Killer Attraction

Killer Attraction

by Avery Flynn

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Killer Attraction 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 23 reviews.
cnapper67 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book. Ryder feels that she can't trust her judgement anymore after a man cons her and  then sends her to the  hospital. She decides that she needs a commitment free year. She has a wonderful one-night stand with a man that could make her question that so she doesn't reply to any of his calls or texts. He gets the message. Then fate steps in. Ryder works for the family security firm and gets an assignment to find an embezzler at a department store. The person she will be working with is none other than the one-night stand she wants to forget. They have to travel to the Andol Republic to try to bring back the embezzler and the fun begins. At first they both try to deny the attraction they have and just try to find the embezzler but then they have to give in and it is explosive. The story has romance, sex, mystery, and corruption. It was a great read and I am looking forward reading more of Avery Flynn's work.
MJHughes12 More than 1 year ago
Once again Avery Flynn delivers a delicious story with an extra helping of sexy and a double portion of snarky banter, all served up on a platter full of the fashion world. This second installment in her Killer Style series had me laughing and fanning myself as Ryder and Devin have to work together to uncover an embezzler while the sparks are flying between them and danger seems to find them at every turn. I just loved Ryder. She was one strong, kick-ass heroine who has been hurt in the past by a relationship gone bad…and has put herself in a one-year time out as far as relationships are concerned. “She loved her best friends, but she’d made her decision of a commitment-free year to retrain her guy-dar so she’d stop falling for the same brand of s***head as she had in the past and she was sticking to it.” Devin was sexy as all get out and, despite his rough exterior and the scars he carries from his past, was sweet and everything you would want in an alpha male. He can’t believe it when he finds out that the PI that his boss has hired to help investigate the embezzling going on turns out to Ryder – the woman who he had a steamy, one-night affair with…the woman who snuck out in the morning and refused to answer any of his calls afterward. Of course the tension between the two makes for some fabulous scenes, especially since Devin can’t help but find himself turned on by everything that Ryder does – even when she’s telling him where to go and how to get there! “Devin had been told, subtly, and not so subtly, to f*** off too many times to count, but this was the first time that his only response was a twitch behind his zipper.” And when their investigation has them travelling together to attend fashion week on an island off the coast of Chile, the close proximity has sparks flying as both Devin and Ryder try to keep from acting on the attraction that they both feel. “Trapped in midair, halfway into the nine-hour flight, Devin acted out his own version of Jack typing in the old Steven King movie, The Shining. But he was punching random letters on the keyboard to keep the horny away instead of the crazy.” As their investigation begins to ruffle the wrong feathers and they find themselves having to rely on one another to stay alive, I loved watching Devin and Ryder work together to keep each other safe – and I especially loved the just how much respect Devin gave to Ryder and her ability to fight and protect herself. This was a fun read, especially with all that witty banter, snark and fun commentary that Avery Flynn adds to story. One of my favorite lines, from the beginning of the book… “Cam’s dating history was as long and sordid as a pornified version of War and Peace.” Looking forward to the next book in the Killer Style series! I was given a copy of this book by the author for an honest review.
Anonymous 9 months ago
MsChris1161 More than 1 year ago
If you are looking for a fun and sexy adventure you have come to the right place. Avery Flynn's second book in her A Killer Style series, THIS YEAR'S BLACK, does not disappoint! Her lovers, Ryder and Devin, have a phenomenal night together leaving them both knowing they have met someone who will change their life forever. Problem being Devin is all for it, he calls, he texts, he wants more! He knows he found something special with Ryder that may never come along again. But Ryder, she's terrified of the feelings she had when she was with Devin. She's been fooled in the worst way and doesn't trust her instincts about men so she's made a vow to never see the same man more than once. She bolts leaving Devin wondering what went wrong. Skip ahead a few weeks and Ryder gets her first assignment as the lead on a case. An embezzlement case that's right up her alley with her forensic accounting skills. When she meets with the client to begin her investigation she finds that she must work the case with Devin, the one night stand she can't get out of her head no matter how hard she tries. Devin is just as shocked to see her and angry about how she ditched him without a word. Women just did not do that to him! These two were such a great pairing, so equally matched in every way. As they took off on their adventure to chase down the embezzler and recover the money stolen you just knew Devin would have his wicked way with Ryder. And oh my, does he! Ryder is too attracted to Devin to resist for long, but oh, she does not go down easily. Their verbal sparring was awesome to read! As was their sexy times, and their mishaps, and even the way they fought off the bad guys like a coordinated team. I'm so glad that the majority of the story was all about Ryder and Devin because the reading was thrilling on so many levels. The suspense, mystery, bad guy part of storyline seemed almost like an afterthought and so was a little too predictable. But watching these two finally succumb to the inevitable was wondrous and totally make the book a must-read! 4 stars ~Complimentary copy received in exchange for a honest review.
JillianReadLoveBlog More than 1 year ago
This Year’s Black is the second book in author Avery Flynn’s Killer Style series and follows High Heeled Wonder. Like the perfect sweater you love to pair with your favorite worn skinny jeans and pumps, This Year’s Black is a total must in your book wardrobe! Growing up with all boys, Allegra “Ryder” Falcon is used to having to fight for what she wants. She’s never shied away from a challenge and her biggest one yet is placed in her lap when her brother, and owner of the security firm she’s an investigator with, finally gives her her own case. One she can run exactly how she wants. Of course when she sees who she’ll be working with, run is exactly what she wants to do. Out the door to be exact. One night with a delicious ex-MMA fighter has left her off-kilter and after swearing off relationships for a year, and ignoring his phone calls for too many weeks to count, it would figure that he’s the one she’s set to help with this investigation. What are the odds? Fate must have been wearing her fat day jeans when she threw this mess together. Ryder has no choice but to try her best to ignore the attraction she’s been ignoring since that one hot and steamy night and get all her focus on this case. Too much was at stake. Of course that was all easier said than done when they have to leave the country to go after their suspect. Too much time spent together in too small a space and one thing is bound to lead to another. Former MMA fighter turned fashion mogul Devin Harris knows there’s a thief in his company and he knows he’s gotta put an end to it. Especially before the impending merger is set to happen because if he didn’t, there would be no merger. He has too many regrets from his past and won’t allow this company to fall because some greedy employee can’t keep her fingers out of the till. Never in a million years did he think the woman he couldn’t stop thinking about since she left his bed would be the one to help save him. Now he not only has a chance to save the company, but also a chance to win Ryder. She wouldn’t end up being a regret he would have to live with.   With a little bit of luck, she would be in his life long after this investigation ends. If they both survive it…. The attraction Ryder is trying to ignore is exactly what Devin will count on to revive the passion they shared that one night. In the midst of death threats, catching a thief, and kicking bad guy ass, will they be able to find something strong and meaningful? Oh man, I loved this book! Ryder is a strong and confident woman with more than a few hidden soft spots. She’s got a rough and tough personality but knows what her weaknesses are…one being the gorgeous Devin. Knowing she has too much to prove to her family, she tries her best to ignore him and keep him at arm’s length. Ha! With Devin’s persistent ways, she doesn’t stand a chance. That man knows exactly what he’s up against and he may have had many fights in the ring, but he realizes Ryder may be his toughest fight yet. The chemistry and passion between these two is as hot as those red-heeled stilettos we all love. Delicious. The back and forth between them was really well done. Just enough without being too much or not enough. Of course, all the while the hunt for the embezzler added an intense layer to this story and kept me on the edge of my seat. It was quite a chase for these two and I was worried more than once someone would get seriously hurt. Luckily, Ryder and Devin both have some serious ass-kicking moves. Over all, this book has it all. Passion, heat, danger, mystery and action all wrapped up in a stylish package. Thank you, Avery, for yet another fantastic read!
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviews by Kim This Year’s Black is only the second book I’ve read from Avery Flynn. I have to say I really like her writing style. Avery writes heroines who are strong, independent, and take no prisoners. While this is the second book in the Killer Style series, it is a standalone read. But if you’re like me and haven’t read High-Heeled Wonder, this book will have you wanting to read it. After an abusive relationship, Ryder Falcon is taking a break from dating. She now has a one-time hook up rule. After the hook up, she’s gone like a thief in the night. Never to be seen or heard from again. For awhile, Ryder was good at doing this, until she ended up in bed with him. The him would be former MMA fighter turned General Merchandise Manager and right hand man to the CEO of Dylan’s Department Stores, Devin Harris. Devin tried calling Ryder so many times, she had to block his number. Ryder has been working for her brother’s security company, Maltese Security. So far, her only assignments have been pretty boring. I mean seriously, there are only so many cheating spouse cases a girl can take. But Ryder’s luck is about to change when she gets called in to investigate an embezzlement case. Finally, it’s time to put her forensic accounting degree to use. Ryder is on a high until she walks into the executive offices of Dylan’s Department Stores and discovers Devin is her new client contact. After discovering the embezzlement goes back further than expected and the amount of money missing is greater, Ryder and Devin must travel to the tropical paradise island of Andol to get the money and bring back the embezzler. Piece of cake. Until you factor in the strong feelings that still exist between the two. Add to that, their element of surprise has been taken away from them and they are receiving threats. Worst of all, because of the nature of the island, no one will help them. Not even the police. Unlike most romantic suspense books I've read, the main character of This Year's Black is the heroine. I loved that!!! Ryder isn't a damsel in need of being rescued. She's the one who's kicking butt and takin names. Not that Devin can't and doesn't hold his own, because he can and does. I found the book to be intense but not as intense as some romantic suspense books. And when you talk romance, it's very hot between these two. I finally understand how people can get busy when they're in trouble. The suspense/action is slow building. Meaning that it isn't immediately there. But when it comes, it's good. Ryder has a never give up attitude which at times serves her well. But when things turn bad, she’s going to have to learn how to ask for help and work as a team and realize that it isn’t just her against the world. Source: Blog Tour Host
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Allegra "Ryder" Falcon works for Maltese Security, a family business. She is good at what she does but her confidence has taken a blow. She was hurt by a man with no-honor. She doubts her choices which is why she ran away from Devin Harris even thought they were attracted to each other. Now they must work together to find an embezzler. Can they trust each other and be a team? Since I love romantic suspense this book was perfect for me. I love Ryder. She is a strong, no nonsense woman who takes no prisoners. She has met her match in Devin. He is just as stubborn and determined as she is. I enjoy their battle of wills as well as their sexy romance. I love these passionate characters and their intense fiery attraction. This story is well plotted and filled with many twist and turns. It was amazing how the original case evolved into a life or death situation. Avery Flynn has done a great job bringing these characters to life. This Year's Black was romantic, humorous and suspenseful. I loved this book.
MasonCanyon More than 1 year ago
Ryder Falcon isn’t your typical protagonist in many ways, yet she’s a perfect fit for author Avery Flynn’s THIS YEAR’S BLACK. Ryder is strong and independent, but has a vulnerable side she tries hard to hide. She’s been in an abusive relationship so now she’s afraid to trust and love again. Ryder, who has a forensic accounting degree, works for her brother’s security company, Maltese Security, doing mostly low level jobs. When she’s assigned an embezzlement case for Dylan’s Department Store, she determined to show her family she’s got what it takes. However, Ryder runs into a bit of a problem when the store owner wants her to work with his second-in-command, Devin Harris. Devin is the one-night stand Ryder has refused to return calls from and has been avoiding. Working together, Ryder and Devin will have to fight their feelings for one another while trying to catch the embezzler. Things turn deadly, as well as heat up, as their investigation takes them to a tropical island. The author has created likable characters with faults and issues readers can relate to. She reverses things having the man rebuffed and the woman with commitment issues. The characters’ interaction is engaging and draws the reader in. THIS YEAR’S BLACK is a fast-pace story filled with suspense and steamy romance. The action grabs the reader and holds on until the end. This is the second installment in the Killer Style series, but can be read on its own. This is a tantalizing read that will hold you mesmerized with a spirited heroine and a sexy hero. FTC Full Disclosure – A copy of this book was sent to me as part of the author’s virtual book tour in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.
MeekoReads741 More than 1 year ago
What happens when you take a HOT, stylish former MMA fighter and a sexy, a**-kicking private investigator and send them out together on a case!  FIREWORKS! This second installment of the Killer Style Series does not disappoint.  You have it all fun, laughter, sass, intrigue, steam and fire….in and out of the bedroom.   Join all the fashionistas and get your copy of This Year’s Black by Avery Flynn!
SusanScottShelley More than 1 year ago
I love stories with strong heroines and absolutely LOVED Ryder! This Year's Black is book 2 in the Killer Style series, but can be read as a stand-alone. Ryder is called in to help figure out who is embezzling money from Dylan's Department store and must work with Devin, George Dylan's right hand man (and retired MMA fighter). The pair previously shared one steamy night, and the sparks here are off the charts. Witty dialogue, action, suspense, hot love scenes, a tropical locale...another winner from the Fab Avery Flynn!
BeautyMuse4u2 More than 1 year ago
George Dylan, owner and CEO of the high-end, exclusive Dylan's Department Store was in negotiations for a huge merger that would expand his posh department store world wide. He needed this merger to take place without a hitch! There was a problem, however! It seems someone had been pilfering money from the company, and they needed to be found ! The heat was on…. Enter investigator, and security profession, Ryder Falcon who was brought in under the pretense of personal assistant to Devin Harris, Mr.Dylan's general merchandise manager. After presenting her findings, hearing George Dylan's response, and viewing an "inter office letter" he had received from his executive assistant, Sarah, the answer was quite clear! Sarah Molina, George's executive assistant for over 30 years had gone back to her home and family in the Andol Republic and had monetarily compensated herself for the lack of appreciation she felt. As it would happen, Fashion Week would be taking place, and George Dylan had readied the private plane for Ryder and Devin to travel to the beautiful Andol Republic to hob nob, take in the fashions, with a mission to bring back Sarah Molina on their flight back home! No spoilers here! I've just touched the surface of This Year's Black ! I promise, when you pick up your copy…. The journey will begin and you'll experience all feelings , passions, and true desires.! That's the thrill of an Avery Flynn book! Characters come alive before your eyes! This Year's Black: A Killer Style Novel is fast paced, easy to read, and engages you from the first page to it's finale that's literally worthy of a "Big Screen" Climax! - ENJOY !
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
Ryder Falcon worked for her brother at Maltese Security.  She was assigned to go work at Dylans Department Store to investigate embezzlement claims.  Once she gets there she realizes she'll be working with Devin Harris.  Devin's a one night stand she had a few weeks ago and he was so amazing and made her feel too much, she had to walk away.   She has vowed to have NO relationships for one year because of her previous relationship-gone-bad and she has a few months left.  Devin wants to break her vow because he knows she's the ONE.  Can they pick up where they left off a few weeks ago and catch an embezzler?   Once this story started, the action never stopped.  Ryder and Devin have sizzling hot chemistry!  Ryder is a kick ass heroine and I don't think it gets much better than Devin Harris.  Muscled, tattooed, tall, dark, and extremely handsome!  Avery Flynn knows how to write a leading man.  I can't wait to see what's next for this amazing author. Received a copy in exchange for an honest review.
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
This was my first book by Avery Flynn.  And I thought it was pretty good.  I loved the smoking hot chemistry between Ryder and Devin!  I thoroughly enjoyed how tough and kick@$$ Ryder is.  The spark between the two was fun to watch ignite and explode.  The only negative I can say about this book is that I wanted more.  More of the secondary story, more of Ryder and Devin's bantering and more to their HEA.  I may be a little greedy but I enjoyed them and did not want them to end.
Csk513 More than 1 year ago
I received this book as a gift from the author.  We meet more of the Falcon family in the second book in the Killer Style series.   This time we learn more about little sis, Ryder.  It was a fun little adventure that took us away to a tropical paradise filled with fashion, theft and kidnapping.  Oh and hot romance too!!!   I enjoyed the book very much as there was a little bit of everything needed to make a good escape for me.  This book has a little mystery and action as well as steamy hot scenes and comical ones too.  I look forward to next one in line!!!   Please be Cam...please be Cam!!!
Mennina1 More than 1 year ago
Ryder is looking to make herself known in her brothers investigation firm.. She gets a job working for a high end department store to find out who embezzled millions. She meets her one night stand from a few weeks before who is now her new partner. To bad Ryder swore off relationships for a year. Devin is a high fashion executive and was confused as to why Ryder didn't return any of his calls or messages after their one steamy night. They end up having to go to a tropical paradise following the embezzler who appears to have cartel roots. This story takes them into danger, into love and somewhere in between. **I was provided a copy of this book for my honest review.
Grandma_Tami More than 1 year ago
Love this series ! Can not wait till the next one comes out . I Love how Avery writes her Men and Women strong but giving and tender when they need to be! But Some nice and steamy sense also ;) Love how they have reference to the other books leads also! Ryder & Devin show how to learn to trust again and can both Kick A$$ the make a great team and can not wait till the next one in the series comes out! AND at the end hope there is a HEA update on them all! hehe
mysticrosetiger More than 1 year ago
This book is a great read. Ryder and Devin story is one unforgettable night and some hard feelings later. Getting together again doesn't look so good or is it.
Nicolerko More than 1 year ago
Great book! This is my first book by Avery Flynn and I'm impressed. I will be looking into her other books. I like the mix of passion, humor, and suspense. I like her writing style. Ryder feels like she has to prove herself in her brother's company which sometimes leads to her decisions not going as planned then throw Devin in the mix to mess with her head. Can these two work together or will it cost them their lives?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was so fun to read. It was full of adventure, suspense, humor and a dash of passionate romance.  Ryder & Devin  did not disappoint. I loved reading about them fighting with one another back and forth. They both thought that their **** didn't stink. Ryder is a top notch woman who is not afraid of anything. She vows not be  attached to a relationship for a year, but Handsome devil Devin has plans to turn her world upside down once again. Will Ryder put her heart on the line once again for Devin to capture it... Only time will tell. I strongly recommend this book it will take you on a ride.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
You just have to love any book that makes it's way from Avery's brain to a readable piece of art! Her gift for snark and wit never fail to bring on the smirks or laughs or sometimes, yes, a full on snort. I've seen it happen! Ok, fine, it was me. Devin and Ryder take us on a wild ride from start to finish. I swear there were times it was so hot I could see smoke coming out of my kindle. I just loved the interaction between them. Take a strong and hard headed woman, cross her with a man just as strong and hard headed, add in a whole lot of attitude, and hidden insecurities and hello, we've got enough sparks to start a bonfire! This is one of those books that is just an absolutely fun read! Donna Cheatle (Brazen Bibliophile)
sbart84 More than 1 year ago
This book has it all action, suspense, humor and hot sex between Devin and Ryder. Loved the sexual tension between these two on a tropical island to boot. A page turner that I could not put down, read in one evening. I think my fingers were on fire by the time I got done reading it on my kindle. Highly recommend!
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Fun, sexy, and filled with adventure. This is one entertaining book! Well written with great characters and a story that keeps you turning the page. I highly recommend this one!
Nicola_1202 More than 1 year ago
This was fabulous and Avery Flynn has balanced a story with suspense and action with sizzling sexy content perfectly. I have to confess I haven't read the first book in this series, but it's definitely on my reading radar now as if it's half as good as this I'll be a happy lady. Ryder Falcon is one tough lady. Strong, sassy and stubborn, she has made it her mission to ensure she can take care of herself for personal reasons. The same reason why she has declared a commitment-free year has pledged she will only date a man once. When she is placed to investigate an embezzlement case, she doesn't expect to be working alongside the man who rocked her world for one night. Under the corporate suit, Devin Harris is an ex-MMA fighting, cocky, tattooed brute of a man. She may have hauled-ass after their night of extreme pleasure, deleting & blocking his number, but their attraction to one another is undeniable. Ryder can try and fight it, but Devin is simply irresistible... Their chemistry is off-the-scale-sexy and leads to some page-burning intimacy as well as some lovely touching moments. Together they fit and Ryder stirs something deep in Devin. With his own painful secrets my heart ached for him, but underneath the bad-boy exterior is a man who knows all the right things to say: "This is what you do to me every time I so much as think about you. And if I don't stop, I'm going to come in my boxers instead of buried deep inside you, which is the only place in the world I want to be right now." With humour and wit amongst the page-turning suspense and the page-burning sexy content Avery Flynn has brought everything I love in an action romance. This Year's Black is a book I recommend. I received a copy of this courtesy of Entangled Publishing for an honest & unbiased opinion.