Expose Me (Fifth Avenue Series #3)

Expose Me (Fifth Avenue Series #3)

by Kate Hewitt


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Expose Me 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The ending to this Fifth Avenue series left much to be desired. It just seemed to end rather abruptly.
PureJonel More than 1 year ago
Hewitt develops the world surrounding her characters in exquisite detail. She does assume that readers have read the past instalments in the series but it is also a complete story in and of itself. When this series started it was fantastic, but now I’m finding it to be rather formulaic. Don’t get me wrong, this was an enjoyable read but very little new happens. I found that the overall plot of this series got lost in this novel. It did, however, reappear with a vengeance right at the end.  The main character is way too worried about what he wants while the female lead is obsessed with what she should and shouldn’t do. The male lead was rather aggravating at times. He seemed to think the world should just bend for him. Yes, he’s there for those that matter to him but sometimes he just made me want to ram my head into the wall. The secrecy is astounding.  As a whole this was a fluffy, enjoyable read with just enough to keep you on your toes. It did leave me wondering what happens to Treffen, but I’m sure we’ll find out eventually. Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.
Megan_BedroomBookworms More than 1 year ago
3.5 to 4 Stars It took me a while to get into Expose Me. The beginning just seemed to drag a bit for me, there was so much of the story being determined in their heads. The constant back and forth became too much for me to grab my attention. Yet, once the story had the chance to get going again I was excited to see the conclusion to how things would end. This story has been going on for three books now, with each hero getting their own piece of the puzzle to complete. Alex was our last hero to get his chance and he needed the help of Chelsea. I liked Alex, he was a good hero, but the constant yap yap in Chelsea’s head was exhausting. She’s constantly over thinking every. single. thing. I wanted to yell at her to just get on with it. Because it took Chelsea so long to ‘come to terms’ with her feelings these two never really have a real relationship. We as readers don’t get to see how they act as a unit. There was a lot of time spent thinking about their feelings, but I can’t really tell you I ‘know’ the characters. Or what their relationship dynamic is. The book is in the 90% before these two actually come together as a couple and it just wasn’t enough time to see them in action. Expose Me received the highest rating for me out of the series and I did enjoy it the most. I definitely like Kate Hewitt’s writing style the most and I think I will check out some of her other work, but overall the story just left me a bit underwhelmed. I received an arc of this title from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review
HumorMyWay More than 1 year ago
This is final installment in the Fifth Avenue, what an ending to a wonderful series. I have totally enjoy this series of bring down Jason Treffen. It seems they all have secrets that they do not want out even Chelsea but she is willing to let hers out if it means to bring down Jason and show the world who he really is. To the world Jason is a man who takes women who wouldn’t have a chance in the world under his wing and gives them jobs. He is well known for his charities and helping not only abused women but low income women get ahead. The side he shows the world isn’t his true side, as you saw in the last book he has lost just about everything, his business, and his family. Most people would think that was enough but for Hunter, Austin and Alex it wasn’t enough, they want him to pay with his life for what he did to their friend Sarah. Sarah was pulled into Jason world of prostitution and blackmail, she couldn’t live with herself and what she had become. She saw no way out but to take her own life, which she did at one of Jason’s parties. She jumped of his office building and fell to her death, as time went on the three men couldn’t forgive themselves for not reaching out to her. They found out just want Jason really was, his own son turned against him and together they spent their years bring him down one stone at a time. Chelsea is a talk show host, Alex knows she is doing a interview with Jason. He sees this as a means to finally break Jason in a way that he can never hurt another women. This show is live and will be shown to millions of people, there is no taking back once it is said and done. Alex must talk Chelsea into doing the show and bring Jason down. Chelsea has her own secrets that she has hidden, can Alex bring her not only the freedom to live again but put Jason in his place. This was a wonderful story of Chelsea and Alex finding their way, while they bring down a blackmailer and break up a prostitution ring. It is also about Chelsea coming out and getting over a very hurtful past, letting people back into her life and world. Learning to trust and love again. For Alex is about finally forgiving himself for not being there for Sarah and letting love back in. It is a very touching story of lost, love, and learning to live again. The author tells a very powerful story with a wonderful plot and story line. I would have loved to have seen Jason go to jail and see him get what he deserved. This series is a wonderful story of how friends bring down a very bad man and find true love along the way. They learn to forgive themselves for letting a very special down. If you haven’t read the Fifth Avenue Trilogy you should pick it up and give it a read, it is well worth the time and a really wonderful read.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
3.75 stars- EXPOSE ME is the third and final instalment in the Fifth Avenue contemporary, erotic trilogy. Each of the three instalments has been written by a different author focusing on a new couple whose connection to the storyline is personal and heartbreaking. Expose Me is Alex Diaz and Chelsea Maxwell’s story- written by Kate Hewitt.  As our trio of friends-Austin Treffen, Hunter Grant and Alex Diaz make the final preparations to destroy billionaire lawyer and philanthropist Justin Treffen, Alex goes in search of the perfect person to complete the final stage of Jason’s personal and public demise.   Chelsea Maxwell is a popular daytime TV talk show host whose reputation for getting her interviewees to talk will place her on the direct path to bring all of the players together. Alex Diaz knows that Chelsea is the only person who has the ability to bring Jason to his knees but in doing so Alex will lose his heart to a woman whose past is secreted away behind physical and emotional scars. If Chelsea agrees to play along, she knows Jason Treffen will ruin her career and expose the truth about her own past. AVENGE ME (Book 1) saw Austin Treffen (Jason’s son) and Katy Michaels begin the take down of a man whose family had to come to the realization that the man they called husband and father had lied to them his entire life. SCANDALIZE ME (Book 2) brought together PR consultant Zoe Brook-a survivor of Jason’s sordid life; and Hunter Grant –a man whose connections to Jason’s past have destroyed his own life and his career. We watch as Hunter’s world is shattered once again when Zoe reveals that she knows they whys and what fors as it pertains to Hunter’s self-sabotage and how she wants to be play a role in the destruction of Jason Treffen.  EXPOSE ME is the culmination of three connecting storylines where each instalment will see the slow destruction of a once powerful and sadistic man. Jason Treffen is a man who has ruined countless lives; shattered many dreams; and stands poised to have his well ordered life crumble and fall. Chelsea Maxwell will take Jason to the mat but in doing so will destroy her own career in the process. The Fifth Avenue Trilogy is a series that looks at the destructive nature of too much power and too much control; the shattered lives of everyone it has touched; and how three men found love with women who had been touched by the control and abuse.   Again, my only complaint is the slow build up of each of the storylines. The premise focused on the growing relationships between each of our couples and the destruction of Jason Treffen took a back seat until the final chapters of each instalment. There is a wealth of information not imparted to the reader-Jason Treffen’s sins and illegal activities were revealed on a need to know basis only and focused on the devastated life of Sarah Michaels. Each of our heroines is a strong, independent and broken woman while our heroes have suffered silently for a decade with the knowledge that they were unable to save someone they loved then lost.
ToryMichaels More than 1 year ago
Holy moly, the first two books in this mini series were good. This one was fantabulous! This book really caps off the series in a spectacular function and you FINALLY get to see Jason Treffen exposed and humiliated in a way he thoroughly deserved. Of course the main story is the romance and Alex and Chelsea make a great couple to finalize the destruction of Jason. They're both strong and determined. Chelsea doesn't let anyone, not even her producers, stop her from digging into and discovering the truth, even though she goes into the book expecting to laud Jason. Alex ... oh, Alex. Delicious man and devoted to avenging the friend he lost at Jason's hands. I cannot say enough ... READ. THIS. BOOK! So glad I read this to its conclusion. Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
Expose Me, 5th Avenue Trilogy, Kate Hewitt Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews Final book of the trilogy. This was a fun read, ties up all the lose ends from the earlier books and features the last man in the trio, Alex, and popular talk show host Chelsea. Alex needs Chelsea's help to take down Treffen. She has an hour long, live special programmed in with him, and Alex and his friends want the final take down to be live TV. They've already dealt with his family, and are in the proceeds of closing his business, but they don't want him to get away with anything, and need Chelsea's help. Trouble is convincing her, she needs proof before she'll believe he's anything but the altruistic perfect man his publicity portrays. Those who have the proof are either dead or too scarred from the experience to come forward publicly. Add in the problems both Alex and Chelsea have with their hidden pasts, and the fact they both have a searing attraction to each other but Never do dating, relationships, sleepovers...anything that may hack at their tightly controlled emotions, and there's a problems before they even start to talk about the programme. Its another slick story, neatly tied up, and full of emotion and erotic, sensual heat. The course of true love, and taking down Jason Treffen never lies smooth...and this books shows just how hard it is for both. What's also interesting is that I hadn't realised til now that each part has a different author – they've clearly co-ordinated well as the writing style feels very consistent through each novel. A great read. Stars: four Arc supplied via netgalley and publishers