Christmas Is Cancelled

Christmas Is Cancelled

by Aurelia B. Rowl

NOOK BookePub First edition (eBook - ePub First edition)


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Christmas Is Cancelled 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
bouncyberthaCR More than 1 year ago
4 - Betrayed, homeless, out of a job and now stranded in a train station. Stars! Another great book by the talented Aurelia B. Rowle. Second-chance love is one of my favorite tropes, so add in a Christmas twist and I am a happy reader.  This quick, sexy, emotive read kept me up well past my bedtime as I just couldn't wait to see if Tilly and Dean would be able to overcome their pasts, so they could have a future together. If you are still in the Christmas spirit, or are looking for something with a little snow and magic contained within its pages to read, this is the perfect title for any reader to curl up with for a few hours of escapism, and being set in the U.K gives it a little added charm! ARC generously provided via Netgalley, in exchange for the above honest review.
Splashesintobooks1 More than 1 year ago
Great romance where you're not sure how it will end! This is a romance where you aren’t quite sure everything will work out as there are so many obstacles in the path of true love - even when you think things are going to go well someone throws another spanner in the works! Fate seems to be totally against ‘Tilly’ Carter having anything go right for her at the start of this contemporary romance and, to top it all, the train she should be catching to spend Christmas with her brother is cancelled and there’s no way for her to get there! Too many other things have gone wrong for her when sobbing and in despair, she leaves the station only to be recognised by Dean, the man who broke her heart when she was just 18 years old. Ten years later, he’s still a handsome hunk who makes her dream of happily ever afters gone missing. Dean is the one that got away. He hates the memories he associates with the festive season and can’t believe the change in ‘Tilly’, she’s no longer the firecracker he always loved- she’s even dyed her brilliant fiery hair a mousy brown colour and her clothes are drab colours, too! He is determined to rescue her without breaking the promise he made to her brother all those years ago but will fate take another twist, and can Christmas magic work on them both to bring them together at last?  The characters are well portrayed, the setting is Manchester, the Peak District and Sheffield - all familiar locations to me - and beautifully described. The book is a great festive read and I’ll be looking out for other books by this author! Thanks to the author, publishers and NetGalley too  for letting me read this book in exchange for this, an honest review.
naturalbri More than 1 year ago
My Thoughts: No one wants to spend Christmas alone, especially after being dumped, having found your partner cosied up with your best mate), losing your job and your home all in one day. So, Tilly made the executive decision. She played it safe and decided to head off to her brother, Phil's, house for the holidays. At least she would get to be with family.  However, Tilly seems to be having the worst run of bad luck ever, as her heel breaks, her train is cancelled and she whacks her shin as she tried to escape the suffocating madness that is becoming her life.  Now she is stranded, alone and on the verge of a mental breakdown, all on Christmas eve, but she never would have expected what would happen next.  As she tried to gather her thoughts, or at least hide the waterworks that seemed to leak, she recognised a familiar, long-lost voice, but it couldn't be...he wasn't up here, was he?  She didn't dare have a look, especially in her state, but with all times you want to remain hidden, she must have had a beacon and a neon sign glaring above, reading ' It's Tilly!,' for the man stopped. Little did Tilly know things were just about to begin.  I loved this book. I am hit and miss on contemporary romance, as sometimes I find it is rather bogged down, taking away from the fun and adventure in finding a lover/partner. However, Aurelia's writing still wow'd me, when I read A Girl Called Malice and Popping the Cherry, so I knew to expect great things from this book.  I dove in, expecting to enjoy the book, but I didn't know I would be completely addicted to every word Aurelia fed me. I couldn't put it down! So much so, that I devoured the entire book in one night.  We've all been there, just like Tilly, where we feel like all hope is lost and we truly have nothing left. Tilly, or Basmati, lives the dream, in her holiday story. Just when she is about to give up the most amazing, yet wholly trusting, confusing and often hilarious thing happens. I loved reading as Tilly and her new found, or old, flame rekindle something that was never lost. Yet, unlike most romances, this one is realistic. They don't just meet up, jump a carriage and ride of into a distance, Tilly being wooed away without a concern. They have the real world to contend with, including old secrets, supressed urges and long-lost promises.  We venture on a roller coaster of emotion and sexual frustrations with them, hoping with each word that we will finally read the moment when Tilly we consumate her feelings for him, if only life wouldn't get in the way! I truly felt every frustration, every moment of breakdown and even the passion in this book. The emotions and personalities were written so well that I felt like I was there, as if I were Tilly myself. I wanted nothing more than to be Tilly, to experience the vivid things she was and the writing was done by Aurelia in such a way that I really felt I was.  I loved the ending, and the final chapters leading to it. It was steamy, real, heart wrenching, nurturing and left me wanting to know more. I want, no need to know what happens next.  With all the cards laid on the table, I loved seeing where Tilly's life would go this Christmas, but I must know where it goes next. I LOVE this book and reading all about Tilly and her family.  I highly recommend this read, for yourself or as a gift to someone you know. It is the perfect Christmas read, especially if you like a steamy, passionate one
MHUTCHINSON More than 1 year ago
Another great read by Aurelia B. Rowl!!I have not read a book by this Author that I did not love!!! Tilly has run into a bad luck streak on Christmas Eve and nothing can go right for her, except for when she runs into an old flame. Tilly and Dean immediately reconnect as if 10 years had not passed since they have seen each other. Dean pretty much rescues Tilly from the train station and takes her to his house for the holidays. The chemistry between these two sparks back up immediately. Tilly can not keep her hands off of Dean but he demonstrates his strong self control due to a promise he made Tilly's brother, Phil years ago. On Christmas morning Dean takes Tilly to a very special place that he visits only once a year and they have tons of fun and make memories that will last forever. Phil shows up to Dean's house as soon as Dean and Tilly return from their adventure. Phil starts trouble and causes Tilly to run away. Tilly spend time to herself and ends up getting her priorities in order and goes back to Dean!! She realizes that she loves him no matter what and they will get past his past. This book has a HEA and I love that it ended the way that it did. It gave me a warm feeling inside and was such a great Christmas read. Thanks Aurelia for another great read!!! I look forward to more from this Author!!
cathydianeb More than 1 year ago
 It’s Christmas eve and Tilly is having the worst day of her life, she just lost her job her Live in boyfriend , her best friend and her home in one big blow. Now heading to her brothers for Christmas she finds the train is cancelled. Just when she thinks things can’t get worse she runs into her first crush that broke her heart  nine years ago and the reason she is there in the first place after he humiliated her. Dean has his reasons for not liking Christmas (you will have to read the book to see what they are) He is wealthy, prosperous and handsome but found  no woman measured up to  the  one he let get away years ago. But promises are promises and he has his honor. This was a very sweet romance. Nicely written and fast paced. Both characters are intriguing and the storylines entwine and unravel brilliantly. If you’re looking for something to add a little heat into your life or a nice Holiday setting to cool you down this one is for you! I loved how this ended with his journal entries form the travel lodge * you will need a tissue here but its happy tears* Recommendations: If you like a nice steamy romance, a sweet love story, a sexy snowball fight and a story set around the holiday season this one is awesome!