Ironbound (Portland After Dark, #2)

Ironbound (Portland After Dark, #2)

by Mel Sterling

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Ironbound (Portland After Dark, #2) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
LynnLTX More than 1 year ago
The sequel to TRUEHEART in the Portland After Dark series, in IRONBOUND Hunter, former leader of the Wild Hunt, rides away after having gained his freedom leaving the Unseelie Queen with half her court in tow. Now called King of the East, Hunter and his fae flee to a new underground mound he has been working on in secret. As Hunter gallops with his horde, blacksmith artisan Dove Sparks is caught up in the mad rush. Starks’s skills when she forcibly serves as Mistress of Cold Iron provide invaluable for Hunter because the deadly effect cold iron has on the fae can help thwart the Queen’s efforts to defeat him. Sparks bargains with Hunter for her freedom; however, dealing with the fae always comes with an unrealized cost for humans. Living and working underground with the fae and then at her forge, Dove Sparks is inexplicably drawn to the Hunstman who seems to have some long lost more humanlike qualities coming to fore. The fae world is dark and brutal, but Sparks’s civilizing influence makes subtle changes on Hunter and his followers. Thomas and Tess from the first book have roles to play as well since Tess was turned into a half-fae birch girl as they are struggling to escape the Queen as well. They also bargain with Hunter in order to gain their freedom at great personal cost. In this time of deep winter, Tess wants to sleep as the other Birch Girls are doing, but to do so might take her away from Thomas forever. Thomas’s love and devotion for Tess know no limits; he will risk all for her. Ms. Sterling’s fast paced story bounds right into the intense struggle between the two opposed leaders while involving Dove Sparks, Tess and Thomas in the melee. Whether they can overcome the Unseelie Queen and her loyal followers in this well written tale takes the reader on a captivating journey of action, adventure, and two love stories that embellish this dark fantasy. Ms. Sterling deftly weaves a world where fae and humans come together to battle evil and perhaps bring a little more magic into the world than humans have previously realized existed.