shares how we need to take the focus off ourselves to shine the light on God, to always give Him the glory. She instills in the reader the need to step into the roles the Lord has created for our lives, not with the intent to make ourselves center stage but to magnify Him. He needs to be center stage of our life. Lisa is very raw and honest in sharing her own life struggles in a vulnerable and authentic way. She opens her soul to walk the reader through some difficult times that the Lord used to shed the light on Him."Chasing Famous" gives countless examples of ordinary people in the Bible that the Lord used to bring about His purposes. We are the vessels He uses to bring about His plans and desires here on earth. Lisa shares her life stories with an honest, relatable and sometimes humorous voice. I love how she brought me right into her story using everyday life examples to convey her message of God being the center stage of our lives. I had so many "ah-ha" moments reading Lisa's book, saying "Yes I have been there too! I have lived through this very thing, I am not alone!" I felt like I was having coffee with a friend swapping life stories together. I feel I walked away with a much better insight into the stories of the Bible and how they are all still applicable and relatable today. Lisa provides questions at the end of each chapter, which I really enjoyed. I feel it gave me the opportunity to implement and apply the wisdom and truths of what I read. I love these quotes from Lisa Lloyd's book,"And so as you repeatedly "trust fall" into the arms of God, you multiply the fame of Him to all who watch. May we say, "I'm gonna walk into my tomorrow, confident that the God of my yesterday is with me." And because of our radical trust, may we make God famous." "Our purpose on this earth has nothing to do with us and everything to do with Him-to live for the fame of God's holy name." I loved "Chasing Famous" and feel so blessed by the faith-filled messages Lisa conveys throughout the book. It's not about us, it's all about Him and what He does through us to bring about His glory. Keeping the Lord as center stage keeps us centered on Him and the works He is fulfilling in us. Lisa Lloyd has written a beautiful book that I know will touch countless lives, all for His glory. He is in pursuit of us, we exist for Him, to glorify Him and His biblical truths. I received a complimentary copy from the publisher.