Dracian Legacy

Dracian Legacy

by Clara Stone


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Dracian Legacy 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
TheGillicristPen More than 1 year ago
What happens when you take an emotional teenage girl being raised by her brother, mix in a group of hormonal peers trying to survive high school, and add a mysterious stranger who seems to bend reality at his whim? You get Dracian Legacy by Priya Kanaparti.  Ren Pernell is a typical teenager living what she thinks is a typical life. She has friends, an overprotective brother, and a best-friend-turned-ex-boyfriend that she can’t quite make up her mind about. Enter Axel Knight, a new student who immediately takes an interest in Ren. Charming and secretive, he works his way into her life with more magic and mystery than she’s prepared to accept. Her past quickly catches up to her, and she realizes that there’s more to her life—and destiny—than she believed.  This was an entertaining read. Ren has a witty, sarcastic inner voice, and her circle of friends is amusing and lively. I enjoyed the action scenes and the insights into Ren’s true heritage and purpose. It was like watching a season of ‘Supernatural’ with all its humor, danger, and ongoing fight for survival. There’s definitely a lot of passion and profanity lurking on the pages, so I’d personally recommend this book for the older segment of the YA population. I have to admit, I finished the book with more questions than answers. Priya does a good job of providing closure while still leaving the reader wanting more. I enjoyed Dracian Legacy and am looking forward to the next book in her series!
ArtOverChaos More than 1 year ago
There is a lot to say about this book. It is equal parts swoony as it is badass. And I don’t mean your average amount of swoon either. I mean holy moly Priya Kanaparti can write a kiss scene. There isn’t just one good kiss scene either; oh no, every kiss is as powerful and beautifully written as the first.  When it comes to a series it’s the cast that makes or breaks it. I don’t think the Dracian series is going to have any problem in that area. I adore the cast. Every character is vivid and their own. Some are serious, some are ridiculous, others broken, but none of them feel like filler to just round the group out.  Slight side track for a moment, as a graphic designer I feel like I’m hard to please when it comes to book covers but I think this one is gorgeous. In summary, let’s do the math.  Steamy Couples + Dangerous Situations = Dracian Legacy 
saad23 More than 1 year ago
Thanks to the author I received this book for free in return for a review. The author has a really good writing style and, the book has all the ingredients of a really good Ya novel- promising story, good characters, romance, action, a bit of teen angst and some mystery. However, the book fails to live upto its potential due to the flaws in the plot. The plot was the weakest part of the book. The story started off well but, somewhere around the one-third mark, it began to meander off. As a result the middle portion of the book was somewhat boring and, at this point it seemed as if the story wasn't moving towards any particular objective.  **SPOILER**  It was only after Ren got kidnapped that things became interesting again. **END OF SPOILER** There were a lot of loop holes in the story.  **SPOILER**  Ren meets Nala in her dream and, Nala informs her that she is supposed to end the war between Dracians and Telalians. However, after waking up from the dream, Ren never tries to find out more about Nala.  Another loop hole was that nobody tells Ren how she is supposed to end he war. That may have been because they didn't know but, I atleast expected her to try and find out more about it. Ren also comes to know that there is a Dracian king but, she was not at all interested in finding out more about him.  I would have definitely liked to know who the king was and, how the king was selected after the death of Synik. Ren is supposed to be the saviour of the Dracians but the king never tries to meet her. I found that odd. Ren is bonded to Dean and he is supposedly her protector. But, we never get to know more about how they are bonded and what exactly are Dean's duties as her protector. In chapter 29 we come to know that Ren has awakened magically and, she can somewhat control the earth element, mostly communicating with plants. However, it is never explained when and, how she awakened magically. **END OF SPOILER** The romance between Ren and Axel was too much for me. Whenever they were together they seemed to be making out. The characters(including the supporting characters) have been developed nicely in the book. None of them seemed unreal. The ending is really unexpected and, it helps to bring back the spark in the story after the dull middle part of the book. The surprising ending brings more questions than it answers. That will definitely make you want to read the next book of the series.