Let Me Hear a Rhyme

Let Me Hear a Rhyme

by Tiffany D Jackson


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Let Me Hear a Rhyme 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous 10 months ago
Take_Me_AwayPH 11 months ago
When I saw Jackson had another book coming out I added it without a second thought. I was expecting another mystery with a huge plot twist like her others, but this was a nice change from her normal. It definitely shows her writing talent. Talent was taken too soon. Steph has the best rhymes in Brooklyn, but no one will ever know it. Or will they? Rell, Quadir, and Jasmine want to make sure Steph gets what he's owed: a record deal. So they start putting out buzz to the streets with his mixtape. And then things spiral before any of them can catch up. Of course the number one thing about this one that I loved was the music aspect. I've been walking around singing "Juicy" since I started this book. I't something simple, but it shows me how connected I was to this. I usually do like music books, but for it to include hip-hop was an added bonus. And the fact that this was set when hip-hop was legendary (I mean Big and Pac's time) made it even better in my eyes. I made a playlist while I was reading this and I plan to share it soon. This took me back to my childhood and the music I loved while growing up. (I was 10 in 98!) I also loved the 90's setting. This was my time growing up and even though there are so many name drops (of clothing and rappers) they were all things I could recognize. It was interesting to see that portrayed in the book. (Also, does this count as historical fiction? Because if so, this is one of the first that I actually like.) And I can only imagine being in Brooklyn when Biggie was alive. This book took me to NY in the 90's and I thought that was amazing. The only thing about this I didn't care for was the plot. I felt like the "game" they were playing dragged on too long and the "mystery" they were supposed to be solving wasn't even a part of the story. And then when the plot twist finally came, it felt way too rushed. It wasn't what I was expecting based on Jackson's previous books. This book is nothing like her others, but I think that's why I liked it so much. It definitely showed her writing ability and her ability to do cross-overs. Pairing this with her love of Big and hip hop, this certified banger definitely won my heart. I hope this book will bring those who don't know about this music and those that don't like reading in and keep them reading. I would have loved to give this book to some of my friends at this age. It might have kept them out of trouble. This was so different than I thought it would be and it worked so well. Tiffany Jackson is definitely an author to watch and I hope to find she's written more books in this style in the future.