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DOUBLEBACK 3.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
DarcyO on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
When Molly, the eight-year-old daughter of Midwest National Bank IT executive Christine Messenger, is kidnapped, video producer Ellie Foreman is called by a friend to help out. She in turn asks the assistance of private investigator Georgia Davis. Molly is returned, but under unusual circumstances. The kidnapping is only the beginning of this exciting thriller. Both Christine and her boss are killed in car accidents when their brakes fail. That's just too much of a coincidence for Ellie and Georgia. Plus three million dollars may have been misappropriated by Christine. Georgia is hired by Christine's ex-husband to find the truth about Christine's death. But others want to keep her in the dark permanently. Georgia is dogged in her quest to find Christine's killer; she keeps thinking of Molly without her mother. Even when she is injured, she gets right back out to finish the job she set out to do. Georgia and Ellie follow clues from Chicago to Wisconsin and Arizona which lead them to Delton Securities, an independent security contractor with ties to Midwest National. In a small Arizona border town, Georgia's bravery results in revealing the truth.Author Libby Fischer Hellmann gives readers two smart women, each with lots of baggage, in this fast-paced thriller. I would recommend "Doubleback" to all mystery lovers - it's a thrill ride!
MollyChase on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Having never read another book by Hellmann, I did not know the back stories of the two main characters. There was little introduction about the characters, and I felt quite confused by why these women seemed to know each other.The book is about a kidnapping and all of the loose ends associated with that event. The beginning of the book held my attention, but towards the end, there was just too many side stories and loose ends. It is not that I can't follow a complicated plot, but this plot whet all over the place. I think the unknown back story didn't help this confusion out much either.The plausibility of the story was fair at best. It is a little strange that a house-wife gets herself all caught up in kidnapping and drug trafficking, with the only explanation being that she has a tendency to find trouble.Maybe I would have liked this book better if I had read previous stories with these characters. However, I can't say after reading this one that I WANT to go back and read those prior books.
TiedGame on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Hellman here features series characters from her earlier work: Georgia Davis, a PI, and Ellie Foreman, a video producer who has played amateur sleuth in the past. The book takes place in and around Chicago, where Hellman's earlier books have mainly been set, and in Arizona. There are many twists and turns in the plot and the characters and their actions for the most part are believable. It wouldn't hurt for readers to have read some of Hellman's earlier books to get background on the two main characters, but that certainly isn't necessary for one's enjoyment of this well-paced crime novel.
roguefire on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This was the first book I've read by Libby Hellman. And I think it will be the last. This story and it's characters were complicated and not in a mysterious way. They were just uninteresting. I didn't care for the main character Ellie. She was very dull for being the main person.This was an advanced copy - and it made me not want to read anything by her again which is sad. I thought I would have another author to follow up on!
JeffV on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I have to admit to a bit of bias in this book. Hellmann is a Chicago-area writer and much of this novel takes place in the North Shore suburbs, an area I am very familiar with. Not only was the local flavor pegged perfectly, but the personal connection made it a little more vibrant than it might otherwise have been.Doubleback is a crime thriller featuring private detective Georgia Davis and her sometimes-partner, film maker Ellie Foreman. A kidnapping breaks all of the rules when the kid is suddenly released, but then things get weird when the mother dies in a car accident the day after her boss dies the same way. The police, it seems, are content to declare them both coincidental accidents, a sign that someone powerful might be behind it. In the course of investigation,the scene moves to central Illinois, then down to a small Arizona border town as the body count continues to rise. The book itself is a page-turner, easy to read with interesting, if not likable, characters. Stylistically, one thing struck me odd...the chapters featuring Ellie Foreman (maybe about 1/3 of them) are written in first-person, while those featuring Georgia Davis are written in third person. This led to a few confusing transitions, and some chapters intentionally ended with a cliff-hanger. Foreman and Davis have appeared in Hellmann's other books (Foreman many additional novels still). My biggest complaint with this book is that Foreman and Davis are too successful, even when going out on a limb. They never fail to get the critical information they need just at the right time. It's hard to believe that the secondary characters could all be so one case, the manager of a luxury car dealer willingly coughs up a list of names of all owners of a particular brand with little plausible prodding. All in all, I liked the story, but the story-telling devices used at times seemed forced and repetitive. Still, in was enjoyable enough that I'll give other novels in the series a try when time permits. This book was pretty well self-contained, I didn't find not reading the prior novels to be an obstacle at all, which is another positive.
indianajane on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This isn't a horrible book, it just isn't very good, either. From the beginning I had a difficult time keeping the two main female characters straight. There wasn't anything interesting about them; I felt like I started the story in the middle. I didn't find the characters or the complicated-but-boring story compelling enough to finish the book. Life is too short and there are too many good books to read.
dianelr on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Though I have not previously read any of Ms Hellmann's previous books, I did not find that an issue in reading this book (though it did make me very curious to know some of the back story about th e two main characters, Georgia Davis and Ellie Foreman). I found it an easy fast read though sometimes with each chapter ... it took a bit to figure out which character was talking. And, it seemed at the end to almost rush to a conclusion in the last 20 pages or so -- so, a bit unsatisfying in that regard. The character Georgia Davis seems to get more time in the story and the Ellie Foreman character does not seem as strong and sometimes one wonders if she is really necessary to the story. So, it was an enjoyable read (like eating chocolate, you enjoy at the moment and then you are done) and I might check out the earlier books to see what those back stories were.
drneutron on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
When Molly is kidnapped, her mother asks Ellie Foreman, a video producer who's dealt with her fair share of mysteries, and Georgia Davis, a PI, to find her. They barely start the case when Mlly is returned and the mother dies in a car accident under mysterious circumstances. Then there's the matter of $3 million missing from the bank where Molly's mother worked...Naturally, Ellie and Georgia have to find out what's going on.Doubleback is a decent, but not stellar, mystery. It's overly complicated, to the point of crossing well into the realm of implausible, and not very suspenseful at all. I didn't connect with the characters - Ellie seems like a clueless mom with no business doing investigative work and Georgia was hostile for reasons I couldn't figure out. On the other hand, the book made an acceptably entertaining diversion while flying across country.
joemmama on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Libby Fischer Hellmann has written a novel of suspense, including kidnapping, bank fraud, drugs, cartels, people smuggling, murder, mayhem, and assorted bad guys.When little Molly Messenger is kidnapped, and returned 3 days later, her parents are very closed mouthed about the circumstances. PI Georgia Davis and video producer Ellie Foreman are suspicious, and when Molly's mother is mysteriously killed in a car accident, they are on the case. Their search for answers take Georgia to Arizona, where a strange security company seems to be heavily involved.Cartels, tunnels,people smuggling, and more murders follow, as the ladies refuse to give up.The answers will surprise everyone.This is the first time I have read any of this series, and I am not sure I will look for the others. It was somewhat disjointed for my taste, but followers of the series will probably enjoy it.I received this book from Library Thing Early Reviewers.
sjoland on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I thought this book was okay. There was enough mystery and curiosity to keep me going, but I wasn't enthralled by the plot or the characters. The plot seemed a little stretched, especially when the kidnapping turned out to be a small part of the whole book. The kidnapping aspect was not very exciting at all, and I thought the author was stretching to both explain and expand the storyline, especially the last third of the story. A little too much going on, and the characters were not as believable as I would have liked. However, it's fine if you read a lot and need to feed your booklust. I may or may not pick up one of her earlier books. If there's a copy lying aroung and I need something, then yes. But I won't run out to get one.
Ed_Gosney on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I really liked Doubleback, from the very beginning. The author has a way of pulling in the reader and making them care. I loved the two divergent main characters, and how they interacted with one another. Obviously they have a past, and author Libby Fischer Hellmann has published books with them, but this was my first by Hellmann. The story line remained intense and exciting throughout. I did have an uncorrected copy, and there definitely are things that need some cleaning up in the second half, but that's beside the point. I was interested enough to perhaps someday read some of the earlier novels and read anything else going forward. I had never heard of the publishing company before, but they have put out a solid work of mystery with this book. I completely recommend it to anyone who loves mystery and suspense stories.
dakotamisha on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
As I hang my head in shame somewhat, I will admit I have put off reviewing this book because I don't relish writing negative reviews. This book is called Doubleback: a Novel of Suspense. To me, it was anything but suspenseful. The author, Libby Fischer Hellman, has written other books (two series' actually) with both of her main characters in this book as the "stars". In this book, she brings them together and pairs them into an unlikely friendship as she describes it. One of the huge problems for me was that the two main characters seemed like the same person. Libby switches back and forth between their voices. Aside from the fact that one has a child and they had different names, of course, I really couldn't tell the characters apart. Another problem was that I did not care for either character. I think this stems from Libby attempting to make them too tough. I believe the author is trying to make her female characters similar to Patricia Cornwell's or Sara Paretsky's lead characters...but for me, it fails. Her leads simply wind up being dull. And what personality they have isn't likeable. Case in point, one of the leads (I don't even remember their names which is unusual..that's how little I felt invested in caring for them), the childless lead let's call her, has amazing sex with a man that she suspects may be on the "wrong" side. About 1/2 hr after their extraordinary encounter, the man winds up getting his head blown off in view of her. She is so detached and uncaring when she moves his body from the road that it made me dislike her intensely as opposed to thinking "wow, she is soo strong". The author needs to work on giving her characters more personality. One can be strong and still have a heart.Also the plot. Dulllll....had I not committed to reading it for the website, I might have been tempted not to finish it. The author attempts to make a convoluted plotline that starts with a power outtage, hacking into a company, and a kidnapping of a little girl. It evolves into several murders, fraud, drug running, illegal immigration and mysterious going-ons at a military outpost. It is just a mess basically. I think the author was trying to make it complex and it just falls flat. It didn't keep my interest much. I could not wait to finish the book simply so I could be finished with my boredom.Lastly, "a novel of suspense" really is false advertising for this book. I hate when I figure out who the "bad guy" is, lol, before the ending. That is why I consider Elizabeth George a master of the mystery genre. She keeps you guessing. I figured out the villian ahead of the reveal which, of course, made for an anticlimactic ending also.Perhaps readers of Libby Fischer Hellmann's other books would enjoy it. For that reason, I gave it a rating of two stars.
kippras on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I struggled to continue with this book after reading the firest few chapters. The descriptions of the characters seemed somewhat stilted and I didn't find myself connecting with either of the main characters.The storyline itself had potential but for lack of interest in the character, it was extremely difficult to care about the plotline as well. The complexity of the plot seemed to cause the author problems in trying to resolve all issues and a lot of the time, it just felt as though... it fell flat on it's face. It was ok - but I'm not going to go out of my way to find her earlier books.
KrissZane on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I do have to admit that during the first few chapters I was totally confused. But as I read on I started to understand it more and more, little by little. I really liked this book, and I think other people would also enjoy it too. It pulled at my heart and made me want to read to the end. On a scale of 1-5, 5 being one of the best books I've ever read, and 1 I didn't like it at all, I would give this book a 7. This book was amazingly prefect for a novel of suspense. If I could be a character in this book I would be PI Georgia Davis. She went to great lenghts to find the truth, and she discovered that you can cross a line, but sometimes you have to doubleback...
Koolaid53 More than 1 year ago
This was my first book by Libby Fischer Hellman and I really got into this. Once I got into it, and after getting by all the cursing in the first couple of chapters, I would recommend this book to anyone that wants the twists and turns and surprises that Doubleback provides. It involves 2 very strong leads and the determination to get to the bottom of this case, even after the police have long disappeared. One is a freelance documentor filming about ethanol and the effects on the additive and the other is a Private Investigator working for a deceased woman involved in the Cartel. You will have to find out yourself how things turn out. Narration was done superbly by Eva Kaminsky and kept you interested all along the way. 4.5 stars for this one. "This review copy audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost."
BookAddictFL More than 1 year ago
Doubleback unites two of Hellmann's ongoing characters. Ellie Foreman is a video producer and Georgia Davis is a P.I. These are intriguing characters and Hellmann's writing style is easy to get into and enjoyable. That being said, for me, this book sacrificed character development for a complicated, entangled plot. The characters didn't have quite the same spark in this story and I'm not sure I would have liked them as much had I not read Hellmann's previous books. While I found the various aspects of the plot excellent, I thought there was too much crammed into one story, making it a bit hectic and confusing. Still, overall this is a good read.
Tregjm More than 1 year ago
Doubleback by Libby Fischer Hellmann This book was really good. I read her last book, Easy Innocence and thought it was good, but this one is even better! It has kidnapping, murder, drug trafficking, cartels, Chicago, Mexico, Arizona, and manages to put it all together in a well-plotted, and very exciting story. The character, Georgia Davis, a former cop now a P.I., is a really tough, no nonsense, woman, who you really like. Her friend, Ellie Foreman, is also in it, and has books of her own, but the real protag is Georgia. And it's Georgia that won't give up until she solves the mystery and rights the wrongs, in the name of the children that are left behind. It starts out with a friend of Ellie's wanting her help with her little girl's kidnapping, and Ellie gets her friend, Georgia to talk to her. The child is returned but several murders and much more happen before they can even figure out what is going on. This is a book not easily forgotten and very hard to put down, once you start it. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a good story, a loveable but tough female P.I., and a suspense mystery thriller that is hard to stop reading to the end. Get it now, you won't be sorry.
SamHouston More than 1 year ago
"Doubleback," the latest from Libby Fischer Hellmann,is my first exposure to her work. Hellmann is the author of a series of suspense novels featuring video producer Ellie Foreman, and "Doubleback" is her second novel to feature Private Investigator Georgia Davis. Fans of the Ellie Foreman series will be pleased to learn that Ellie appears in "Doubleback" and helps PI Georgia Davis run down the bad guys. The relationship between these two very independent women is, in fact, so much fun to watch that I will be looking for Hellmann's earlier books. It all starts for Georgia when Ellie asks her to speak with the mother of a little girl who, only hours earlier, has been kidnapped. Despite Georgia's advice that the police need to be called in immediately, the little girl's mother, Chris, fears for the safety of her daughter and refuses to make the phone call. Three days later, when the little girl is released unharmed and appears at the front door of her house things begin to get strange. Just a few days after the safe return of her daughter, the brakes on Chris's car fail and she is involved in what the police, at least for the moment, are calling a traffic accident. Georgia, who at times seems to see herself as some kind of avenging angel, has continued to nose around on her own in hope of catching up with the villains who have so badly traumatized the little girl. Consequently, when the child's father, fearing for the immediate safety of his daughter, agrees to hire Georgia to find those responsible for her kidnapping, she is more than ready to continue her efforts. The pieces finally begin to fall into place for Georgia when she learns that Chris may have embezzled $3 million from her bank employer in a scheme that started not long before her daughter was kidnapped. Georgia is a fearless and dedicated investigator and, with major assistance from Ellie, she begins to make the wrong people very nervous. Her investigation will carry her from Chicago, where it all started, to Wisconsin, and on to an Arizona border town where the rules of the Old West still seem to be in play while illegal immigrants and drugs cross into the U.S. By the time "Doubleback" reaches its exciting conclusion, Georgia is already battered, bruised and having to compensate for a broken arm. Considering the hornet's nest she has stirred up, though, she is lucky to be alive. She knows that - but she is going to make someone pay, or she is going to die trying, maybe both. Georgia Davis and Ellie Foreman make a winning team and readers of "Doubleback" will want to see the two work together again in future books. Author Hellman is in the enviable position of being able to continue with two individual series or to merge the two into a new one. Either way is fine with me because I am now a fan of both ladies.