King's Ransom

King's Ransom

by Jackie Ashenden

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King's Ransom 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
DawnMarieBurke 3 months ago
This is the conclusion of the King brother's saga and it's finally time for Ajax's story. Ajax wants to be free of his father's dirty legacy and plans to make a clean break from the past once and for all. Imogen has been raised by a rival of Ajax's father and hasn't grown-up like a princess in a fairytale. When her and Ajax collide the sparks fly. He needs her for his plan to succeed and she needs him for a taste of freedom .As they spend time together they both realize that they might not have known as much about each other as they thought they did. They both realize how similar their childhoods were and how horrible their father's were. Ajax has always put everyone else's needs before his own will he stay the course with his plan for Imogen or will he do something for himself for once. You really need to read this book and go on this journey with them as it's written in such a raw honest emotional way that Jackie Ashenden excels at. You can NEVER go wrong with a book by the AMAZING Ms. Ashenden. I was given an ARC in exchange for my honest opinion. I look forward to reading what comes next from the INCREDIBLE Ms Ashenden.
BoxerLover2 3 months ago
A nice conclusion to the King's of Sydney series. Ajax, the oldest brother is still trying to clean up his father’s mess. He thinks kidnapping Imogen White will give him the leverage to force her father to give up his criminal intentions. But Imogene views her kidnapping as an escape from the prison that is her father’s house. For Imogene, being kidnapped is not much different than living with her father. She takes the opportunity to rid herself of her virginity. Ajax falls in love, but sends her to New York so she can live her own life. The King brothers see that Ajax needs Imogen and convince her to return to Sydney. Imogene returns, deals with her father and then deals with Ajax.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Evampire9 4 months ago
Out to destroy Sydney’s criminal underworld, Ajax King will do anything including his enemy’s daughter. Imogene White has been for just that kind of sexy invite and she’s determined to earn a deliciously carnal education from the sexy bad boy. Readers couldn’t help but be curious about the sexy billionaire Ajax King as his brothers found their happily ever afters and now their curiosity can finally be satisfied but they are in no way prepared for just how sinfully delicious and scorching hot his story is. This hero and heroine is strong, bold and easily captivate readers from the very beginning and the whole tainted bad boy and virginal woman ensures that readers get to inexperience a sweet and powerful romance that is full of sizzling chemistry that shatters Ajax’s plan to smithereens. Warning – the intimate scenes in this story is hot, intense and downright delicious when the heroine of this story sets her mind up to get what she wants. The plot is steady to fast paced and full of thrilling suspense as Ajax’s plan falls apart and he begins to fall for his sexy captive with some surprising twists and monumental decisions to be made this story keeps the pages turning as readers hold their breath with anticipation of just how this King will proceed to destroy his enemy and keep his growing relationship with Imogene intact. While the conclusion is a bit anti-climactic it is also an interesting twists and quite inspiring of the heroine so readers can’t help but be pleased as well as pleasured by this entertaining romance.
belllla 4 months ago
The last and the most brutal brother Ajax King falls in love in his enemy daughter which he kidnaps. But Imogene is full of surprises and not all spoiled rich girl. She is also very happy to be kidnaped and wants her kidnaper very badly. It is great to see how Ajax losses control and allows himself something for him Both Imogen and Ajax are complex characters and they are the missing part that the other one needs. Another enjoyable, sizzling read from Jackie Ashenden. I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for Netgelly
Timitra 4 months ago
King's Ransom is a steamy opposites attract story that I simply adored. I loved the interactions between the hero and heroine, Ajax and Imogen, the way she confounded him, being nothing like he expected. I also liked that even though it's a quick read there was still character growth. I definitely recommend it. Copy provided by publisher through Net Galley
Bette313 4 months ago
Loved this third book in the Kings of Sydney series which happens to be Ajax's story. Ajax is the oldest King brother and he feels a responsibility to get the family business clean and rid Sydney of it's criminal syndicate. He and his brothers have been working hard to get their businesses legit now his focus is shifting. How Ajax plans on getting rid of the local crime boss may be questionable but he sees no other way. He plans on hitting the boss in the only place it will hurt - his daughter. Kidnapping the crime bosses daughter should be easy but Ajax soon learns nothing about Imogene is easy! Their story is fun and definitely sexy. Don't miss it, I highly recommend.
Sandy-thereadingcafe 4 months ago
3.75 stars--KING’S RANSOM is the third instalment in Jackie Ashenden’s contemporary, adult KINGS OF SIDNEY erotic, Harlequin DARE romance series focusing on the King siblings. This is eldest brother and billionaire businessman Ajax King, and heiress Imogen White’s story line. KING’S RANSOM can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous instalment is revealed where necessary. SOME BACKGROUND: Months earlier, the King brothers took over their father’s real-estate business, a business with ties to the local mob. With their father now in jail for money laundering and fraud, Xander, Leon and Ajax King struggle to clean up a reputation inherited based upon sins of the past. Told from dual first person perspectives (Ajax and Imogen) KING’S RANSOM follows Ajax King as he executes his plan to take down and destroy William White, one of the last holdouts in the criminal underground world of Sydney, Australia, a world of which his father once controlled. At a local charity event Ajax sets his sights on pampered princess Imogen White, a virginal young woman, believed to be the apple of her father’s eye. What ensues is the kidnapping and ‘imprisonment ‘of Imogen White, and the building romance and relationship between our leading couple. Imogen White is pleased beyond comprehension that Ajax White is her would-be abductor. Having tried desperately to run from the life her father has imposed, Imogen finds herself looking forward to time spent with Ajax in the hopes of perhaps, something more. To be used as a pawn for her father’s business deals, our heroine is hoping that Ajax King claims her as his own, leaving her father without her once-valued commodity. Ajax King had no idea that Imogen White would be pleased with her current situation. Desperate to use Imogen against her father, Ajax struggles between head and heart where it concerns our story line heroine. The relationship between Imogen and Ajax is one of immediate attraction but Imogen is now Ajax’s prisoner, a prisoner who finds herself falling for the man in charge. The Sex scenes are intimate, passionate and erotic, without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. The secondary and supporting characters are limited as the story line focuses on the relationship between our leading couple, and Ajax’s need to destroy William White. We are reintroduced to Ajax’s brothers Leon and Xander; as well as the introduction of Imogen’s father William White. KING’S RANSOM is a story of family, betrayal, vengeance and love. The premise is engaging and captivating; the romance is impassioned and seductive; the characters are colorful and energetic-Imogen is a feisty young woman willing to risk everything for her freedom and more.
MusicInPrint 4 months ago
Ajax is head of a powerful family whose father was not GOOD. Prison housing said father gives Ajax the opportunity to set things right in Sydney. Also, one last scheme to kidnap a rival's boss leaves Ajax shaking his head and opening up his heart. Imogen and Ajax make a great romance of healing and self discovery. A copy of this book was provided by HARLEQUIN - Romance (U.S. & Canada) via Netgalley with no requirements for a review. Comments here are my honest opinion." Jackie ASHENDEN tells a Great Down Under Romance!
ViperSpaulding 4 months ago
Delightful collision of hearts! Ajax King sets out to vanquish his last remaining enemy by holding the man's daughter hostage in exchange for his cooperation. Right from the start, however, Imogen had her own agenda and promptly set about to get her own revenge. This book is filled with exquisitely described chemistry and intense attraction, sprinkled with outrageous humor and sheet-clenching steamy times. These two have such a fun time with each other along the exciting road to their HEA, and the author's writing style just effortlessly sweeps the reader along for the ride. I loved, loved, loved this story, and I can't recommend it enough. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
Linda__ 4 months ago
Sexy and hot! This romance delivers with all the sexiness a reader could want. It begins with the odd set up of Ajax attempting to kidnap Imogen, a pampered daughter of a crime lord. He is stunned to learn she wants to be kidnapped and cooperates in her kidnapping. When Ajax says he'll ruin her if daddy doesn't cooperate, she begins to fantasize about all the ways that could happen.... In addition to being a helpful victim, she also is desperate to lose her virginity to a man of her choosing and she has chosen Ajax. What follows is a very hot and unconventional romance that had me turning pages just as quickly as possible. Put this one at the top of your TBR list. The author is on my must read authors' list