Father Father

Father Father

by Leonard I. Mullins


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Father Father 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Father Father is a memoir of survival that I found more gripping than Antwone Fisher¿s. Mullins introduces his father ¿Doc¿, a prominent Brooklyn Physician, whom he was never allowed to call father. He adds suspense and pathos with a picture of Doc in The Amsterdam News, receiving a probationary sentence for whipping him inhumanely with an electric cord at the age of five! Later, Doc divorces, changes his name (for a place across the color line?), marries his white maid, and leaves Mullins, his mother, and his two sisters to eke out a living in Harlem. Mullins presents a lesson in history and sociology in his vivid descriptions of survival in Puerto Rican Harlem in the 50¿s. Strangely, Mullins seems to walk in Doc¿s footsteps as he goes off to college in the south. He is shocked to see his own image in an old yearbook in the library, when he suddenly comes across a picture of Doc! He must find Doc, but Doc continues to elude him and his sisters who also are longing for belonging. When the search for Doc began I couldn¿t stop reading! Everybody began to tell their story, Mother, Lucy, and Christina all had their own interesting journey to talk about. Though more than 30 years had passed, they must find Doc. In his search for Doc, Mullins encounters his Spiritual Father, and turns from the father whom he dared not call father, to the one whom he now calls Dear Father! This is a great book; an inspiring and engrossing story of survival...five times as intriguing as Antwone Fisher¿s memoir.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This Autobiography-is an enchanting-yet raw view of life in New York's City East Harlem in the 50's-The author graphic descriptiom of 111 st in the days of the 3rd ave L-the washboard(sic)the various youth gangs ie the Copiens-Buccaneers-breaks a smile the readers face. His spiritual Conversion-& travels to Oakwood College & singing in the Zioners quartet with Little Richard thru the South ,as well as the Drug addiction-His victory over Cancer-His familial/disfunction all,wind together into a potpourri of awe-wonder-suprise-Funny to the bone-Sad-yet honest to the heart---Indeed hopefull....I loved it