Johnny Outlander

Johnny Outlander

by P.G. Roeder


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Johnny Outlander 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In my review I will touch on several subjects, readability, content and observations of what the novel means to me. Up front I should say that I like fiction. I read a lot of fiction. Slightly more fiction that non-fiction. I don't have a large library, a mixture of non-fiction and fiction in about 160 linear feet of book shelves. The readability is excellent. The book is written so well that it difficult to put the book down. I read the book in two to three chapter increments over four days. That was after I first read straight through for four hours. I have read the book twice in less than a month since I received the book. Since that time I have purchased ten more editions and distributed them all out for Christmas presents. It is that well written. An issue some people will find is that it is written in English. So, that said, there are some words that are not in common usage, such as termagant; which I had to look up and learn a new word. That to me is excellent, I like learning new words and concepts. Content: The book covers a number of concepts and ideas which may cause you to think.. Overall, to me the book is about coming of age. It is not just about a young man moving into adulthood, but it is also about human kind moving from user and abuser of the earth to actually caring about the earth. Then doing something about retrieving the Earth. Another concept is the possibility of intelligence not of earth. This idea has been around since the dawn of man and continues in various forms or technologies and spiritual forms today and in the fore-see-able future. Then there is history. The history that has been observed in frozen ice, tree rings and the actions of people and animals. Observations from the book: We all have to mature and take our place in the world. It is how you use your gifts and how they affect others that is paramount. If you have a gift of numbers, how are you going to use the physics to better the world or damage the world? If you have the gift of making things grow, how are you using those gifts to feed more of the world and not just human beings but the animals and the earth? Bottom line! This book will make you think.