Drenched Sunflowers

Drenched Sunflowers

by Tammera L. Cooper, Jeni Burns (Editor)


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Drenched Sunflowers 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Madhupal2486 More than 1 year ago
Drenched Sunflowers by Tammy Cooper is a romatic thriller. This story has a ghost in it but its the friendliest and nicest ghost I’ve ever come across so far. Beth is a widow who comes to a small town to get away from his dead husband memories. She hires Sam to renovate the old building and convert it into an art gallery. They discover a basement from 18th century during the process. Beth starts seeing nightmares and a ghost. The ghost keeps warning Beth about danger from someone but Beth ignores. Beth starts liking Sam and they both go on a couple of dates. Beth feels very overwhelmed by the opening of the art gallery, nightmares and Sam. She gets kidnapped one day. The story has a wonderful twist about the kidnapper. The author maitains the suspense in an even tone all through the story and manages to keep a hold on the reader. I very much enjoyed this book and in fact started believing the existence of friendly ghosts after reading this novel. I found the romance and suspense in equal parts in the book. The details about the small town Washington, NC are beauifully described. The characters are also very well built. This book is a complete entertainment. I recommend this book to all my friends.