Love on the Tracks

Love on the Tracks

by Tamsen Parker

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Love on the Tracks 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Scorn9 More than 1 year ago
Love on the Tracks is another top tier romance by Tamsen Parker that should not be missed! I'd hate to say it, but I love this book WAY more than The Compass series (and I was overly obsessed with that book). I didn't think Tamsen could make me love a book or series more than her original, but she did! This novel is a contemporary romance that follows a female sports star and a male pop star - something that makes so much sense, but I haven't seen much in the books I've read. Our leads, Rowan and Zane, are a perfect duo that I definitely want to see more of in the future. Our setting, The Snow and Ice Games, introduces us to a unique setting - competition, sports stadiums, Olympic tones, etc. Our antagonists are not bad guys, and are merely trying to do their best under what they think is the right thing. Every inch of this story feels more realistic than most romances I've torn through in the past few years. Positives: 1. Luge/Sports - I really liked the introduction of a sport that most people don't really think about on a day to day basis. 2. Strong Female Lead - Yes, India was an excellent character written by Tamsen but she had her faults (which is what made her so good, FYI) but Rowan is stronger, knows what she wants and has her head on straight (for now, anyways). 3. Lighthearted, Engaging Story - I enjoy a sweet novel that doesn't make you cringe at every turn. This book is so sweet, so simple, and an overall lovely story to make you feel good. 4. Respect - Also, if you haven't noticed many novels don't have the level of respect between the two leads like this book does. A+ for effort Tamsen!! Negatives: 1. Speed - I found some portions of this book was a little fast (no spoilers), but there are more books in the series to explore different issues among characters, competitions, etc. Overall, this book is a fantastic, romance read for all you romance enthusiasts! This book does not disappoint!!! Five out of five stars!
lenorewastaken More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars — Well this was a whole bowl full of awesome! It was kind of tailor made for me. I mean, I'm an Olympic FIEND. It’s my favourite sport. So a sports book that meshes a fictional Olympic competition (the Snow & Ice Games) with a celebrity romance, this time in the form of a famous pop star from a boy band? SIGN ME UP!!! And it was even cool that the athlete in this case was the heroine, AND she was a luger of all things! Have you watched luge? Those people are certifiable!! I actually loved both characters. They occasionally felt a bit young, but that can make for a more realistic NA in my opinion. I know I still feel young and immature at 38. And given their professions as it were, it made sense that they would feel young in certain aspects. I LOVED Rowan. She was nothing like I am. NOTHING. But I appreciated how unique she was, and how the author really showcased the dedication and hard work and sacrifices that is synonymous with amateur athletes. I LOVED how she was so blunt and forthright in what she wanted with sex…it was very sex positive in that way. I also appreciated that she didn’t go from fangirl to cool immediately, b/c it felt more realistic then. Sometimes I wanted her to more obviously see him as more than just a pop star…or rather, more quickly. But it was subtle, and it didn’t make the fangirl stuff immediately go away. It frustrated me, but again, felt more realistic. And more than what I loved about her, I LOVED how Zane saw her, and how he appreciated the things about her that she’s often been told are lacking. Like her athletic body was seen as less feminine by some (stupid) men, her strength was intimidating to others, not to mention her dedication to her sport. Which brings us to Zane. Zane was almost too good to be true. I’m not kidding. He’s this pop star, but he was so very down to earth, and just so freaking kind and thoughtful. He was like ultimate book boyfriend material for me. There was no bad boy to him. He felt very practical. I enjoyed seeing him struggle with being tired of the boy band, but still loyal to his boys. I liked reading about his exit strategy, and how he was thinking ahead to the future. And how he seemed truly torn up about wanting to move on. And I appreciated that he knew the importance of his fans and saw how they were truly responsible for all his success, so he wanted to appreciate them (even if it got exhausting). Occasionally the commentary about boy bands felt a bit…snarky, and was surprising. It almost felt as though the author looked down on boy bands and it bled through…but at other times it just felt normal. It was odd…and could all be in my head. And as I said above, I LOVED how he appreciated Rowan. He was so turned on by her aggression. Made me feel very tummy tingly. So needless to say I LOVED the chemistry between them. It was so freaking hot. Like the steamy parts were awesome, and different. And I felt the romance too…I felt the development of their relationship into more. I felt their caring for each other. I will admit the climax and conflict felt a bit tropey, but I appreciated that it didn’t last long and it wasn’t drawn out. I LOVED all the “SIG” descriptions, and seeing different sports showcased, and learning so much about luge. And I ADORED that they talked a bit about curling! So yeah. This took two of my favourite tropes (sports romance and celebromance) and blended them seamlessly and made this reader one very happy girl. Obscure sports 4tw!
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
As a fan of the winter Olympics, the idea of the Snow and Ice Games series is one that definitely appeals to me and I'm happy to say that this first in the series, Love on the Tracks, is a definite winner! Rowan Andrews is a twenty year old luger, with her heart set on getting a medal at this year's Snow and Ice Games (the SIGs). Her training inspiration is the music of Licence to Game, and she's the first to admit she has a crush on lead singer Zane Rivera. When she gets to meet him face to face, she is thrilled, and since it happens on morning TV, the positive publicity leads Zane's agent and Rowan's dad to come up with a plan to benefit them both – a 'dating' relationship to raise Zane's band's profile on social media and give Rowan some new sponsorship possibilities. Fake dating soon leads to real intimacy. But will the distraction cost Rowan a chance a medal? I really enjoyed this story! I loved the emphasis on the sport of luge (which I actually watch on TV) and the technical details that were interesting but not overwhelming. It's a very sex positive story, with consent coming from both sides and Rowan, while somewhat shy in public, definitely not being shy in private. She's always used the competitions as a chance to hookup and let off a little steam, but with Zane, the steam gets pretty intense! Zane is a very likable man, kind and generous. His goal is to eventually go solo, but for now he's got a good relationship with his band even as he spends time writing songs for himself. There are some lovely scenes where Rowan becomes instrumental to his music and it soon becomes clear to them both that their fake relationship could turn into a real one. Along with the romance we get some action packed competition scenes as Rowan goes for the gold. I won't give away the ending, except to say that Rowan and Zane do eventually get their happy ending (but not without some ups and downs) and I am excited to read the next in the series!