Hilda's Story: New Bedford, Massachusetts

Hilda's Story: New Bedford, Massachusetts


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Hilda's Story: New Bedford, Massachusetts 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Kathy_Young 9 months ago
What an amazing gift this is for people with dementia and those who love them. Through thoughtful and creative books, Siobhan McDonald provides interactive ways to connect to those with memory loss in very meaningful ways. I can't imagine how many real conversations and happy moments there will be because of these books. They are also an invaluable tool for memory cafes, assisted living facilities and professional caretakers. What an incredible idea, and thanks to Ms. McDonald for living out her passion in such an important way!
DHimes 8 months ago
What a fabulous resource! This book helps you build a story and make a strong emotional connection with your loved one (or patient) who has dementia. It's a powerful antidote to the heartbreaking loss we feel when this godforsaken disease has someone we love in its grips. I only wish this were available when my own mother went through it. Thankfully, it's available now.
NanSays 10 months ago
As my father declined into dementia, I watched countless friends and family members struggling for a way to interact with him, and although there is much published about WHAT is happening to dementia patients, this knowledge still left us visiting without knowing HOW to create meaningful interactions. Hilda’s Story is quite literally a tool that facilitates the very interaction we, and our suffering loved ones, crave. The simplicity behind the book is actually what makes it so powerful as the purpose is to spur interaction, which in my experience can lead to moments of grace. This book should be gifted to the family of every dementia patient as they enter a care facility. From the grandchildren to old friends & siblings, this tool has the potential to improve the quality of our interactions and bridge what can otherwise just feel brutally uncomfortable. Give this a try, you will not be disappointed.
NicoleGreene 11 months ago
I read this book to my dear friend who has dementia and it was just a magical experience. Usually, on my visits to the care center, we sit in silence and he often just asks me the same questions over and over until I have to leave. But when I read this book, and used the prompts to ask him some questions, something came very much alive inside him! He wouldn't stop talking about his life after world war two and how his wife had the smallest waist he ever saw, and the clothes he used to wear and his friends and all the activities he used to do! It was the best visit I've ever had with him, even before he was diagnosed! I'm not sure how Siobhan McDonald did it, but her story genuinely helped me to reach someone I have missed for a very long time. I can't wait to buy the next book in the series!