Every Last Drop

Every Last Drop

by Sarah Robinson

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Every Last Drop 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
MM_Reviewer 10 days ago
Thank you so very much to Sarah Robinson, the publisher and NetGalley for an ARC of this book, for my honest review. I cannot tell you how much I truly loved reading this book, I loved the emotional roller coaster that the author put me on, and I really enjoyed the story and the love between Tessa and her husband throughout the whole story. I love when a book can bring me to tears, and this book had me crying more then halfway through the book, and I'm not sure I ever stopped crying even after the end. The strength of Tessa and her family truly shows through each and every page of this book, and how they work through what Tessa wants to do in order to still have her dignity at the end. This was my absolute favorite book that I have read this year, and I would recommend that everyone put this on their TBR list. I've already bought this as gifts for some of my friends and family. If I could give this one 20 stars, I definitely would do so.
Anonymous 18 days ago
This is a Great book. It is very emotional. You will need tissue. I cried so much I had to put the book down but it made me want to keep reading it. I just love it.
JoannaDursi 20 days ago
The author and the main character herself are very upfront from the start warning the reader that EVERY LAST DROP will not be an easy story to read. Even with that warning, nothing could prepare me for the beautiful and heart wrenching words that would unfold. There were more time than not that I could only read a chapter at a time because I just could not see through the tears. Tessa is a young woman who is diagnosed with brain cancer. Soon that diagnosis proves to be terminal. That starts her fight to “die with dignity”. No matter what your stance is on the subject, this story will make you think. Make you think about what it would be like to be in Tessa’s shoes and how you would want to live your final days. I am looking forward to more books by Ms. Robinson in this genre.
LoriKB 27 days ago
Oh. My. Goodness. This is the most gut wrenching book I have ever read! I have never, ever cried so much while reading a book. Emotional. Heartbreaking. Beautiful. This book will make you look at life, love and death differently. And make you think. Warning....Have a BOX of tissues handy! And don’t read around anyone...trust me on this one! Tessa’s bucket list is simple...fall in love, have a family, write a book. After suffering a miscarriage months earlier, she and Kyle are meeting with a fertility specialist. During their physical, their life is turned upside down. And life will never be the same. This story follows Tessa and her family’s journey to beat this horrible disease that will ultimately win the fight. But Tessa will win in other ways. This is a love story about couples, family and the people we meet along the way. It’s about doing what is right for ourselves, even when faced with insurmountable obstacles. Fighting for what is right for yourself, and ultimately others, against the norm. Completing your bucket list. I hope you read this book and see this struggle thru Tessa’s eyes. Could I be as strong as Tessa, or as supportive as her family, I certainly hope I never, ever have to find out. Thanks to NetGalley for this ARC. Opinion is mine alone.
Anonymous 27 days ago
This is an important book that talks about how we can find love and purpose even at times when everything seems to be falling apart. Even though it was slow to progress, I liked how the plot was crafted on a solid foundation. The story seemed familiar yet different and kind of changed the way I had thought about cancer and its terminal nature. I adored the characters and loved how each developed and shaped the story around them. By the end, I was crying, but I was also happy that I read this book. It made me stronger and a bit fearless in the way I have always looked at the disease.
lauriesophee 27 days ago
"Your legacy is how you lived, Tessa. Dying is only the end of your story." This is an emotional story that will crush your heart. It is a journey of courage, love, heartache, guts, determination and conviction that everyone needs to read. Imagine at twenty eight years old, you are making a bucket list and need to do it in a hurry! How will you plan those last days? Can you accept your diagnosis and prognosis? Will you make each day the very best it can be? Are you able to love and forgive with your whole heart? Truly is a beautiful message that we all must listen to! Done with so much grace and detail! Excellent!
KHHSC 28 days ago
Facing death on her own terms. That’s Tessa’s greatest wish. It used to be to marry the love of her life, have a baby and write a book. Then at 26, she is diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and given months to live. Every Last Drop is the story of the slow ending of a life and it is brilliant, tragic, discussion worthy and heartbreaking. As Tessa learns that the weeks leading to her inevitable death will be punctuated by seizures, blindness and paralysis, she begins to research Death with Dignity, a law that allows a dying patient to commit suicide at a time of his or her choosing. There is a lot of information here and it is well organized and thought provoking. But the real story is Tessa’s journey and the reactions of her father, husband Kyle and sister Elly. This is a beautiful, beautiful book. And it is dedicated to Brittany Maynard, the young California woman who inspired this story. Many thanks to NetGalley, Sarah Robinson Books and Sarah Robinson for this ARC.