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INTERSECTIONS READINGS IN SOCIOLOGY 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Intersections is book based around the sociological involvement of everyday life such as: politics, intimate relationships and family life, education, religion,health and medicine, and social changes, behavior and social movements. It is compiled by Mildred Freeney-Hilton and J. David Brown from the red rocks community college in Colorado.         There was not clear messages and or themes that were specifically directed in the the layout of this book. However it did bring different representations on subjects, such as in the the family piece of the book it has small articles referring to the ideals of generations of families. For example: “...the first third of the nineteenth century, white middle-class families became less patriarchal and more child centered.” (PG. 53). So, it isn’t as much as a theme/message, more of a group of “deep analyses” making us as readers to look back and think about how our society has changed what makes it different than others now or in a different time period. This book is a college level read. I feel it would be intriguing for those who are interested in learning or studying sociological feature and effects on today’s society. Educational wise it could have it’s use in classes such as a Sociological course or maybe even an english course depending on the grade level. This book i would say is very intriguing for those who are looking for a deep read and not your typical average non fiction novel.