Dangerously Bad

Dangerously Bad

by Eden Bradley

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Dangerously Bad 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Oh Duff ??
KnottyGirlReviews More than 1 year ago
I get big time excited when Eden Bradley has a new book out, because for people like me, she’s a goddess. I’m a subbie and not afraid to say it, while I don’t mind reading BDSM books written by authors not in the lifestyle, I do prefer it. Eden knows what she’s writing about, which makes the experience for me as a reader, writer, blogger and yes, a sub, way more satisfying. So, I excitedly dove into the book and then I stopped. The brakes went on for a couple of reasons. One, I’m not a fan of interracial books where it’s the woman. And it’s not because i’m racial, it’s because I put myself in the characters place, so that just turns it off for me. Then, the biggest reason...Layla is a Domme. That usually makes me just toss the book aside and be done with it, and when it’s the “male dom converts female domme into sub” storyline, I usually stay as far away from the book as I can, BUT this is Eden Bradley, so I decided to keep on going with it. I’m very glad I did. Eden did a fantastic job with recent Scotland transplant Duff Stewart, cousin to Jaime. A hot Scot in a kilt with a killer bod and a brogue? Um, yeah. You can bet I’d convert from a domme, a vanilla chick, even a nun, to get my hands on Duff. Luckily, our Domme doesn’t take most of the book to decide to submit to Duff. (another of my toss the book reasons) Smart girl. The scenes the two of them have are so hot I needed the AC cranked on high. Eden writes incredible sex scenes. Once again, I’m just blown away.
Pam519 More than 1 year ago
Dangerously Bad is one of the best erotic BDSM novels I've ever read. It's the story of Duff, a Scotsman transplanted to New Orleans, who's come to help his cousin expand his business. Duff is more than just a Dominant. He doesn't just wear the persona or act the part. It's who he is in every fiber of his being. No one is in his presence without realizing just how assertive, commanding, powerful he is. It's no surprise he's so passionate about everything in his life, particularly BDSM & restoring classic motorcycles. Every submissive he's met wants to be with him. But Duff doesn't want any of the submissives he's met . No, since the first night he went to The Bastille, he's had his eye on Layla, another Dominant! Duff can't help but feel the attraction at his first sight of Layla. Her beautiful green eyes, creamy toffee-colored skin, beautiful dark hair hanging in curls around her face, all combine making her the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. But it's not just her beauty that draws Duff in. She's as feisty, strong-willed & Dominant as Duff. She might even be better than Duff! Watching her throw a flogger or whip, seeing how she works with the submissives, the joy she finds in her Dominance, the care she takes with her submissives-anyone can see just how amazing a Domme she is. But Duff sees something in Layla than no one else does & he's determined to tame this Domme. Duff being Duff, he makes no secret of his plans, much to Layla's dismay. Tensions escalate until Layla decides she's had enough of Duff's innuendos, sly glances & comments. She shows up at one day to tell him in no uncertain terms to back off & leave her alone. She's a Domme. He's a Dom. There's no way there'll EVER be anything between them. But somehow between the time she storms into Duff's workspace, exasperated & beyond angry, & the time she tears out of the place after a blowup between the two, Duff lays a blistering hot kiss on her so scorching that it turns her world on its end. Literally running from Duff's office, she races home to try to figure out just what the hell happened & why her plan to put Duff in his place went so wrong! Duff & Layla both have pasts filled with trauma & pain making them who & what they are. Dangerously Bad isn't just the story of two Dominants in the BDSM lifestyle battling for supremacy over each other. It's a unique tale of 2 people, damaged & broken in so many ways, each not sure what they're looking for, each certain they'll never find what they want or need out of life but still searching for something to make their lives whole & meaningful. The reader makes the journey with Duff & Layla along a roller coaster ride of emotions, both past & present. This is the genuine story of two imperfect people who make their way through life in the best way they know how, with all the twists, turns, highs & lows of that adventure. Ms. Bradley takes the reader on an incredible journey through not only the world of BDSM as seen through the eyes of Duff & Layla but through every subtle detail of the lives they're trying to build. Ms. Bradley is a true storyteller in every sense of the word & has the ability to craft real, believable. relatable characters that the reader becomes invested in. Both the main & supporting characters are completely developed. I was completely riveted from the first page to the last. I highly recommend Dangerously Bad. It's an amazing novel & you'll love it! I give it my unqualified highest recommendation!