London Royal

London Royal

by Nana Malone

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London Royal 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
MMRNY 16 days ago
4.5 stars. London Royal is the first book in the London Royal duet, and what a great beginning it is. London Royal focuses on the part of Sebastian's family that has been exiled, and now due to unforeseen circumstances, the throne may just land back into Sebastians' cousins' laps. London Royal focuses on the story developing between Abena, aka Abbie, and Alexi, aka Lex, Sebastian's cousin, who are thrown into each other's paths by sheer coincidence, and who, because of the magnetic pull between the two of them continue to cross each other's paths, and cannot stop thinking about each other. However, despite Abbie confessing a number of secrets to Lex continues to hold his secrets close to his heart, and therein lies the tension. After that ending, I cannot wait to find out how Abbie and Lexi's story concludes. Secrets, mystery, intrigue, suspense, magnetic chemistry...London Royal has it all.
Lisa-Lou 19 days ago
London Royal by Nana Malone is the first book in her brand new duet, London Royal . While connected to the world of our Winston Isle royals, this book takes us back to London and an exiled royal family. The connections between Abena and Alexi are smoking hot. The tension between her and Xander is also fraught with tension and interest, but whereas Alexi and Abbie have a mutual attraction taking place, there are rules that keep Xander and Abbie apart. Starting in present day shortly after the end of Nana's last book, The Billionaire's Secret and then flashing back to the origins of the relationship between Abbie and Alexi and how the exiled royals lives were before their birthright was suddenly thrust upon them. Loved it - even though as the first part of a duet literally guarantees a cliffhanger ending. Enjoy!
Lost-N-Love-N-Hopeless 20 days ago
Blast off to England and London specifically. If this hot, sexy, alpha, possessive, man is the results of this trip. Then sign me up and forget that I was ever willing to not fly. I'm on the next plane ASAP. I'm not giving anything away. I and ready for the second part. This will make me take flight big time. Then I can grab both of the London Royal duet and them both together. Then give the full view of my venture to London.
Dss360 23 days ago
What fabulous story! It is full of suspense and drama throughout it. The characters are are extremely well developed with amazing personalities. I loved Lex and Abbie with a strong chemistry that is felt throughout the story. The story is well written and has a fantastic flow to it. Abbie goes through so much to then show how strong she can be. Lex is super protective with a loving and caring alpha male personality. The story does end on a cliffhanger but boy is it worth reading. It is definitely a must read. I voluntarily review an advanced reader copy of this book.
FS_Meurinne 24 days ago
Well Nana Malone has become a top author to read this year, this story was amazing. Abby and Lex story wasn't an easy one. Complicated childhood and Abby going to London to start a new chapter in her life. They both have secrets but when they meet the spark ignites. I just can't wait for the next book I need it already! Perfect start in this duet bravo!
moonfox1234 25 days ago
This is book one of a new duet and I loved it. Things get off to a entertaining and emotional start as the well written story starts to unfold. I thought Abby and Lex were likable, complex characters. My heart bled for Abby and I am rooting super hard for this couple to get their HEA. As both these characters have emotional baggage, you know they have a bumpy road to travel. Drama, secrets, tension, suspense, danger, emotional turmoil and an intense attraction keep things interesting and hold your attention really well. Can't wait for book two.
Izzybear 25 days ago
I enjoyed London Royal. Some of the topics in the book are difficult ones but the author does a wonderful job writing about them. The characters were easy to like and I quickly became invested in their story. Abbie is such a strong, beautiful woman. My heart broke for her while learning about all the pain and heartache that she had to endure. Learning to trust and starting to heal may take time but with a lot of love, patience and understanding they may make it through.... The problem is Lex will have to find Abbie before it’s too late. Gah... I need the next book. I can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen to Lex and Abbie.
cyclay4R 25 days ago
Abby was not looking for a relationship after getting through with the last one she had. Lex knew he wanted Abby and meant to have her, even with his painful past. The character interaction will keep you glued to the pages and the secrets, mystery, and suspense will steal your attention.
tsexygreeneyes1 25 days ago
London Royal by Nana Malone. Imagine my surprise w n.y when I found out that the couple was none other than Alexi and Abena from London Bound. I didn't make the connection until recently. Nana did her thing I love this couple. This book is awesome. What more can I say Alexi is the man even though he had many issue to deal with he found that he could not stay away from Abbie. After Abbue ran away from home and a abusive ex boyfriend to go to school in London it was the best thing that happen to her. The book immersed me in to the London culture, made me feel like I was there with them. Loving how the both of them was finding real love for the first time as well as themselves. The sex scenes were so Hot and Tender all at t hff e same time. What I would call a Slow Burn. Love it. Looking forward to what comes next.
charlligirl 26 days ago
I cannot believe you left me hanging like that. I mean, how dare you. It's been awhile since you've sprung one me and as much as I love them, I hate them. I want the next book now. There are so many things going on in this book. Both Abbie and Lex need to clean up their independent lives before they should even think about any kind of relationship, but lust always wins. Will they figure things out and become a couple, or will their pasts get in the way and prevent it? I have no idea, but I can't wait to find out.
cherigCG 26 days ago
Abby spent five years with a man who said and was supposed to love her. Her family said she was lucky to be with a wealthy professional man. Even when he didn't treat her like someone loved they still sent me back to him. And I stayed until one day I didn't. I saw a future without him and pain and I ran to it, Lex knew his life was too complicated but he wanted her from the first time he literally ran into her. Fighting the attraction didn't work could they have something? Abbie knew she should concentrate on her photography. She had a wonderful opportunity. Just out of a bad relationship should warn her from stepping into another even though Lex didn't seem to be the same. Could they have something? She left her past but had it left her? Both of them have pasts but are so good together making the reader want them to find a future. The cliffy into part two as always makes the reader count the days for the conclusion
kgagnon 26 days ago
Wow, what a great start to the London Royal Duet. Lex and Abby both have their tragic pasts they are trying to move on from. They are done feeling trapped and helpless and are determined to live their lives on their own terms, never to be dependent and vulnerable again. Lex and Abby keep running into each other and sparks fly! But the truths they both keep secret, make them keep their distance. They try to be 'just' friends, but their explosive chemistry makes it near impossible. There are several complications and plot twists in this fast paced story that kept me captivated and wondering what will happen next. I love the witty banter, the strength and resilience of both Lex and Abby, and the intriguing storyline. The ending left me stunned and I can't wait for the next book in this duet!
Lashea677 26 days ago
Caught in a world that's spinning out of control, two strangers risk everything and fall in love. London Royal is the best of Nana Malone. Abbie and Lex write their own fairytale. In the dark moments, they find strength. In the lighter moments, they find hope. In every moment in between they capture your heart.
cgarr 26 days ago
This is a different twist to a romance. We know Lex and Abbie end up together at the beginning. But then we get to go back to find out how it happened. And what a story they have! Abbie and Lex meet after she left her family and an abusive relationship. She moves to London taking the steps to accomplishing her dream. Lex and she cross paths without really meeting but their connection was immediate. As always Nana Malone writes strong compelling characters with tons of chemistry. Her stories are hard to put down! The story ends with a bang leaving me wanting more. I can't wait for the second half of the duet! I received an advance copy and am voluntarily leaving a review.