Golf 2 Tango 4: The Story of an American GI

Golf 2 Tango 4: The Story of an American GI

by Dale H. Petersen


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Golf 2 Tango 4: The Story of an American GI 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Bernie-Weisz More than 1 year ago
When reflecting on U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War, most people hold varied, often clashing views of this intricate subject. Doves against hawks, pro Vietnam verses dissenters, ones that claim they are experts, others that barely remember little more than Walter Cronkite's nightly toll of those both wounded and killed in action figures. Our history books are filled with famous names like Richard Nixon, Ho Chi Minh, William Westmoreland, Jane Fonda and William Calley. There is a plethora of memoirs written about everything from how G.I's came back from the war with shattered bodies and minds. There are others about vets who came back with feelings of mingled pride and betrayal, and there are stories of some that never came home at all. Finally, there are more from CIA agents and media reporters, Hanoi boat people, even cameramen who took famous photo's of the war. However, this is the first memoir I have ever come across that sends a strong spiritual message of courage, faith, love and Godly devotion from the first to the last page. Don't get me wrong! This book will not preach to you Christianity, religion or the righteousness of the church. What it will do is make you realize, with Petersen cleverly inserting strong and inspiring biblical quotes at the beginning of every chapter, that "God's will was done in my life during my time in Vietnam". Petersen firmly feels that the Lord has our best interests at heart and works all things out, good or bad, whether we understand the circumstances or not, for our own good. Writing "Golf 2 Tango 4" 37 years after he left Vietnam, Petersen had something of key importance that enabled him to write this catharsis. His wife, Donna, who helped him jog his memory of dates, people and places. Donna kept every single letter Dale had ever written her in a box under the downstairs bed. Petersen admits in the preface that his memory might be suspect: "I remembered some of the days and incidents of 1969-70 as if they'd happened yesterday. But more often than not, there was a certain haziness to my memories-in some cases so faded that the memory was almost impossible to recall. Furthermore, Petersen adds: "Then, there was the issue of looking back through the lens of all the experiences I've had since I was in Vietnam, which color the memories of that year. This made it especially difficult to discern my spiritual standpoint at the time of Vietnam, considering the 37 years of increasing spiritual maturation I've undergone". Other Vietnam Vets have written similar accounts after the fact using saved letters to their spouses as a mental reservoir with resounding success. Regardless of Petersen's concerns pertaining to the trustworthiness of his memories, this memoir is an unqualified success in describing the sights, sounds, feelings and events of Peterson's 1969-70 tour of duty. "Golf 2 Tango 4" starts out with daily dated entries, the first one being July 27th, 1969. It ends with a memoir and history lesson that simply must be read!