Eight Stories: Tales of War and Loss

Eight Stories: Tales of War and Loss


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LilacDreams More than 1 year ago
I haven’t read All Quiet on the Western Front. These eight short stories by Erich Maria Remarque suggest it would be a good book to read. Veterans return from war in emotional distress, physically and socially impaired, and psychologically ill-equipped to manage life. Remarque has empathy for the enemy. They are men like themselves, bewitched by the strong words of their leaders. “Josef’s Wife” is haunting, yet ends on a bright note. Josef comes home with amnesia and a strong case of post traumatic stress disorder. His wife stays with him, eventually taking him back to the battlefield, where he regains memories and can function again. “The Strange Fate of Johann Bartok” is sad. A group of German POWs take over a ship, but are then recaptured. Johann is kept as slave labor for 15 years. By the time he returns home, his wife, believing him dead, has remarried. Metal scavengers often meet death or cruel injury when unexploded ordinance explodes. The narrator of “Silence” believes they are also violating the dead who remain buried on the battlefields. These are quick to read, and offer a glimpse of the horror that took place a hundred years ago.