Ignite (Dark Kings Series #15)

Ignite (Dark Kings Series #15)

by Donna Grant

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Ignite 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 37 reviews.
Anonymous 6 days ago
Crochet784 7 days ago
Suspense and romance. If you're looking for a book that combines these elements well, Ignite is the book for you. This book is slightly outside the categories I normally read, but both the cover and the summary caught my eye. At first I felt a little lost, probably because this is the first book I've read in this series, but I eventually got up to speed and got caught up in the story and now I can't wait to see what happens. I enjoyed the interactions between the characters, especially Claire and V (of course), and I appreciated how V and Claire always treated each other with respect. From the lunch at the Pub to the (spoiler alert) pregnancy reveal, V and Claire communicate in such a way that it's obvious they're perfect for each other. The back story builds until everyone is read to go to war, and now I'm left with questions (definitely a bit of a cliffhanger). How will they defeat Usaeil? Will Claire have a successful pregnancy? Only time, and the next book will tell.
belllla 8 days ago
I read a few books from this series and I must say this one is the that I liked the least. Because I started something in the middle of the series I was glad that some things were revealed about the past of the dragons a bit more. What it bothered me was this stillness, lack of action. V has his sword back but he can't use it so he is thinking about going back to sleep until the spark with Clair is ignited and they start their love journey. I also wasn't very found about their insta-love. Especially Clair and her love life was so annoying it was like she just lived to find the One and nothing else mattered. She accepts him with all his flaws and it was like she read him, she knew always what he felt and thought. I was just waiting when will we find out that she is not human, but that didn't happen. What happened was bittersweet for them and I really hope that it works out in a positive way. We can see that the war is coming and I really hope we see the Ubitch dead. Can't wait to see what happens next. I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for Netgelly
Anonymous 9 days ago
UpAllNightBB 11 days ago
5 Stars Review by Leah Late Night Reviewer Up All Night w/ Books Blog Ever believe in fate? You will after reading about Vlad and Claire. When you read about their first date, you will melt and know, right then and there, they were meant to be. If you have followed this series, it makes you wonder, why now? Well, it did me. From periods of time sleeping and the times that he was awake, he has never found his mate until now... to me that is fate. #teamvladandclaire Claire loves eye candy as much as the next woman. She is a pretty much a straightforward girl. Besides the secret, she is still holding on to. With a little nudge from their friends and also because Vlad heard all of Claire's dating troubles, he asks Claire out. He asks Claire out on a “real” date so he can show her how a man should treat her. Could Vlad be that one? Should she just stay home and binge watch the latest tv show. She has all those second thoughts we have all had. But she went and let me say, these two together are FIRE (pun intended, a little dragon humor, you are welcome). Vlad reminds me of a Cary Grant type. He oozes elegance, smooth as butter. I would not consider him an Alpha Male. He is just the type of man that knows he needs to take care of business but also uses kid gloves with Claire when needed. This entire series is just freaking phenomenal! Ignite (Dark Kings #15) by Donna Grant is seductive. There is magic in the way she writes the Dark Kings. She writes you into her world and you never want to come out. It brings you into Vlad’s world and lures you right into his claws. Dark, Brooding, and delicious. If you have any fascination with Vlad folklore, you will love how Donna Grant weaves her web into the Carpathian mountains with Vlad the King of Coppers. I am curious if Donna has some tricks up her sleeve about why Claire and Vlad meet at this time. There are little things here and there throughout the book that make me wonder. This is one series I could read over and over.
BuckeyeAngel 13 days ago
For centuries, V has waited to awaken from his doomed sleep and reclaim his destiny. But this Dragon King—one among a legion of legendary warriors sworn to protect the human race from darkness—must first find a way to win back his sword. Wield its power. And try not to fall prey to his own illicit desires. I should start by saying I’m a huge fan of this author. I’ve yet to read one I didn’t enjoy. After reading the last book, I was happy that V got his dragon mate. All of that said, the relationship part of this book was pretty standard so I was skimming it to get to the overall story that’s been building for some time, Rhi and Con and their battle with the light fae queen. The author didn’t let me down. I am already impatiently waiting for the next book! I highly recommend. **I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
Anonymous 15 days ago
Anonymous 17 days ago
Pokeybooboo 17 days ago
"Ignite" is the 15th book in Donna Grant's Dark Kings series. I love her work, especially her paranormal romances. This is the first I've read in this series, besides the last Reapers book, which series crosses over this one. While I really enjoyed the story, book 15 is not the place to start. a series! Since I was totally lost because of all the events I missed in the first 14 books, I made the decision to focus on the romance instead of trying to figure out what I missed. That was a good call, because it was a very romantic and sexy romance! Claire worked as a nurse in a clinic with her best friend. She had two very important secrets, one being that she knew of the existence of the Dark Kings, a group of powerful dragon shifters. The other secret? You can read about that one; it added a bit of fun to the drama. V (or Vlad...yes, THAT Vlad) was a Dragon King with a tragic past. Both Claire and V were extremely attracted to each other and began spending a lot of time together; neither was aware of the other's secrets in the beginning of the relationship. I really enjoyed the romance of the main couple in the book. It began as fun and flirty, then got nice and steamy, then very serious and deep. I do love me a strong alpha hero; apparently Claire did too. Though the story was confusing for me because of all I previously missed, it was well worth reading. Also, I am very excited to go back and read the previous books, and I can't wait for the next one. Apparently a big battle between good and evil is brewing, and I can't wait to read about it! I received an ARC of this book courtesy of the publisher and NetGalley. I received no compensation for my review, and all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.
Anonymous 19 days ago
Sexy dragons abound! Crazy good series with amazing writing, fantastic characters and those gorgeous covers! There's always thrilling suspense, mystery and danger that continues the thread from previous stories and adds new layers and characters. This story features V, the King of the Coppers, and his fabulous sword with an ability that is killer and, of course, he's a sexy beast right along with his brothers. V questionable memories and his in and out of sync with his sword kept the mystery rolling along while he embarks on a romance with the lovely Claire. While there is sizzling chemistry between the two I didn't feel a real connection between them until late in the story. I think what threw me was the blogging that pop up during the middle of their time together. I really didn't like the blog potions and tended to skip over them to get back to the action and not necessarily the action between our lovers. I was all over the parts with Rhi (love her) and the evil Queen. There's always so much going on in these stories that I'm flipping the pages to find out what surprises are next, if good is going to triumph over evil, if a new player is joining the mix, and get a few answers to the burning questions. I love the tease that always there in the stories such as with Con. Will he ever find (or claim) his mate? And there's always an OMG moment that is stunning. While the ending wraps up the romance in a satisfying way there's still so much more to look forward to with the next story. Someone's gone missing! I can't wait! I voluntarily reviewed an ARC.
annie2015 20 days ago
I love Donna Grant and her Dragon Kings world. It's fascinating and multi-layered and has a great many interesting characters and lots of sexy-times. This is book 15 in the series and features Claire and V (Vlad) but has many of the DK characters we know and love. War is coming...will the Dark Kings be ready? I very much enjoyed this book. Some questions were answered while more were raised. And we still don't know who Rhi's king is...??? I cannot wait to read what happens next. *Note: Because of themany characters and situations/adventures, I do not consider this book a stand-alone. I think all the books should be read in order for maximum enjoyment.* I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. My thoughts and opinions are my own and without bias.
PalmaMama 20 days ago
Omg! This is what I’m talking about. I absolutely loved V and Claire together and while this didn’t progress the overarching storyline a ton, it focused on a key aspect of pnr, the r! Romance was front and center in this book. Claire has been keeping a secret, she remembers everything about the time when she was with the dark and was resumed by the Kings. She continues to live her life (going on disastrous dates) and hasn’t said anything because she doesn’t want her memory erased. V (aka Vlad) has slept more than any other King. This is because each time he awakes and cant find his sword, horrific things happen (war, plague, etc). This time he has his sword but can’t seem to find a way to wield its magic. The only thing taking his mind off his frustration is Claire. Claire and V take up the majority of the storyline with a bit of Con, Rhi, Ubitch (), Reapers and others filling in the gaps to lead us to the final all out war! Can’t wait for th next installment (here’s hoping Henry finally gets at least a novella soon!).. Thanks to the publisher for this ARC. It doesn’t influence my honest opinion.
Anonymous 22 days ago
Anonymous 23 days ago
Anonymous 23 days ago
Donna Grant you've done it again...sucked in to the story, sit on the edge of your seat, hold your breath, love that takes your breath away and leaves you begging for more! Can't wait to read the next book! It will be epic!
Anonymous 23 days ago
Manzaroo 23 days ago
In Ignite, we delve into the world of V. This novel focuses a lot on character development and interaction without a ton of answers in the ongoing plot, however it sets us up for what will certainly be an explosive book 16 in the Dragon Kings series. Vlad learns that not all humans are evil, and there is one who can melt his heart. Clare is a strong, independent female lead who even though she is confident in her abilities, feels lost in the world. Together, they make an explosive couple. “I’m with you because every time I see you, I crave to touch you. I long to kiss you, and I hunger to claim your body. The many reasons I want you have nothing to do with the sword, and everything to do with how I feel when I’m with you.” Donna Grant's writing style stays consistent and engaging, the plot doesn't stagnate and we continue to get to know even more Dragon Kings building up for what will, I'm sure, be an epic finale...down the road.
Hfowler 23 days ago
Oh, things have heated up!!! The battle is literally around the corner and this one ends on a cliffhanger or sorts.  V has his sword back, but he has lost the ability to wield its magic.  Claire has kept a secret since moving with her best friend Sophie to Deeagan; she remembers everything from the battle against the Dark Fae, including the Dragon Kings, but she keeps the secrets and pretends to not remember any of it, afraid they will take her memories away.  V and Claire spend more and more time together, the Dragon Kings get together to play matchmakers for once, and the love that blooms is sweet and magical.  There are some major surprises in this one that I will not divulge. This one was just as good as all of the rest.  No major battles in this one, more like building for the big one against the Queen of the Light, which will hopefully happen in the next book, no major drama or struggles for the couple to overcome or survive, so this one is kind of like the calm before the storm.  So good and can't wait for more.
Anonymous 24 days ago
Anonymous 24 days ago
Oh my....so many twists so much going on!
booknooknuts 25 days ago
I enjoyed the building relationship between V aka Vlad a dragon who has slept for a really long time and Claire who has secrets. A War is coming and Con insists on doing it alone, however, that doesn't bode well for many of the dragon kings. This book gives you action, betrayal? and scorching hot romance. Dragon Kings, Light, and Dark Fae, and Others what more does a great paranormal book need? I enjoyed this story...
Evampire9 25 days ago
How can V love Claire truly, madly, deeply…and protect her from the forces of fire and darkness that could destroy them both? After awakening for his doomed sleep, V must find a way to win back his sword, wield its power and try not to fall prey to his own illicit desires. He knows better that to mess with a mere mortal but he instinctively knows that Claire is The One who can help regain the use of his sword and restore his place at Dreagan. This newest Dragon King romance is a stunning and overwhelmingly intense read! Claire and V are powerful, sensuous characters that easily take the readers’ world by storm as they demand their attention. The romance between them sizzles with undeniable chemistry while the relationship is as sweet as it passionate. V’s tentative courtship of Claire is endearing and makes readers sigh in pleasure while Claire’s opposing thoughts of her standing in relationships is also endearing while her secret gives readers insight into her life as well as into the truth about dating. The plot is fast paced and has excitement and electrifying suspense building throughout as the Kings, Rhi, Death and the King of the Dark prepare for the battle to come which is a tough task to undertake considering they discover just how manipulative and underhanded the Queen of the Light has been and continues to be. Unexpected twists keeps readers guessing right alongside the characters but what’s more this story has a couple of prodigious and jaw-dropping surprises that not only stuns readers with the possibilities but also shows readers just how true love is supposed to be. Readers have no way fighting the all-consuming need to finish this thought-provoking and exciting story once they begin.
valerie holm 25 days ago
These heroes are powerful, charismatic, intelligent, virtuous, and captivating. It is hard to discuss Ignite without giving away details. Spoilers at this point are bad. I would highly advise catching up on the past books before reading any current novels. A war is coming, or should I say the war is here. It seems all that is left is hurling that first shot, which may have just taken place. Intricate groundwork is present in the Dragon King novels, and deep-rooted subplots are what appeals most to me in urban fantasy/ paranormal romance. The concept of supernatural beings living among humans fascinates me. These heroes are powerful, charismatic, intelligent, virtuous, and captivating. In their world the fae, shifters, magic users, and some I have yet to identify, all band together to fight for humanity. The romantic couple in Ignite fit in this world as one would expect. V and Claire have a quirkiness that makes them stand out. The two are charming and perfect for one another. Donna Grant shines in the urban fantasy/paranormal romance genre. She quickly became one of my favorites, and I am eager to return to her world as soon as her writing allows me to.
Cali-Jewel 25 days ago
Action packed, Emotional and Dramatic do not even begin to describe fully this amazing adventure filled with so many heart pounding twists and exciting turns not to mention a steep yet thrilling cliff at the end...
DebraSchwartz1971 25 days ago
As much as I enjoy Donna Grant's Reapers, the Dragon Kings are my favorite. I was drawn to V, a Dragon King who has spent more time asleep in his cave than other Kings. He just seemed so lost. He doesn't feel like he belongs anywhere, has trouble keeping up with the changes that take place while he sleeps, and tends to keep to himself. Until he meets Claire. Claire isn't supposed to be aware of the Dragon Kings; she knows more than she should but keeps their secrets. If they found out what she knew they would wipe her memory. Sophie, her best friend, is in a relationship with a Dragon King and when Sophie moved to Dreagon, where the Kings live, Claire followed. Claire is the nicest, sweetest person but has trouble dating and starting a relationship. Once V and Claire hooked up, I was lost in their story. Neither of them is confident in the other one's feelings, which made them very easy to relate to, A beautiful love story with two people who don't think they will ever be with the One, their forever love. Plus the dating failure blog was so much fun to follow, wondering who was writing the blog. A received an copy of this book from NetGalley and this is my review.