Finding A Man For Sylvia

Finding A Man For Sylvia

by Margaret Lesh


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Finding A Man For Sylvia 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
achickwhoreads More than 1 year ago
I love when a book can make me laugh, and that is what this book did, almost from the very start. The cast of characters is fantastic. Julia is the matchmaker from hell.  No matter who it is. Her husband Javier tries to stop her, with an emphasis on tries, but Julia is determined to make a match for her new neighbor. That's when hilarity ensues, and it just keeps on. You know it has too, because when Sylvia lets Julia in on who she's crushing on, its a parish priest, albeit a very hot priest, but you know matchmaking for Sylvia is not going to be easy! The best part about the book is how the people that seemed the most unlikely to hookup with one another are the ones that do, and not really with Julia's help.  I'm not sure which character I liked the best. Ted was so sweet, Lisa was a badass dominatrix, and Frank, Javier's father, was just crazy and lovable!  This is one of those must read books because it will leave you feeling so good at the end..and during..and well, it just really is so fun.
CheapAndLazy More than 1 year ago
Sparkling and funny, dry and refreshing. The scene breaks in the book are even little drink glasses! Julia is my new best friend. I really wanted her to succeed, for her sake, not just the lonely people she can't resist trying to help. I picked this up at the start of a busy week and was only able to read it in sips (my mother told me that was the proper way to drink champagne anyway). I found myself grabbing any ten-to-fifteen-minute slot I could to read more. The characters are outstanding and entertaining (even the dog), all well-rounded with none of them too perfect. I slowed down at the end because I didn't want it to be over. There was a nice little surprise waiting for me when I did, though, and that's not including the vague hint that there could be a sequel. This is my second Margaret Lesh book, and I look forward to more. 
LauraWnderer More than 1 year ago
I absolutely love the world that Margaret Lesh has created in "Finding a Man for Sylvia." I wish I could dive into the book (and I did--I couldn't put it down) and have the heroine, Julia Hawthorne-Florez, pour a margarita or two for me and then find a match for me! I'd move to LA in a minute. Julia is truly a heroic character, in the way that women see other women as heroines for their depth of character, perception, and fun. This book is a charm. The writing is wonderful, the characters, from the clueless Ted to the powerhouse Lisa, are just the right amount of over-the-top to be entertaining and believable. But it's not just about the characters, there are real insights to be garnered from Julia, who shines as the woman you want to be friends with. While she might ask, "Why do some people have such a hard time finding love?" as she tries to understand why the people she loves can't find love, and why she is compelled to fix that by matchmaking, she also has great confidence to follow her heart. She has great insight into herself; as she thinks of her husband, the lovely Javier (I'm hoping that there's a real Javier I can meet), "In that moment, I felt grateful for everything, but perhaps most of all, I felt gratitude that he'd saved me from a life of searching, disappointment, and loneliness. I'm an acquired taste, I know this, not a person easy to live with, let alone put up with for any appreciable amount of time." "Finding a Man for Sylvia" is the essence of a good read: interesting characters, plot that keeps moving and focuses on providing valuable insights into people, and on top of it all--lots of good food!
JDMC More than 1 year ago
Everybody deserves love; nobody should be alone. Right? Right. But some people need help in the finding- love category. This is where clueless, but well-intentioned Julia comes in, hatching schemes and weaving webs to draw love starved souls together; in other words, doing everything in her power to give Cupid a boost. There's no such thing as failure in Julia's lexicon. If one scheme doesn't work, then she tries another. (Which reminds me of a certain red-headed comedienne.) The results are often hilarious. But all works out in the end. Underlying this entertaining romp of a book, is the supporting structure of Julia's character, an insightful understanding and appreciation of humanities greatest need, love. This cleverly written book with its fast-moving story line hooks the reader until the very last match-up.