Home at Last

Home at Last

by Shirlee McCoy

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback)

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Home at Last 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous 9 months ago
Five stars
boclairedesigns 9 months ago
What a wonderful story! Although this is the third in a series it's the only one I read so it is a stand-alone story. Sunday was in a horrific car crash when she and her husband Matt were hit by a drunk driver. Matt was killed and Sunday suffered serious injury including a traumatic brain injury. This is a story of forgiveness, redemption, and acceptance. Two of Matt's brother's stepped in to take care of the family farm and their 6 children while Sunday was in rehab recuperating. When she returns home, the oldest and third brother Flynn arrives from his ranch in Texas to help out. He discovers through review of the finances that his brother was having an affair and had mismanaged their finances. With a lot of hard work and dedication he works to restore Sunday's family farm, and in doing so provides support to Sunday and the kids. He learns to let her do whatever she wants no matter how long it takes and is her sounding board on many issues. Sunday has to learn a new normal for she and her family when dealing with her TBI. At one point she decides to make breakfast for the family and there are shells in the scrambled eggs when one of her children tells her it's less than usual: that she always had shells in her scrambled eggs even before the accident. It's a turning point as Sunday realizes she needs to be present in the moment enjoying each day and accepting her memory limits. As the story progresses so does the relationship between Flynn and Sunday. Two of her eldest children and the housekeeper, Rosie all encourage them to pursue this relationship. All in all, it was a quick and enjoyable story that I highly recommend. I received a free copy from Net Galley and confirm this review is my honest opinion.
DaliCastillo 9 months ago
Lovely Story In this third book from The Bradshaws, the story of Sunday and Flynn (the oldest Bradshaw brother) unfolds. As the story begins, you learn of the accident that killed Matt, Sunday’s husband, and left Sunday completely different from the person she had been before. Along with Sunday’s physical changes come changes in her memory. The accident has left Sunday with little memory of even the most basic of things. As she battles the physical and mental challenges, she is also dealing with being a single mom of six children and trying to take care of the family farm that has seen it’s better days. All the while she is remembering bits and pieces of a love story that had seemed perfect, but wasn’t. Flynn Bradshaw is the oldest of the Bradshaw brothers. His brother, Matt, had been Sunday’s husband. Flynn left home years ago, but would come occasionally to visit. He’s now returned to help Sunday with the farm while giving his brothers a little break. During his stay on the farm, Flynn attempts to help Sunday with her challenges. But, unlike Sunday, Flynn has no problems with his memory. His vividly remembers the family difficulties that occurred when he was growing up. His memories about Matt included some that made him question a few things about his brother. This was an absolutely beautiful story. The author’s skillful way with words just cut right to my core. The way she writes about Sunday’s challenges, what she’s feeling, how things that were so easy at one time had now become so difficult to do, was just heart wrenching. I could feel Sunday’s pain and frustration, and she was trying with such determination to do things that were now a challenge, I found myself cheering her on. The family dynamics, the amusing behavior of her children, and the sweetness of their care for her had me laughing and smiling. As Sunday and Flynn’s friendship blossomed and grew, I held my breath wondering how it would all end. I cannot say enough about what a lovely story this is. Although it is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone. And while I haven’t read the rest of the series, I am definitely looking forward to doing so. Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. All opinions expressed are my own.
Terri_C 9 months ago
I haven't read the other two previous books, but I loved this one. The story deals with a woman who is recovering from a car accident that killed her husband. Sunday had multiple injuries, including a brain injury. The brain injury seems to be the hardest for her to deal with as she struggles to once again become a mother to her children. Her husband's brothers have all rallied around to help her with her kids and her farm. Flynn has finally returned from Texas to do his bit to help. He is smart enough to know the circumstances of his brother's marriage before he was killed, even as Sunday struggles to keep details hidden. With his help, Sunday starts to slowly return to herself. Does the attraction Sunday feels for Flynn have a basis in her new reality or is it just gratitude? What if he returns the feelings? Can he make a move on his dead brother's wife? A very well written, captivating and heartfelt story. I was given a copy of this book via NetGalley. All thoughts are my own.
Bette313 9 months ago
This was a beautiful sweet story of a woman struggling to put her life together after a tragic accident took the life of her husband and left her severely injured. Sunday Bradshaw knows she needs to get it together, after all she has six kids that need her. Problem is her brain and her heart don't seem to be communicating. After facing the fact that her marriage had been crumbling for several years she now has to face what remains and it all just seems too much. Thankfully she has the reliable Flynn to help her find her way. Working alongside Flynn, Sunday watches as the farm slowly comes back to life and she feels the desire to live, love, and dream again. I really enjoyed this third and I assume final book in the series. It is easily read and enjoyed even if you haven't read the prior books. I definitely recommend it.
paytonpuppy 9 months ago
This is the perfect title for this book as Sunday Bradshaw is home at last. She was nearly killed in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. Her husband, Matt, was killed in the crash leaving her alone with their six children. Well, she is not totally alone as she has had help from her best friend as well as Matt’s brothers. Flynn Bradshaw, who owns his own ranch in Texas, is taking his turn helping Sunday to recover both physically and emotionally. He loved his brother, but knew that his brother was not the best husband or father. As he spends time with Sunday and the children, his brother Porter is preparing for his upcoming wedding. Sunday is having issues remembering things about the children as well as her marriage, but little by little she recovers her memories. She loved her husband, but remembers things about him and the marriage that leave her angry. Will Flynn be able to show her that there are men who can be trusted and he is that man? He was originally eager to return to his ranch, but now he wants to be there for Sunday and the children. A wonderful follow up to “Home With You” and “Home Again”…and an enjoyable visit with the Bradshaw families. I received an advance review copy at no cost and without obligation for an honest review (by paytonpuppy)