Friends' Experience: Learning the Sublime Essence of Trust and Submission

Friends' Experience: Learning the Sublime Essence of Trust and Submission

by Simone Freier

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Friends' Experience: Learning the Sublime Essence of Trust and Submission 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
stern0 More than 1 year ago
Watching a Shared Experience Grow and Mature She’s done it again. Just when you think that Simone Freier couldn’t possibly find more ways for Kelly and Sam’s relationship to grow – and mature – she finds them. This time, though, it is in the company of Kelly’s best friends, Julie, Linda and Kathy. Of course, we’ve met them all before, in “Weekend Experience,” “Birthday Experience” and “European Experience,” however, “Friends” focuses pretty much on the trio with Sam and Kelly as the side story. Even as the side story, the story of Kelly and Sam continues to blossom.  Just to refresh your memories, Kelly and Sam, “re-meet” at a party thrown by Kelly’s parents. To say they are an unlikely couple is putting it mildly. Sam is a retired fiftysomething, who had a long, loving relationship with his late wife, Sarah. Sam took the loss of his wife very hard, retreating into his own world. Kelly, on the other hand, a vivacious twentysomething, is just starting out life’s journey.   At this point, Freier could have used the Sam-Kelly story as the driver for what could have been a pretty steamy one-off novel about BDSM, steamy sex and other exercises. It would have been easy to have the couple romp through various highly charged scenes, however, Freier did not do that. Instead, Freier, an author of considerable talent whose work keeps getting better, kept the unlikely couple together. She started them on a journey of shared experience and growth that would lead them through a quite an uncommon birthday party and an even more interesting trip to Europe. Reading the parts of the “Experiences” saga that cover these story points, “Birthday Experience” and “European Experience,” we see two very different “experiences” occurring. The first is the growth and deepening of the Kelly-Sam relationship. The second is the growth and a deepening of a second, even weirder relationship, “the girls” and “Kelly-Sam." In “Friends,” we find that just as the Kelly-Sam hookup has grown, the “girls-Kelly/Sam” has also taken on a life of its own. Each relationship has matured in ways that are similar and yet far different. Both relationships are trusting, nonjudgmental, creative and supportive: Kelly and Sam care for each other and “the girls – Linda, Julie and Kathy.” One can easily ask how it is possible? However, under Freier’s skillful authorship, we just see it happen, much like life just happens all around us. That, perhaps, more than anything else is the key to Freier’s writing. Freier, whose thought processes are quite imaginative, is a natural author. Though you know from the start of each book that the author is in tight control over the proceedings, you never realize it. The writing style is relaxed, even playful, and always fresh. Though contrivance is essential to any author who must move the characters along the plotline so the story will move, nothing in Freier’s writing seems contrived. It is as if we are watching a mirror of life. It is life, played out, though, against a subtext of sexuality and sexual play. No, these novels aren’t for the timid as they get rather explicit at times, but they are not racy, at all. It just seems a natural outgrowth of the relationships that Freier has created. Like a skillful painter, the author uses sexual play and BDSM as the canvas upon which she paints quite a lovely and loving story of relationships that occur and play out against a highly unusual backdrop.