Flight from Hell: An Otherworld Novella (Sisters of the Moon Series)

Flight from Hell: An Otherworld Novella (Sisters of the Moon Series)

by Yasmine Galenorn

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Flight from Hell: An Otherworld Novella 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Sailon More than 1 year ago
Yasmine Galenorn is starting another series. In Flight from Hell, we are introduced to these new characters through Galenorn's well known and loved Otherworld cast. It seems a dragon called Shimmer gets herself into some trouble and the D'Artigo sisters are called in for help. Although this is a novella length story, we are given a good taste of the new Fly By Night Series to come leaving me ready to follow Alex, Ralph and Shimmer and what is sure to be another fabulous paranormal fantasy...with hopeful crossovers from the D'Artigo clan. I highly enjoyed this quick, engaging read. It made me want more of both the new Fly By Night Series and look forward to the next in the D'Artigo story (Otherworld Series).
Caroles_Random_Life More than 1 year ago
Best for readers familiar with the series I received an advance reader edition of this book from Penguin Group and Net Galley for the purpose of providing an honest review. 3.5 Stars I should know better by now. I mean seriously I am not dumb but I can not tell you why I keep grabbing books and novellas that are deep in series without reading any other books in the series. I am not sure that I will ever learn. I am positive that readers who know this series will like this novella quite a lot. I, on the other hand, knowing nothing of the world and nothing of the characters found myself having a hard time keeping up at the beginning. To be fair to myself though, I did think that since this is the start of a spin off series I would be OK to jump in here. Once I had the characters and the world figured out, I liked the story and the writing quite a lot actually. This story is the starting part of the Fly By Night Investigations Series. Once the characters from the Fly by Night Investigations Agency were introduced and became a part of the story things started to click for me. Menolly and the rest of the D'Artigo sisters are working to find Shimmer, a blue dragon. After talking to Alex, the owner of Fly By Night Investigations, the group realizes that more may be going on than they had first thought. Alex has a long standing enemy who is using Shimmer to seek his revenge. I really enjoyed this story after the new characters were introduced and the rescue mission was in full force. I wanted to read this story because this is my kind of story....dragons, demons, vampires and I am all over it. I also like to sample an author's writing in a novella. My only real issue was being a bit confused at the beginning but that was completely my fault for jumping in at book #15.5 in the series. I like how this story was written and would like to read other works by Yasmine Galenorn.
MThomas1975 More than 1 year ago
Flight from Hell (An Otherworld/Fly By Night Novella) Flight from Hell is a novella bridging Yasmine Galenorn's current Otherworld series with her upcoming spin-off series, Fly By Night. Obviously, Flight from Hell in not a starting point, nor is it a standalone novella. If you are interested in the brilliant world that Ms. Galenorn has created, start with book one, Witchling, and enjoy the ride. Flight from Hell is mostly told from Menolly's point of view, which was a treat as I recently read Crimson Veil and wasn't expecting to get anything else from Menolly's POV until her next full-length novel. Briefly, we saw into the POV of Shimmer, an out-casted blue dragon, and I really wish we had gotten more from her perspective. I understand that Ms. Galenorn wanted to keep the sisters close in this story, but I think it would've benefited the spin-off series more if she had told more of Flight from Hell from Shimmer's POV. In closing, I liked Alex, the mastermind behind Fly By Night Investigations. I look forward to learning more about him in the upcoming Fly By Night series and I really want more of Shimmer. She is such a complicated character and I feel that she will grow by leaps-and-bounds as the spin-off series progresses. *eARC PROVIDED BY PENGUIN GROUP VIA NETGALLEY*
LITERALADDICTION_MLO More than 1 year ago
Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Vivacious Valkyrie - Marta: *Copy gifted in exchange for an honest review Fans of the Otherworld series will no doubt rush to get this novella as it's a chance to catch up with the lives and antics of the D'Artigo sisters but it's so much more than just a short read. This book introduces new characters which will feature in the authors new Fly By Night series. This is a short crossover story that is expanding Otherworld and giving greater depth and dimension to the people who inhabit it but rest assured it's still the same glorious ride that readers have come to expect from this amazingly talented author.  This story introduces Shimmer a dragon who is exiled from the Dragon Reaches for five years and sent Earthside to work for Alex a vampire who runs a magical investigation company. She goes missing, and Menolly and her sisters, (half human, half Fae and all attitude!) are asked to investigate. Menolly is already trying to solve the mystery of rogue vampires in Seattle and can't help but question whether or not there's a connection . Alex is an unknown and can Menolly and her sisters really trust him? As their investigation hots up its clear that a powerful and deadly foe without conscience is targeting Alex and anyone caught in the crossfire is in danger. Struggling to find Shimmer whilst catching the murderous vampires plaguing the city will put all their lives in peril but with an enemy who has revenge on his mind and anger in his heart to fight , there is no choice. Fight or die trying! Most of this book is told from Menolly's point of view and as she is my favourite of the D'Artigo sisters I'm a happy reader! When we first read about Menolly at the beginning of this story she's somewhat at a loss. Menolly has recently lost a true friend and also her bar but in true Menolly style she's not down and out , no she's prepared to embrace new challenges . Unfortunately the problem of the rogue vampires is going to prove to be a lot more complicated then anyone could have predicted and add to that the mysterious Alex who has definitely been keeping under the supernatural radar and you can understand that this story is just the beginning. I think that's what just might irritate some readers as although there is an end of sorts, it's not a complete and absolute definitive ending. So in order to get to the truth readers will need to get the next book in this series.  This author writes very good urban fantasy in my opinion and although there are relationships within her books it's not really my idea of romantic fiction . These sisters have very unusual love lives but in this short story there's no real interaction .This story however pulled me in from the first page and it was such fun meeting new characters and I have to admit they are very intruiging. It's also worth noting that I thought this worked well as a standalone and would be an ideal way for new readers to sample the authors work although I have to admit that reading a series in order is clearly the best way to get maximum enjoyment . I loved catching up with the sisters and we even get a glimpse of a supporting character who previously has not been the most pleasant but Ms Galenorn gives a glimpse of his inner pain in this book. Her books are both dark and humorous at times and there's never a dull moment. Although Menolly may have started this story missing her friend but I think these new characters are about to rock her world! If the mission was to expand the Otherworld universe then mission well and truly accomplished !
purrfectmatch More than 1 year ago
This is the first in the Fly by Night Series. There is an e-book prequel that is Flight from Hell, and I always try to read those if I can, before reading the first in a series. It’s always a good way to see if it’s worth investing time into a new series. This is also a spin off series from the Sisters of the Moon series book, though you don’t have to be really familiar with that series to get into this book. A person from Alex Radcliffe’s past has asked for his help. An investment in an old house to be refurbished as a bed and breakfast is not going as planned. The house appears to be haunted, so Alex takes on the case, after all, he runs his own supernatural investigations service. But as when it comes to the supernatural, one thing can be something completely different. This story is a perfect blend of lively characters, a good mystery, that beautifully flows, and by the end, leaves one wanting to see what comes next.
ChristineLee More than 1 year ago
Flight From Hell by Yasmine Galenorn is a cross-over novella to introduce her new Fly By Night Series. The D'Artigo sisters friend, Carter, calls them when his new Blue Dragon girlfriend, Shimmer, breaks up with him and suddenly disappears. This is a wonderful transition to a new spin-off series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Looking forward to seeing Shimmer and Alex in their own series for sure. LOVED this book. As always Yasmine did a great job.
LadyDragonRider23 More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed the new characters. The storyline is the type the keeps you on the edge of your sit. Can't wait for the Fly By Night series to start.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
krissysbookshelf More than 1 year ago
Fans of Yasmine's Otherworld will enjoy this newest book Flight From Hell since we get a continuation of the series in the newest Sisters of the Moon book. We get to meet both new and old places and people as we follow along with new and familiar faces. Old fans will get a taste of what will be to come in the following books in this series and new fans will easily be able to catch on since Yasmine does a fabulous job retouching on who everyone is and what is going on so that new readers won't be lost if they want to begin with this book. I really like authors that fill in for their new readers but fans that are will versed in Yasmine's Otherworld will feel a bit of repetition. I really liked getting to meet the D’Artigo sisters, who are intriguing and filled with both a spark and more than a bit of attitude. Its great. I know readers both new to Yasmine's work and readers that have been fans since the beginning will enjoy this short read.
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
Flight From Hell, Yasmine Galenorn Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews   I took a real gamble with this novella. I knew it was part of an existing series, none of which I’d read but....didn’t realise it was book 15.5!! Ah well, a challenge     So, I plunged straight into a complex world where there were demi gods, sorcerers, vampires, dragons shifters of every colour and people that were more than one thing....thankfully in the main paranormal authors stick to a few standards for each type of creature such as the vampires v stakes and fire. That makes it easier to follow the story, as did the brief explanation of how Shimmer came to be outcast from the paranormal Other-world down to the human one. She’s been stripped of many of her powers and is working under the guidance of Vampire Alex who’s a friend of the Dragon Overlord. Shimmer though has been acting strangely and her new boyfriend is concerned. His friends talk to her employer Alex and find out she’d been odd there too...and done something that would break her probation and get her sentenced to death! I really enjoyed this, found the story easy to follow despite not knowing the characters...It’s a novella but at 126 pages had enough length to make a complete and realistic ( within fantasy bounds of course!) read. I love the mix of different creatures, enjoyed the snippyness of Menolly, and found Alex a potentially very interesting character. He’s the age on him to have accrued lots of secrets, and he’s not a toe the line, always play by the rules person. My favourite sort! Its a solid story too, with real danger, and showcasing the talents some of the people have perfectly. Its where having lots of different types comes in well, the author can really go to town on the adventure side and let rip into all sorts of dangers, knowing someone had the skills needed to get them out – its a matter of fitting the danger and outcomes together realistically while entertaining the reader. This book did all that and I’m keen to read more from the Otherworld series.  I don’t know how I’ve missed such an interesting and unusual author. Stars: four, a perfect quick story to take the reader out of the real world for a brief time. ARC supplied via Netgalley and publishers.  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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