by Tricia Cerrone

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Glimmer 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
onemused More than 1 year ago
"Glimmer" is the story of Sunnie, a 16 year old girl whose parents died when she was young and now lives with her uncle- and she is an h-plus or enhanced human. She can see across large distances, hear quiet/far away sounds, move objects with her mind, and run very fast. She's been working on developing more skills such as force fields and generating high heat from her body. She is being tested for her skills when she meets a boy like her named Seth. He challenges her and makes her question her seemingly OK life. She finds out Starbucks is a chain and there are loads of movies and pop culture she doesn't know. As the veil lifts from her life she learns that she is a science experiment, her siblings are still alive, and the people she thought loved her are just using her and are very mean. Sunnie (actually Jocelyn) begins to look for ways out of the life she's always known. Connections begin to be traced between her, a local girl named Georgie who believes in doing the right thing and is enlisted to help Jocelyn, and Graeme, a boy with too much money and free time who is a "brother" top her siblings. We bounce between the three viewpoints easily in a way that enhances rather than detracts from the story, and I imagine these three will be featured in future books of this series. Overall, it's a captivating action/thriller with all sorts of spies, advanced technology, and military fights/action. It would be easy to imagine as a movie and descriptions/flow are amazingly well timed to keep the suspense. Parts of story made me roll my eyes (Sunnie is pretty naive but who wouldn't be in such a sheltered life) but I could not stop the book until the end and overall enjoyed it. I'll be looking forward to more in this series and following Jocelyn's adventures in the future. Without saying much (to avoid spoilers), the ending leaves a few questions but could also be a satisfying ending to the story (not a cliffhanger which many will appreciate). Please note that I received a copy of this book from the publisher through netgalley. All opinions are my own.
KittyKat4 More than 1 year ago
*This book was received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review* This book was amazing. I loved the plot and the lengths that the author went to to ensure that the plot and characters were authentic. The detail incorporated into the book was amazing. I loved all of the characters in particular Jocelyn, Seth and Graeme. I enjoyed reading about Jocelyn's development as a character as she unraveled the lies that made up her life and the intricate plot of the institution and government. I just wish there was more as the ending, while wrapping things up well, could have been expanded on a bit more. I really wanted to read about Jocelyn's reunion with her brother and sister and about her reaction as well as Graeme's when it was revealed that their brother and sister were one and the same. I really hope there is a sequel. Overall, this was a great book that blended sci-fi with a dash of romance and a lot of page-turning action.
LynneMarshall More than 1 year ago
Glimmer (The Black Swan Files: 001) by Tricia Cerrone If you’ve enjoyed YA dystopian books like Divergent and Hunger Games, I highly recommend this book. Jocelyn/Sunny is a human-enhanced teenager, and is a very sympathetic character to root for. Trying her best to live life well as she knows it, she goes through each day with a positive attitude, almost child-like in character, as the toughest challenges imaginable are thrown at her from the powers that be at Camp Holliwell. This existence is almost robotic in nature, until she meets Seth. Part surly, part hunky guy with few options in life, Seth has volunteered to become enhanced. Of course he didn’t have a clue what he was getting into, and once he does it’s too late to get out. Then he meets Sunny and his sense of justice and humanity supersedes his desire to only look out for number one. I loved their give and take relationship and how he acts as a catalyst for her becoming a kick-ass heroine. As the challenges for survival mount, Jocelyn discovers there is far more to life than her guarded world at Holliwell. Inquisitive and smart, Jocelyn, with the help of Seth, goes about unraveling the secrets about her real life, the one she had ripped away from her, the family she’d lost, and the devious, world-changing plans at the camp. No way will she sit by and let this horror play out, but will her plan be enough to overpower the scientific and military forces at the government run camp? Tricia Cerrone has created a fabulous and diverse cast of characters, all superbly written and believable, and each providing a special ingredient to this twisted and full-bodied story. The intricate and unique plot keeps the reader fully engaged throughout the adventure. Great, innovative storyline with edge-of-seat action while still managing to tug on the heartstrings. The reader cannot miss the needed doses of humor and sweet romance injected into this enhanced dystopian gem! I was fortunate to receive an advanced for a fair review