London Soul

London Soul

by Nana Malone

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London Soul 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Anonymous 1 days ago
I like reading this was very wonderful his tongue had a cute Twist on the ends actually it wouldn't cute it was interested I really liked it keep on riding wonderful thank you
Lost-N-Love-N-Hopeless 12 days ago
London. Yes, London. This was the one place that you could get lost if you wanted to. But when you find yourself face-to-face with a dream. What do you do? I can say this. It is not have the ability to run the other way. No. Not at all. You stand your ground and accept what you got coming. At the end of part one we got a cliffhanger. Well, of course. Drag it out some more. I wanted to see. Life is hard. Love is even harder. You have to fight for every step you make and to make it more you have to fight even harder. Lex finds out that sometimes just because you are rich, entitled, and a pain. Life will keep coming at you regardless. Abbie finds that even after all the world has thrown her way. There was still more coming. I loved the previously titles London Bound and London Calling. I was sad to see their stories end. But with the new London duet from Malone. I was excited all over again. I was happy to see previous couples that I feel for. I was excited to see Malone go back to where I fell in love with her. There was no way to get around this. You must read both books to get the full story. No cheating. No skimming. You need to read it all from page one of book one to the final setting and last words of book two. You will find so much to fall for in both Lex and Abbie.
cyclay4R 22 days ago
This is the ending of Abbie and Alexi's story. Alexi is still keeping secrets from Abbie and it is not helping her trust issues. There is danger, surprises, and suspense all wrapped up in this wonderful ride of a story. I enjoyed the characters and their story and just enjoyed the entire book.
MMRNY 23 days ago
Wow!! What a conclusion, but is this really the end?!?!! Umm...the ending in this book is even more explosive than the ending in London Royal!! My goodness does Nana Malone know how to keep her readers coming back for more!! I am super excited about the next installment in this series!! I really could not put this book down once I started reading it!! Abbie and Lex have had to overcome so many obstacles, so many secrets, so many twists and turns, but through it all, their relationship was strengthened, and they, esp. Lex, learned open and honest communication is always the best policy. London Soul is the conclusion to Abbie and Lex's story...and oh, how I love these two!! They are perfect for each other. They really and truly complete each other. I loved the way Lex was so determined to protect Abbie, and Abbie's realization that her past was not her destiny and that she deserved to be happy and safe, and truly loved. Abbie and Lex really fought for their relationship, and I enjoyed every bit of all of the roller coaster ride that it took for them to get to their happily ever after. If you want to read a book with wonderful characters that you will fall in love with, that has suspense, intrigue, romance, and humor, the London Royal duet is the book for you. I actually recommend starting with Royals Undercover. The entire interconnected series is great. You will never get enough of these characters or Nana Malone's witty and engaging writing style. Yet another great read by Nana Malone.
Samanthagirl 23 days ago
Wow what a rollercoaster of a ride in this thrilling and entertaining story. So much is going on with plenty of twists and turns in this well written and intriguing book and as for the ending! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.
Fleur_W 24 days ago
After the ending of the first book I couldn't wait to get stuck into this one and see what will happen next for Lex & Abbie and it did not disappoint. Lex's past that has been eluded to in book one comes on full force and could be the end of him and Abbie and leaves you feeling anxious and lip chewing to see what will happen while Abbie comes to a crossroad herself in regards to her pas. resent and future. This is addictive and page turning entertainment that draws you and won't disappoint!
Lisa-Lou 25 days ago
London Soul by Nana Malone is the second and final book in her brand new duet, London Royal . While connected to the world of our Winston Isle royals, this duet takes us back to London and an exiled royal family. Picking up from the cliffhanger at the end of book one, thankfully, things aren't as dire as they seemed, yet. But with the secrets that Alexi is keeping from Abbie may just be a deal breaker for Abbie. She already has enough issues thanks to her abusive ex. She can't and won't deal with secrets and lies from Alexi. And while her photography career is off to a great start she still has to deal with Xander's flirtations and all the upheaval Alexi's secrets are causing. By the end of the story we are back in present day dealing with dilemma of the assassination and their new obligations to the throne. Loved it. Enjoy!
Carlac135 25 days ago
London Soul is the continuation of Alexi and Abbie’s story. This book picks up right where book 1 left off and you find out what happens to Abbie. It’s a harmless prank but it sets Alexi into protective mode and Abbie has to deal with her feelings. The book continues with many ups and downs that Alexi and Abbie must face before they remakes they truly are it for each other. The appearance of Easton wasn’t something I was expecting but I was glad the way the situation played out. Some secrets that came out were shocking but shows you why Alexi and Xander’s bond is so strong. The drama at the end was a little bit of a shake up but was needed to tie everything up. The jump back into the present leads us to even more mysteries and a huge cliffhanger that I can’t believe happened...really hoping Xander’s story comes out soon! Another great duet by Ms. Malone.
charlligirl 25 days ago
Wow, what an epilogue. I can't believe you left me hanging yet again. Yes, you finished Lex and Abbie's story, but now you have me intrigued with Xan and Imani. What the freaking heck. What will the future hold for this family? Lex and Abbie had to work so hard to overcome their own, individual issues in order to become a couple. I still have so many unanswered questions. Questions I need to know the answers to. It's going to drive me batty waiting for the next book. Well done. Not many can drive me batty.
JigsawGirl 25 days ago
As I read this book, I kept having this weird sense of deja vue. Then I remembered the Chase brothers had books already. London Bound and London Calling. This book had a little angst, a bit of danger, some mystery, a good amount of suspense, and off the charts sexual tension. I really liked Abbie, Lex, Xander, and their back and forth banter. All of them were so damaged, I was surprised Abbie was the only one with a therapist. I was also surprised about Easton. I really expected him to make a much bigger stink then he did. This book tied up some loose ends for Abbie and Lex, while at the same time it opens doors for Xander and Imani. The journey down the path to royalty should be pretty interesting. There is still a lot of baggage carried by this soon to be royal family. I voluntarily read and reviewed the Advanced Reader Copy received from the author.
ToshyBell2010 25 days ago
Royal Secrets... Royal Soul... Never a bad ending coming from Nana Malone. While I hate cliffhangers as much as the next person, I can't help but love the build up to the HEA! Lex & Abbie have to continue to work through the secrets that are affecting their lives and eventually affecting their happiness. They have to work on bringing their true lives/selves to the forefront and figuring out what part of their lives is worth the sacrifice. This conclusion leaves you falling in love with another Royal Couple. You also meet characters that you want to know more about. Lex and Abbie have won our hearts and their story has quickly become a favorite! This is definitely a great read. Nana clears up the issues that she left us siwth in Royal Soul and win our heart in Royal Soul! Another Royal Winner!
tsexygreeneyes1 26 days ago
London Soul by Nana Malone. This is book 2 of Alexis and Abena's story. Lets just say that this book did not disappoint. It kept me intrigued from beginning to end. I had forgotten how much these two were in love but Nana made sure that you can feel it on every page. I love how Alexi was able to be his self with Abbie. I love how she was able to finally see that he was not her ex and no matter what went down that they could get through it all. These two are one on my favorite couples and when they get together with the strength of their love. They set the pages on fire. My oh My the cliffhanger had me jumping out my seat and not patiently waiting to see what happens next. Bring on Xander's story.
cgarr 26 days ago
The story picks up right where the first part of the duet left off. Abbie and Lex have a winding road to their happily ever after, but what a trip! There is a lot of action packed in this book. It keeps the pages turning quickly. Lex has plenty of secrets to be revealed and we finally learn them all. He's awesome and is totally the type of man Abbie deserves! As always, Nana Malone leaves us hungering for the next book. I'm already looking forward to the next! I received an advance copy and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.
moonfox1234 26 days ago
This is book two in Lex and Abbie's story. You need to read book one, London Royal first. These two will really tug at your heartstrings as their story continues. It is so easy to get swept up into the story and become completely invested in this couple. The storyline grabs and holds your attention well with a complex blend of emotions, drama, twist, secrets, romance and steam. You really have to feel for this couple, they have so many obstacles to overcome and trials to survive on the road to a HEA. I loved this incredible emotional romance.
kgagnon 26 days ago
London soul is a suspenseful, moving, and sexy conclusion to the London Royal duet. Alexi and Abbie are still struggling with the secrets they hold close. Those secrets bring out those from the shadows who have their own agendas and could hurt them both. As Alexi and Abbie spend more time together, they can no longer deny their growing feelings. But their pasts may destroy them before they can reveal their truths. I loved how strong Abbie was, refusing to be a victim, and determined to make it on her own. My heart broke for both Alexi and Abbie as they were finally able to share their secrets. This is a fast paced, exhilarating story with several plot twists that surprised me. This story still has Malone's signature wit and banter along with her emotional, and intriguing stories that I always enjoy and that keeps me totally engaged. She also made me fall for Alexi's twin brother Xander, and I can't wait for his story now!
Lashea677 27 days ago
The queen of the cliffhanger is back to tie up some well placed loose ends. Abbie and Lex gave emotions quite a beating with their turbulent freefall into love. London Royal was a chaotic start for two battered warriors searching for a place to call home. Full of shocking twists and exciting turns, London Soul continues to build on that heartstopping momentum. Malone keeps minds spinning with a conclusion that as thrilling as any high speed chance and as breathtakingly, haunting as the most unforgettable of romances. There is no walking away until the last chapter has been read.