The Christmas Singing

The Christmas Singing

by Cindy Woodsmall

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The Christmas Singing: A Romance from the Heart of Amish Country 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 41 reviews.
MizChelleB More than 1 year ago
Every once in a while, you open a book, and the characters that emerge from the pages are living, breathing and believable. They take your hand and guide you through a story, making you laugh, making you cry, and always make it hard to turn that last page. Gideon and Mattie from Cindy Woodsmall's The Christmas Singing are those kinds of characters. The story opens with Mattie, she's the equivalent of the Amish Cake Boss. She's moved to Ohio, after discovering Gideon in the arms of another woman. Her life with him had once been filled with "passion and gusto", but now her shattered heart is on the mend. She's the successful owner of a cake shop, and is involved in a "comfortable" relationship with Sol. But then tragedy strikes, and her store is burned down. She heads back to Ohio for the Holidays and is forced to confront Gideon. As the truth of his betrayal comes to light, will it mend the hurt, or bring more pain? I give this book five stars, and it is a must for your bookshelf this holiday season. One cold afternoon, curl up under a blanket and let the warmth of Gideon and Mattie's story warm your heart. It is a quick and easy read that will bring a little joy to your day. Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255.
songbirdsue More than 1 year ago
An over all good story. The lack of communication and trying to do what is best for someone else creates years of loss and regret. It is then full of characters who are trying to do what they think is best without really considering the long term affects of those decisions or if they have the right to make them for someone else. A little romance, but mostly about interacting and dealing with feelings and the trials life brings.
tarenn on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
THE CHRISTMAS SINGING by Cindy Woodsmall is a heartwarming contemporary inspirational Amish fiction/romance set in Apple Ridge,Pennsylvania. This story a part of the Ada's House Series,see "The Hope of Refuge","The Bridge of Peace",and "The Harvest of Grace", but can be read as a stand alone with reappearing characters from the other stories. "The Christmas Singing" is the story of Mattie Eash and Gideon Beiler. Gideon had broken Mattie's heart by ending their engagement. Mattie brokenhearted moves away from Apple Ridge to Ohio,but has to return. "The Christmas Singing" has romance,love,secrets,lies,the Amish culture,community,second changes,heartache,redemptation,forgiveness and restoration. It has strong characters and a wonderful plot. "The Christmas Singing" is a wonderful,heartwarming of restoration and the warmth of Christmas.A must read for any who enjoys inspirational reads that is not "preachy",Amish,romance,and the power of love. Received for an honest review from Library Thing and the publisher. Details can be found at WaterBrook Press and
Coranne on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Sweet. This is the word I would use to describe this story- sweet. It is a shorter story- it comes right around 200 pages and is easily read in one sitting. The pacing in the story was excellent and the story was well told. I found myself rooting for all of the characters. I loved that Mattie was a cake decorator- that doesn't seem to be a typical Amish character (from what I read). It was fun to read about all the cakes that she made. I especially enjoyed the recipes from the cakes mentioned in the story.Cindy Woodsmall does a wonderful job creating an excellent story in so few pages. The characters are likable and although the story was predictable- that didn't take away from how enjoyable it was. This would make an excellent stocking stuffer or present for a family member or friend.
hope3957 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed reading this book. The story was very well written and the characters were very believeable. This is the best book I have read on the current Holiday Season. The ending is interesting and leaves us wondering if there might be a sequel. It was really fun to see what cake she would come up with next.
itsJUSTme on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This book was OK, it was sweet, a nice clean Amish book. Normally I love Cindy Woodsmall and have always rated her books very high. This one was just a little slow for me. It was nicely done. It had great Characters. For some reason this time I really connected with the male character of Gideon, I really loved him and felt sorry for him at times. I kept want him to get his emotion act together and go get the girl!
cyncie on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This is a simple, sweet Amish love story, with little depth orcomplexity of plot.
rjmoren on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Although somewhat predictable, this was an enjoyable read. I enjoy Amish settings in Christian fiction so this was my kind of book. I read it in two sittings. Short and sweet, it focuses on a young Amish woman and her misconceptions about the reasons her longtime boyfriend broke up with her. He was protecting her but all she felt was hurt and betrayal. She moves near one of her brothers in another state to begin a new life for herself. All is going rather well until her bakery burns to the ground. She must return home for the holidays and her ex happens to be working on the building of her cousin's new home. They run into each other and things get a little complicated before it's all over.
khiemstra631 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This is a small Christmas book by author Cindy Woodsmall that tells the story of Mattie and Gideon, who were childhood sweethearts but who are currently estranged. As with many Amish fiction books, communication problems have caused the rift. Mattie moved from Pennsylvania to Ohio after her split with Gideon. He broke up with her, and she subsequently caught him with an English girl. However, the split was actually the result of a deliberate deception on Gideon's part to force it to occur. Now, Mattie is promised to Sol, who is steady and reliable but who does not make her heart sing. After a fire in her bakery causes Mattie to return to Pennsylvania for awhile, sparks start to fly between her and Gideon. Can the rift be repaired? Read the book and find out. It's a step above many of these ever-popular Amish novels.
kitchenwitch04 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
First of all I must say that I am a TOTAL fan of Cindy Woodsmall. I have never read any of her books that I didn't love, and she always makes you want to follow the characters thru their whole lives! This book is equally well written, and I thoroughly enjoyed the holiday setting, It is a tale of forgiveness and love. I think anyone who enjoys Amish fiction will love this one as much as I did.
Books007 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
The Christmas Singing is a quick, G-rated romance. It's a predictable however enjoyable story. Can old wounds be healed? Mattie & Gideon were together but she moved away after they broke up. Mattie returns home later and sparks between to fly between her & Gideon however Mattie is already promised to another.Looking for a good, light, Christmas-themed story to start the season? I would recommend this one.
Kelly_B More than 1 year ago
A Nice Amish Getaway There are few reads that delight me more than a look into the lives of the Amish. I have embraced this genre, and I have continually been delighted by each book I have read. The Christmas Singing has many of the elements that I enjoy from Cindy Woodsmall. The view into Amish life is painted so clearly I feel like I can see each detail. I was delighted with the descriptions as usual and wished I could drop into Mattie Cakes myself. I wish the shop and the village that Mattie lived in was explored more deeply before she went back to Ridge. I really enjoyed the descriptions and friends there. I hope to see more in a future work. I was also pleased to get the opportunity to catch up with other characters from Cindy's previous book in this series. It was like revisiting old friends. The tone of the story itself was a bit somber which I would as with it dealt with some negative events. It would have worked better for me (and this is purely personal) if it actually had not been a Christmas novella. I don't expect everything to be happy, but in a Christmas themed story, I expect it more than I would with other themes. Still the story itself was well written and I hope that my distraction with the tone doesn't lead you to think it was not. As for the characters, I would love to see what happens to Saul. He seems to have some deep levels there, and I hope the author will continue to explore them. Mattie herself kind of bugged me. She was hot and cold when it came to Gideon. I couldn't even grasp the momentary joviality that would be followed by resentment. I understood the reasoning, but to be honest, if I had been involved with someone who I truly believed betrayed me, I probably wouldn't be anything more than lukewarm around him. Polite out of necessity. Mattie's reactions often seemed very self centered and off kilter. Gideon and all he had been through simply broke my heart. All in all, I enjoyed the story and the look back at old friends. The ending for the main characters was satisfying, and I hope that it opens doors for others that I am also falling in like with. It was the perfect little getaway into Amish Country and I hope to go there again soon. I did listen to this book rather than read it, and because of this I do want to comment on that. I felt that the reader had a lovely tone to her voice but it was rather soft. Because of this, I had to turn my volume all the way up on both my Kindle and my computer. This is the first time I have had to do this with an audio book. Also because I was listening and not reading one name kept grating on me: Mattie Lane (Mattie's nickname). I am sure if I was reading it wouldn't have been so distracting, but it seemed to come up way too often as I listened.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a really nice short read. It held my interest til the end.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I liked the part where Mattie was trying to find her notebook when she was opening up her shop for the day.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a really enjoyable story. It had heart to it without but was also light. Just what I was looking for at that moment.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cindy Woodsmall's books are always amazing, and this is no exception. What a delightful story, filled with characters who feel like real friends. A great read ... and a terrific gift!
jbrewer More than 1 year ago
I recently had the chance to read and review this book. I am a fan of Cindy's books and had to read it. I wasn't let down by it. It was a nice not too deep story. Mattie was brokenhearted by her boyfriend and soon after moved away to another community. She meet Sol and started dating him and opened and established her own Bakery from her love of baking cakes. She left the shop for a few moments to help a lady with a cake to her car and before she knows she lost her whole shop in a fire. Mattie goes back home to her community to be with her family and comes face to face with the one who broke her heart. I won't give out anymore details but that is the plot of the book. I found it to be a short sweet romantic Amish read. It does not go into great lengths and gives you just enough of the story to where you are satisfied. I very much enjoyed this newest read from Cindy and I am sure you would love this sweet story too.
Sue04 More than 1 year ago
Cindy does it again! Love her books especially this one! Enjoy reading The Christmas Singing!!!
Evangeline_Han More than 1 year ago
Cozy is the exact and right description for The Christmas Singing. As I read the novella, I envisioned sitting in a comfy fire by the fireplace. I couldn't help it. The romance and mystery themes were evenly paced, and Cindy Woodsmall achieved making this a relaxing read despite the surprises scattered here and there in the story, mainly due to the mystery theme. I love the way the real reason behind Gideon and Mattie's breakup is slowly revealed. It was like a juicy tidbit is being dangled before us readers so that we will want to read more and more. That made reading this book even more exciting than it already is. The story is simple enough, but what clinches it is the breakup and tension. While I like the Gideon and Mattie characters equally the same, Sol was my favorite character and I couldn't help pitying him many times. He has this soft side that makes him endearing. Gideon and Mattie's conversations were my favorite parts in The Christmas Singing. I enjoyed analyzing them. There is much to think about and rationalize in the conversations. I don't know how Cindy managed to turn out a piece of work that is both relaxing, exciting, mysterious and romantic, but she certainly makes it turn out all good. The elements are all juggled well, and the ending leaves you feeling contented. This is just the type of book I'd sit back and read after those tense and complicated books (not that I don't love them too, though!). The Christmas Singing is one of the best Amish books I've read to date!
bgh More than 1 year ago
I reviewed the book Christmas Singing and the first thing I liked about it was the pretty cover. It would be a nice book to lay on a coffee table or on an end table even if it didn't get read. I thought the author did a good job making me feel the pain and joys of the characters. I really got into the book and I knew how I wanted the book to end from the very first few chapters. This was a very quick read. It wasn't in depth and was a great book to just read for relaxation and enjoyment. My one complaint would be that everything resolved too quickly in the end and I wanted the ending to last longer. I have already started a second book by this author so I liked her well enough to try more books by her.
DSaff More than 1 year ago
Mattie and Gideon had once been engaged. But, when Mattie's heart is broken by Gideon, she needs to get away. Ohio and her own bakery seem to be the answer to her broken heart, and then there is Sol. Mattie is comfortable in Ohio and life seems to be progressing when her bakery burns down. Mattie needs to regroup and heads home where she runs into Gideon. Will the truth about the break-up come out? Can broken hearts mend? What will become of Mattie's bakery and Sol? This wonderful Christmas story will remind you of the joys and heartaches life can bring, as well as the hope future holds in store. As usual, Cindy Woodsmall does her homework and brings a wonderful Amish story to life. The characters are like neighbors and their stories are compelling. I like the descriptions she uses for places because it is easy to picture where something is happening. If you enjoy Amish stories, you will enjoy this one. If you have never read one, this would be a good one to try. I received my review copy from the Blogging for Books program and thank them for the opportunity.
tmurrell2 More than 1 year ago
Mattie is a single Amish woman owns her own bakery. She left her home and moved to her brother's town after a misunderstanding with her boyfriend. But she's a bit absent minded and accidentally burns her store down. She returns to her hometown to find out that her relationship with Gideon (her ex-boyfriend) isn't what it seemed. Now she must decide what direction her life is going to take. I enjoyed this book. I've read several other books by Cindy Woodsmall and have enjoyed them all. I was not a huge fan of Amish fiction, but she has changed my opinion. The author has a pleasant writing style and the stories are always fun. The characters are real and the Christian message is strong without being over powering. I'm looking forward to reading more by this author. I received this book free of charge from WaterBrook in exchange for my honest review.
CSWCH More than 1 year ago
Will continue to read her books
JamieLittle More than 1 year ago
I've recently become a big fan of Amish fiction. I always enjoy reading books by Cindy Woodsmall and this one was no exception. It was super easy to fall in love with these characters and find myself totally immersed in their story. I've never been to Amish country, but as I read I felt as though I was right there alongside Mattie and Giedon. Because of her connection to the Amish community, Woodsmall always fills her stories with little facts and tidbits about the people. For example, in this book I learned that while most Amish groups do not allow members to have telephones, they are permitted to have phones in their businesses. I only have one complaint about the story, it's on the shorter side and because of that it almost feels as if parts of the story are rushed and skimmed over. I would have loved for the story to go a little deeper into Mattie and Gideon's story and would gladly have read another 100 pages to do so. Other than that minor detail, I loved this story and look forward to reading more by Cindy Woodsmall. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for this review. All thoughts are my own and I was not required to write a positive review.