Delayed Death: Temptation in Florence #1

Delayed Death: Temptation in Florence #1

by Beate Boeker


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Delayed Death: Temptation in Florence #1 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow! Very good! I can't wait to read another of her books. Very entertaining!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Delayed Death is the first in the Temptation in Florence Series. This cozy mystery takes place in Florence Italy and features Carlina who is an owner of a boutique lingerie store. She’s part of a large Italian family who all live in a home that’s split into apartments. When Carlina’s grandfather dies immediately before her cousins wedding they make a mistake that haunts her once they discover he was murdered. Carlina is a wonderful character with a good head on her shoulders. Her family is a little strange but mostly lovable if you can get past their quirks. Since they all live with another (for the most part) she has to deal with their ‘quirks’ and does a good job at not letting things get to her. But when she makes a mistake and is suspected of murder her strong personality starts to shine through. She’s hurt that the police think she’s guilty and she’s frustrated dealing with the Inspector who does a great job of grilling her on her own activities as well as those of her large family. While spending so much time with the Inspector we start to see some sparks start to fly between them. It’s hard to imagine that Carlina could get past her annoyance at him but things take some twists and turns and I can see how there’s some strong potential for a romance here. The mystery is done well and I didn’t figure out who the guilty person was until about the time it started to be revealed. It was so hard to imagine Carlina’s family being guilty of anything so I just felt like it was impossible for any of them to be  responsible. I was really impressed with how it played out. This is a fun read that made me laugh out loud more than once. The characters in this book have strong personalities and they really came alive. At first I wasn’t sure about keeping everyone straight because there are a lot of them. But as the book goes on they became more clear of who was who. And it was easy to just go with it anyway. I have to comment on the setting. I LOVE that it takes place in Florence. I could imagine the setting beautifully and could picture myself there with everyone. All I can do for now is visit through books and this worked well. When I finished this book I had a strong urge to pick up the second one immediately. I really didn’t want to leave Carlina, her strange family and this maybe potential romance. I’m so anxious for more!
NicoS More than 1 year ago
(I received a digital copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.) When Carlina Mantoni’s grandfather dies on her cousin’s wedding day, things go from bad to worse.  Not only does Commissario Garini determine that the death was not accidental, but Carlina is now the lead suspect.  Will she be able to prove that she’s innocent?   Is it possible that one of her family members killed her grandfather or were they dealing with a serial killer?  Will Carlina find love along the way?  This was a really great story that just got more and more intriguing the longer I read the book.  It had a little of everything in it.  It had mystery, comedy, and a hint of romance.  I loved Carlina’s big crazy family and all their eccentricities.  It was endearing how much they all were involved in each other’s lives (for better or for worse) and I could TOTALLY picture this family interacting with each other.  As far as the mystery goes, I HAD NO IDEA who killed the grandfather until the end when the author revealed who the real killer was.  I loved that I couldn’t figure it out.  The descriptions of Florence were lovely and I felt as if I was transported there.  It was like I could see the buildings, taste the food, and hear the sounds of the city.  This book really took me by surprise.  When I had to put it down, I found myself REALLY wanting to start reading it again!  It has a different feel to it (in a good way) and I thoroughly enjoyed it!  I would definitely read more by this author and I’m excited to read the next books in the series!  
wazi More than 1 year ago
Delayed Death (Temptation in Florence Book 1) by Beate Boeker In the historic center of Florence, Italy lives a large eccentric Italian family. Most of the family is housed in an apartment type housing unit all under one roof. Try to imagine that for a while, having aunts, uncles, grandfather, mother, and cousins around you every time you turned around. That would be enough to drive me crazy! On Emma’s wedding day Carlina and Emma discover their grandfather, Nico, passed away at the kitchen table when they stop in to pick him up to head to Emma’s wedding. Rather than ruin her wedding day Emma wants to wait until after the wedding to have his body “discovered”. So Emma enlists Carlina to help her move his body from the kitchen table back to bed and tell everyone he wasn’t feeling well enough to come to the wedding. Luckily the wedding goes off without a hitch. The next morning when Nico is discovered Uncle Tio, Nico’s twin brother, is positive there has been foul play because Nico was wearing his socks in bed. Now it is homicide department Commissario Stefano Garini’s job to get to the bottom of the matter and solve the mystery. Since Carlina was the last one to see her grandfather Nico “alive” she ends up being the prime suspect. Commissario Garini is a staunch no nonsense type of officer who shows no emotion while on the job. Unfortunately he ends up training a bumbling assistant during this case, who happens to be his boss’s son. The plot moves along at a fast pace as Garini questions each family member and he has to make heads or tails out of each of their eccentricities. When Carlina confesses to lies she told from the beginning, Garini is able to buy into her story. Now the race is on to uncover the murderer before more victims start piling up. Garini is under pressure from his boss to bring in a suspect whether they are guilty or not just so it looks good on the books. As Carlina and Commissario Garini work together to solve the murder Garini finds himself in Carlina’s luxury undergarment store Temptations far too often for his comfort. I enjoyed watching Garini’s gruff exterior crack as his feelings for Carlina developed. It was also just as much fun to watch Carlina soften her attitude towards Garini as she realized that he was doing everything he could to watch out for her best interests during the investigation. It is going to be fun to watch the relationship between these two ripen to perfection. Murder mysteries are not my usual genre and I found myself quite tense as the plot twisted into a second murder. So, I did buy into the characters and the plot. If you are looking for a unique murder mystery perhaps this is what you are looking for. Format/Typo Issues: I found no significant errors. **Originally written for "Books and Pals" book blog. May have received a free review copy.** September 11, 2014
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Brenda Casto for Readers' Favorite What is a girl to do when she finds her grandfather's dead body just hours before her favorite cousin's wedding? Well, that is just the predicament that Carlina Mantoni finds herself in just hours before her cousin Emma's wedding. The thing is, Emma is with her when they find their seventy-nine year old grandfather Nico dead sitting at his kitchen table. Thinking he died of natural causes Emma reasons that if they tell the family it will ruin her wedding and convinces Carlina that they should just put grandpa to bed and let everyone think that he passed away in bed later that night. The plan seemed as if it might work, until Nico's twin brother insists that something is awry, because his brother would never go to bed with his socks on, and insists on calling the police. What seemed like a run of the mill death quickly turns into a police investigation with Carlina and her family becoming prime suspects! Surely the death is from natural causes because who would want to murder grandpa? "Delayed Death" is a cozy mystery that was often laugh out loud funny! It takes place in Florence, Italy, and the author sprinkles in just enough Italian dialect to give the story an authentic feel. The cast of characters, comprised of the Mantoni family, are totally off the wall. Eccentric seems almost a tame way to describe them! Ms. Boeker creates quirky characters whose personalities just jump off the pages! Carlina's action concerning Nico's body had me wondering about her, but once I met the rest of her family I realized that she might just be the most normal one in the bunch! Even though grandpa Nico was dead the author allows his character to play a big part in the story. We learn about several of his odd eccentricities such as eating cat treats for a snack because he thought they were healthy! Most of the family lived in separate apartments in the same house which made for a very interesting setting. Beate Boeker does a fabulous job of describing this unique living situation, allowing me to easily visualize the various apartments, and the way the family was always around! Stefano Garini, the detective assigned to investigate the case, finds himself tossed into the midst of this odd family. The verbal sparring between Stefano and Carlina is often funny, and the electric undercurrent indicating attraction is certainly there. As Stefano interviews the various family members, family secrets are spilled and more than a few people are found to have had the motive to want grandpa dead. Several twists make this a great who-dun-it murder mystery, and the quirky members of the Mantoni family provide several laughs which makes "Delayed Death" a page turning cozy mystery that left me wanting to read more from this author.