Flirting with Forever

Flirting with Forever

by Kim Boykin

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Flirting with Forever 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Suze-Lavender More than 1 year ago
Tara is a successful writer. Her book The Perfect Marriage in 30 Days is a bestseller. Her publisher wants her to go on a book tour to promote the book even further. There's only one small problem, after Tara's husband read his wife's inner thoughts he left her and he took all of their money with him. Tara has no choice and has to do the tour to make sure she won't go bankrupt. Will she be able to pull it off, while she's hiding such a big secret from her audience? Publicist Jake isn't happy with his new assignment. He wasn't supposed to work on Tara's tour and doesn't think much of her. However, when he meets her he changes his opinion. Tara isn't the spoiled woman he expected her to be and this intrigues him. There's plenty of attraction between them, but Tara's husband has just left her and there's a ten-year age gap. Will Tara's husband be back eventually or is Tara free to do what she wants? Will Jake and Tara have a chance together? Flirting with Forever is a wonderful romantic story. I loved Tara. She's smart, resourceful and talented. I could easily imagine why her audience loves her so much, which made reading about her book extra interesting for me. I loved the way Kim Boykin describes her profession and it was fun to find out more about Tara's book tour. Tara and Jake have a lot in common, but their circumstances aren't ideal. I was curious to find out if they'd be able to give in to their feelings and kept hoping they'd get their happily ever after. Kim Boykin has a great descriptive writing style that makes her stories come to life incredibly well. I love the way she writes about feelings and could easily picture Tara's dilemma. It's an interesting idea for a story and I liked the execution a lot. I'm a big fan of books about authors and their hopes and dreams and Flirting with Forever is a fabulous one. It's an entertaining romantic story filled with fascinating twists and turns. I enjoyed reading this charming book very much.
CatmomJD More than 1 year ago
A cute and funny story about finding love when you least expect it. Tara Jordan finally hits it big with one of her books, The Perfect Marriage in 30 Days. The only problem is this book caused her husband to leave her. And, he takes everything leaving her with two house payments and all their bills. How can she go on a book tour promoting a happy marriage when she is falling apart? When her publicist is injured and can not go on tour with Tara, she sends her friend Jake Randall in her place. Jake is not happy about missing his vacation to babysit another diva author. Tara thinks Jake is an annoying man. Tara and Jake form a friendship that blossoms into more fairly quick. Can they hide their feelings while on tour? How will they handle it when Tara's husband finally comes back into her life? This book has so many funny parts where I found myself laughing as I read them. Lots of great southern humor too.