Last Wish

Last Wish

by Erin Butler

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Last Wish 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Linda_RochesterNY More than 1 year ago
*ARC received from Entangled Publishing in return for an honest review* Although this book can be read as a standalone, I feel I would have benefited from reading the first book, How We Lived, to better understand these characters and their long history. Maybe I would have understood why Em was in such an abusive relationship at the beginning. Also, a couple of things seemed a little off to me, one of which was that when Em was in the hospital, Ronan waited around for hours, then disappeared without a word to her for a week. Then suddenly when they see each other again, no mention is made of it and they are together again. I liked Ronan and Emily and I did enjoy the book. I just felt I needed more details.
gypsyarj More than 1 year ago
In this story two people help each other make changes within their lives. Em is coming out of an abusive relationship uncertain of how things with go with her life. She knows that she's attracted to Ronan but not sure if he is ready for more than friendship. Ronan still mourning the loss of his best friend is trying to come to terms with the fact everyone has moved on but him. He's at a bar drinking when Em Stewart pushes her way into his life. She encourages him to forgive and to move forward and leave the past behind After Ronan saves her from a mistake of her own making he sees her for what she really is a beautiful woman inside and out.. Ronan shows Em that she is a sexy woman deserving of being loved. They both have struggles they face individually and as a couple but they know the can survive anything as long as they have each other. This book has everything you could possibly want in a book. Characters that draw you into their story, amazing chemistry and a well developed story. I loved this book and can't wait to read more from this author.
PennySparkles More than 1 year ago
3.25 to 3.5 I want a Bear hug Stars So the beginning of this book had me on the fence about continuing as it felt super Young NA angsty drama. Fortunately, I powered through this first impression and it finally gripped my interest when our main character’s Em and Ronan’s relationship started to unfold. Last Wish although a standalone follows closely the happenings of book 1 of the series, so if you don’t want to flounder with the situation I’d recommend reading that first. Since I didn’t it took me a bit to understand all the relationships at play in this one. Ronan has been lost and hurt since his best friend died in some kind of accident while their other best friend was driving (or so I gathered from what little reference there is to the actual accident). Everything is a bit messy and effed up at this point. In comes Em, a friend of all of them but not as close, and definitely not the quirky little girl he remembered from high school (which was like 2 years ago so this kind of felt a tiny winy bit absurd… but whatever). She is brave, free, fun and light which is everything Ronan is missing in his life right now. Em is having problems of her own when she finally accepts she is in an abusive relationship and decides to break things off with that creep. By circumstances Ronan is the one to come to her rescue when her car breaks down, and the short road trip they share will mark a new beginning for them both. I liked this story, the writing was good and I really liked both Em and Ronan (he was quite dreamy let me tell you, for a 21 year old anyway). But I felt the general timing was a bit off. For starters Em leaves her boyfriend and basically the next day is starting up with Ronan. While I’m all for insta-love and when you-know-you-know scenarios this felt a bit rushed. I mean she was in a verbal and physically abusive relationship, and yes, she did finally see the light and decided enough is enough but I’m not sure a nice guy saying you’re beautiful would be enough to sort your head out. The progression of their relationship was a bit fast paced too, all things considered. I still enjoyed it, I just wish they’d had a bit more time to establish it. What almost totally killed my romance buzz I had going with the story was the complete highjack of the ending by the couple in the first book. Yes, it was sweet but that left Em and Ronan’s HEA in second place and that didn’t sit well with me. Maybe if there’d been an epilogue that focused on them this wouldn’t have happened to me. Still, I wouldn’t be averse to reading more from this author. *I received a complimentary copy from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review*
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
Em Stewart has found herself stuck in a miserable relationship, with a man who is not who she thought he was, and who continually makes her feel like she is not worthy of love and happiness. When she shows up to surprise him on his vacation, she finds herself once again on the receiving end of his abuse, and for her that is the last straw, she has finally had enough and is ready to head back home and let him go. But after a minor accident she finds herself stranded, and not sure who to call to come rescue her, so she turns to her friend, never expecting her to send Em's high school crush to be her knight in a shining armor in a tow truck... Ronan is man with a battered and bruised heart, and is in great need of someone to bring peace and happiness back into his life. He is struggling with the death of his best friend and the loss of friendship he had with two very important people in his life. His family has been trying to bring him out of his depression, but no matter what they try he chooses to continue to sulk in the privacy of his apartment. When a friend needs his help, his father encourages him to go help her, in hopes that it will give him a sense of purpose again, and possibly bring him back to reality. He decides to go never expecting it to completely change the course of his life... This story captivated my attention almost immediately, Em and Ronan pulled me right into their world and had me hanging onto to their every word. The story line was packed with so much intensity and emotion, that at times I could literally feel the power of every word, as if I was right there in the story with them feeling everything. I can honestly say that this was one of the best introductions to a new author that I have had in a long time, Ms. Butler took me on a emotional literary journey that I am sure will be lingering with me for a long while. She is truly a master at her craft, and a author that I think everyone should add to their reading list! Highly recommend you meet Ronan and Em, they are sure to provide you with one amazing literary escape, and have you blushing a time or two!! ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.
CCarroll More than 1 year ago
I love it when an author steps away from the safe route and adds in a bit of spark and stirs the pot a bit in the story. This one did just that by including some mystery to the storyline that keeps your interested perked up. You have to read between the lines for the first 1/3 of the book to try and figure out some of the plot that happened behind the scenes. Something bad happened; this you know. Friends are separated. Hearts are hurting. Your interest is peaked to keep on going. And there is some heat building up. The looks; the memories; the recognition that maybe, just maybe, your heart can be opened again. That memories don't have to be bad and good memories can be added along the way. *Sigh* The author did a great job with the crafting of this book. It is not just sex and love... although there is nothing wrong with that! But there is emotion and feelings and you are right there with the characters as they try to figure out their path to happiness. Parts are a bit shocking but speak to the current atmosphere of the world today. Ms. Butler created a pleasurable combination of love, friendship, and new beginnings in this young adult romance. Enjoyable and memorable. This is an author to watch for more great things to come!
Splashesintobooks1 More than 1 year ago
Captivating story with great characters! Although aimed at the New Adult readers, this is a very emotive story that will appeal to a much wider audience. This book is full of angst and turmoil. As teenagers, Ronan (aka Bear), Chase, Kyle and Kyle’s sister, Kelsey, were the dream team of friends, supporting, encouraging and caring for each other. When Kyle died in a car accident when Chase was driving, Ronan struggles to come to terms with it all – losing one best friend because of the actions of another made him feel like he’d lost them both and months later he’s still struggling to forgive Chase, which also means he’s troubled because Kyle made him promise to look after Kelsey – and she won’t let him near till he’s forgiven Chase. Emma Stewart was on the periphery of the friendship group, a friend of Kelsey’s who joined in with them sometimes. She secretly had a crush on Ronan but is now in an abusive relationship with Nat. She goes to visit Nat on holiday, driving miles to see him, only to be rejected and told to stay home. She has a near accident on her journey home and Ronan comes to her rescue. Their journey home is the start of a relationship for the two but there’s much more to come before they’ll have a chance at achieving a HEA! Although this is the second book in the series, it works well as a stand alone – I haven’t read the first book and still really enjoyed this one. Exploring grieving, abusive relationships and young love could make this a sad read but it is anything but. Written in an easy to relate to, empathetic manner, this is a lovely story to get lost in. The angst and turmoil experienced is related by the use if different points of view used in the story, making it simple to understand where the key characters are coming from and going to. This is a captivating story that I have no hesitation in recommending to anyone who enjoys their romance to have much more to the story, exploring difficult situations and emotional responses. Thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley, too, for letting me read an ARC of this book in exchange for this, an honest review.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
An awesome story that picks up right where How We Lived left us. Ronan (aka Bear) is still struggling with the death of his friend Kyle and the fact Kelsey, Kyle's sister, is now dating the person responsible for Kyle's death. How can he keep his promise to Kyle to protect his sister like this???? Emily "Em" Stewart is temptation. One he needs to avoid but she's light to his dark and he finds himself drawn to her. Em has secrets though. Problems he can't even imagine. When Kelsey sends Bear on a rescue mission to help Em, he finds that he can't stay away and he doesn't want to. What he wants to to help her and keep her safe. I highly recommend this one!