Ghost Moth

Ghost Moth

by Michele Forbes


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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ghost Moth by Michele Forbes When Michele write of a day at the beach, you feel the sand in your shorts, the tingle of sunburn and the thrill of open water. Her verbiage pours over your skin to make you feel you are there. Every scene is filled with the necessary details to put you in that moment. A time when an idyllic family is forced to deal with an Irish history that won’t stop repeating, and the daily lives of a family bearing secrets that are best kept unspoken. It is hard for me to understand such religious fervor, but I believed it was happening. As she spun out the tale from the earliest moments of confusing infatuations, she clearly lays out what survives as true love. It takes but a instant to be cradled in the loving arms of the Bedford family so every misstep, quirk and emotion affect the reader as if it were happening at the moment your eyes greedily scour the pages. This is a lovely, haunting story of survival.