Crazy on You

Crazy on You

by Crystal B. Bright

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Crazy on You 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
boricuareads 8 months ago
Tassia Hogan will forever live in infamy after rising through the music charts with a hook that makes her sound like she’s a maneater. Except she’s hustled a lot to get where she is but hasn’t received her dues. She’s gone from child actor in a Barney-esque show, to college, to background singer and songwriter, and has ended up touring with a famous R&B singer for her catchy, sensual hook. As tour finishes, though, she’s forced to face her reality: her label hasn’t approached her about a solo album, her roadie hook-up breaks off their relationship, and she hasn’t written any new songs while on tour. Tassia decides she needs a break to recharge and rethink what she wants to do in her life when she’s called into a meeting with label execs exactly as the media starts to spread false rumors about her. Expecting the worst, she’s surprised when they approach her to be a part of a duets album with the person she least expects: Hyde Love. Hyde Love has left his child actor image many millions of dollars ago. He’s blown up as the hottest and most popular country singer around, surpassing the likes of Taylor Swift. His fame and fortune have amounted, but so has the grip his dadager has on his life. On the verge of burnout, he’s seeking for a way out from his responsibilities and just… chill. When he’s tapped to do a duets project, he thinks maybe this could be his time to slack off and let another do the work for him while he rests. The tables turn when he finds out that his collaborator is Tassia, the girl he had a crush on when they worked together as children. But Tassia won’t allow him to slack off; she’s laser-focused on getting this project off the ground and clear her name in order to gain traction as a serious artist. After that, things go off the rails as Hyde convinces her to run away with him to his private estate in Nashville, where they could work on the album without the distractions of their lives. Cut off from the general population, Tassia is expecting Hyde’s team to arrive, only to find out they’re gonna be spending their entire time together. Alone. With nowhere to go. (Yes, it sounds as creepy as it is.) Tassia gets appropriately angry and requests he take her home or at least to the airport. Before he does, she meets Hyde’s cousin, a peppy young woman named Pepper, who also chastises him for his actions. All of the righteous anger aid in bringing down Hyde from his egocentric trip, and he begins being genuine towards himself and Tassia. As songs and emotions start flowing openly, sparks fly between them, and in no time they come together to create the perfect harmony. Of course, there is trouble in paradise, but it only happens 90% into the book. However, I did think the first 90% of the book is quite good. I appreciated the fact that they’re able to get past their differences and actually talk about why they did things certain ways and call each other out. Also, their love scenes are incredible and well-written, even the most ridiculous ones don’t come off as awkward in the grand scheme of things. By far, the best scenes occur when they’re being private and opening up to each other, showing their development from when they were antagonizing each other at the beginning of the book. It’s incredible in character development, which is one of my favorite things in books. An enjoyable book, would read Bright's other offerings. ARC was provided by NetGalley in exchange for a review. Thank you!
KelsieAL 8 months ago
Crazy on You by Crystal B. Bright is the third and final book in her Love and Harmony series. I haven’t read the others in the series, but I know this book is a great way to end it. Bright dedicated the entire Love & Harmony series to people looking for redemption and second chances. Tassia Hogan, former child TV star, is at a crossroad in her music career. Her one-line hook in a recently released song has sent the wrong message to both fans and industry executives. She’s been offered an opportunity to record an album of duets with popular country music star, Hyde Love. Tassia isn’t excited to be working with her former castmate and definitely isn’t expecting a relationship beyond the music. Hyde Love, former child TV star, is at the peak of his music career. He’s looking forward to taking a break from his hectic schedule and has no interest in recording an album of duets with R & B artist, Tassia Hogan. Hyde just wants to be left alone and isn’t looking for love or even a casual relationship. Despite the different genres, Tassia and Hyde find that they can make beautiful music but resist anything more. Together they make discoveries about the past, each other and themselves. This romance novel is a complete standalone. I was happy to find that Bright has approached the interracial relationship from a fresh viewpoint. The novel isn’t about race. It’s all about love and trust. I give Crazy on You 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it to anyone who enjoys contemporary romance. The explicit sex scenes may be offensive to some readers. My thanks to Kensington Books and NetGalley for the opportunity to read an advance copy of this book. However, the opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine and mine alone.