From Jars to the Stars: How Ball Came to Build a Comet-Hunting Machine

From Jars to the Stars: How Ball Came to Build a Comet-Hunting Machine

by Todd Neff

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From Jars to the Stars: How Ball Came to Build a Comet-Hunting Machine 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
From Jars to the Stars depicts the beginnings of Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. The book begins with the story of a group of University of Colorado students who design and develop a “sun seeker” for rockets studying the sun. Ed Ball, president of the Ball Brothers Company, created his own space business in Boulder CO, with the students at the forefront of advancing space technology and development. Neff also elaborates on the technologies behind Ball’s pioneering spacecraft, the Orbiting Solar Observatory, and uses the pioneering technology to foil Ball’s latest project: Deep Impact. Written by award-winning science journalist Todd Neff, this book is an account of the creation of Ball Aerospace, and it’s most recent success: the Deep Impact comet landing. Throughout the book, Neff creates visual images that remain technical, yet is understandable. The characters are not described, but developed upon like a fictional story. The lives are displayed and there is dialogue between other characters, unlike other books where the entirety is told from an uninformed third person. Neff describes intricate moments and makes the story feel more like a story than a depiction of history. Ultimately, the writing style flows nicely from thought to thought, from scene to scene, and makes for an enjoyable read. This is a key aspect of style, because even a book about the most intriguing things can be hard to like, if it is hard to read. For anyone who likes science or space, this book is perfect. The technical detail,and the amazing amount of science and engineering is described in enough detail to keep the plot moving. Even the savvy business acumen from Ed Ball is a welcome addition. In all, the book is rolled up into an interesting and surprisingly readable book. From an R&D idea to a multibillion dollar company, the story shows the evolution of technology, engineering, and the trials and tribulations necessary to keep the company alive.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago