Love's First Light

Love's First Light

by Jamie Carie


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Love's First Light 3.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
TheReadersCove More than 1 year ago
Jamie has done it again. Love's First Light is action packed and emotionally charged from beginning to end. The characters are fully developed and become ingrained in your minds eye. The writing is so vivid you will feel their pain, experience their struggles, and smile at their peaceful moments. Young Christophe, the Count of St. Laurent, was brutally left alone in the midst of the French Revolution. Fearing for his life, escaping from Paris was his only hope. Knowing all he ever loved is gone forever, Christophe retreats to the old family castle in the medieval town of Carcassonne. Consumed with research, experiments and writings he thinks of little else. Years pass unnoticed, like the blowing of the wind. Unable to sleep he wanders about late at night. One evening, clad in disguise, he finds a beautiful young woman visiting a grave. He tries to speak with her but she is withdrawn. A spark of hope is ignites in Christophe's heart with the prospect of future encounters. Beset by the trials of poverty, life for the commoner grows more difficult each day. Self-reliant and resourceful, Scarlett, a recent widow, her sister and mother have survived fairly well. However, their resources are rapidly depleting and drastic measures must be taken. A plan is set in place. The ensuing story is about the reawakening of two broken hearts amid the devastating circumstances of the French Revolution. Will they fall prey to the devious plans of the revolutionists? Love's First Light is the best romance book I have read in a long time. I was enthralled, addicted, and couldn't put it down.
ChristyLockstein More than 1 year ago
Love's First Light by Jamie Carie is a touching historical romance that takes place during the dark days of the French Revolution. Christophe St. Laurent watched his entire family be guillotined under the order of Robespierre before fleeing for his life into the French countryside of Carcassonne . He lives hidden in an abandoned castle, keeping to himself and working on his scientific experiments to forget about the past. Scarlett Bonham is a young pregnant widow living hand to mouth with her mother and sister Stacia. She lost her husband, Robespierre's nephew, to the Revolution before even really getting to know him, so the feelings she has upon meeting Christophe are entirely new to her. Their romance springs up quickly and purely, but when he discovers that her child is a relative of his sworn enemy, he abandons the chance of life for a taste of revenge. Carie does a wonderful job of portraying the paranoid claustrophobia of the French Revolution when no one can be sure who is friend and enemy, as well as the horror of countless lives brutally taken in the name of freedom. The story shines whenever Christophe and Scarlett are together. Their love for each other is almost ethereal and yet visceral, healing and passionate all at the same time. However, the subplot about Christophe's experiments came and went as the plot demanded without any consistency. It was completely forgotten for pages at a time. Some plot devices were a bit hard to believe, and the ending just a bit too neatly tied up. This romance is still worth the read for the powerful scenes between its hero and heroine, as well as for its portrayal of a dark time in history.
vintagebeckie on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Not a big fan of the romance genre, I nevertheless tried to like this book. At the end I really cannot recommend it, except to those who are die hard romance fans looking for a clean romance. Set during the French Revolution and featuring the infamous Robespierre the book is largely historically accurate, I felt that the author was a bit heavy handed with the color and light symbolism. And the apparent salvation of Robespierre at the end was unbelievable and bit wishful thinking.
ccaro25 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
While not a big reader of Christian fiction I do love historical fiction and a romance story adds to the appeal. I received this as a arc and was unable to put it down once I had started. I will definely be looking for more of Carie's novels in the future. I highly recomend this book even if Christian fiction is not your thing do give this book a try
reading_crystal on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I read Wind Dancer by Jamie Carie a few months ago and loved it, so I was not surprised at all to fall in love with Love's First Light also. This time Ms. Carie uses the French Revolution as the backdrop for her story which starts in Paris and moves to the French countryside and returns to Paris. This is another time frame I am not familiar with at all, but it came alive for me. I feel like I learned things about the people during this very tough time when the country was in transition.Christophe was your basic tortured hero and so much more. He lost his family to the revolution and fled Paris for his decrepit family castle to live the life of a hermit, but instead stumbles upon Scarlett, the pregnant widow.Scarlett was not married long before the Revolution took her husband and left her widowed and pregnant. She returns home to her mother and sister and with the help of her husband's uncle they make baked goods to support themselves. Then Scarlett's restless soul happens upon Christophe and a friendship grows into love.The characters of Scarlett and Christophe are amazing. Christophe is flawed, Scarlett is naive, but yet worldly. There love feels real. I enjoyed the secondary characters of Scarlett's family and Christophe's familiy friend in Paris. The action kept the story moving and so did the characterization.A well-written and well-executed novel from the first page. I was swept up in the story and didn't want to be put down at the end.
cee2 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This book surprised me. I haven't read much Christian romance, but I enjoyed this one so much, I'll be looking for Carie's previous books. I like both historical fiction and romance.This book is set in France during the time of the Revolution. I did find it a little slow in the early chapters as the plot was being set up and the characters introduced. But all of the plot lines were neatly brought together and characters whom I cared about made it to the end. (And I have to admit, that for a romance, I want my favorite characters to be there at the end.)I liked the characters of Scarlett and her sister for their intelligence and wit. Christophe was interesting because he was not just a pampered aristocrat. The characters' Christian faith informed their behavior and was a natural part of the story.I recommend this book to anyone who likes Christian romance novels.
ChicGeekGirl21 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Interesting historical romance set during the French Revolution. The author pays close attention to historical detail, but fails, in my opinion, to fully flesh out the main characters. They seemed defined more by the circumstances they found themselves in rather than any kind of inner feelings or thoughts. However, the details and setting make the book worth the read. Another good thing Carie does is write a Christian romance novel that never comes off as preachy or overly prudish. Though the love between Christophe and Scarlett is chaste (which makes sense given the historical setting), it contained enough passion that it was believable. Sometimes Christian romances are SO sugary sweet and stalwartly abstinent that they come off as phony and unrealistic. This was not so in Love's First Light.Overall, a quick, fun read. Good, but not great.
JoyfullyRetired on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This was a very sweet story. I like historical fiction but I don't read much of it. I don't recall reading anything from from the French Revolution era. I should do this more often as it had all sorts of interesting historical information. But since I'm not an expert in the historical facts, don't judge this by my opinion. What made it a successful book, in my opinion, was that it was fun. The relationship between the twi main characters was just right. The religious aspect wasn't overly done. It fit right in with the story. Good book for fans of historical fiction or, someone like me looking for a fun story.
Czarena on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed the book, but then again I enjoy most of the books I read on some level. If you are looking for a Christian novel, this might not be it - references to God and prayer are thrown in as if fulfilling a per chapter requirement. The references just don't seem to be part of the story at all. The story was a little predictable, but it was still a nice story. I did like the mad scientist aspect of it especially.
BoiseCOC on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
As a christian romance, Love's First Light succeeded in entertaining me. I especially enjoyed the dialogue between two of the minor characters - Jasper and Suzanne. Their response to each other added a lighthearted touch to an otherwise gloomy time in history.As a historical novel, Love's First Light is not as well researched as I would have liked. One of the benefits of reading a historical is to learn more about a time in history. Some of the timelines in this novel are faulty. I liked learning about Robespierre and the cult of the Supreme Being - a part of the French Revolution that was glossed over in my high school history class.
faith42love on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I love the setting and the plot of this book. The 18th century France, is a subject I have never read about before and it was fun to get to know some of the issues that people faced at that time. I worried that I would be overwhelmed reading a 'Christian' novel. I was pleasantly surprised that the religious mentions where not as abrupt and distracting as I thought they might be. Actually, the people of that time were much more religiously aware then the people of today, so it fit quite well. The only negative comments that I might add were that I wish some parts had been developed more, for instance when Christophe makes his decision it seemed so hasty. Otherwise, a solidly written book. If you enjoy historical romance this book is worth your time.
Iudita on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This book started out with a bang, but I thought it slowed down a bit after that. It had a nice combination of flavours...a little romance and a little action all tied up in the historical setting of the French Revolution. I found the Christian aspect of this story was very forced at times. There were many references to God and the Lord's Prayer, but it seemed to me that these were not intergral to the storyline. It appeared as though they were just sprinkled throughout the story in order to call it a Christian romance. I thought the author presented an interesting point of view on the French Revolution. Usually the common people are presented as triumphant over the evil aristrocracy, but this story is told from the opposing veiw point of the aristrocracy being the victims of the out of control revolutionaries. Overall, I thought this was a light and entertaining read and I enjoyed it.
gajabra on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I've never read any of Jamie Carie's stuff before, but after reading this book I'll probably check into her other works. Though the book wasn't what I expected ... and it was kind of easy to guess where it was headed next ... it was still an overall good read.
Cynara on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Readable, but not convincing as a portrayal of 18th century French Catholics (though they do keep saying "mon dieu" and brandishing anachronistic baguettes), or of a romance. The scientific angle was mildly interesting, but the writing didn't do much for me.
DynamicUno on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Christophe St. Laurent has lost his entire family to the French Revolution by way of the guillotine and has been in hiding ever since that dreadful day. Waiting for a time when he can take revenge on the man who killed his dreams. Scarlett, a young widow who is pregnant with her late husband's baby, knows all about the wayward details of the Revolution since it took her husband's life and all that she thought was true about relationships. Being forced to live on the meager wages of bread-bakers, Scarlett and her family must try to survive on the allotment of flour sent to them by her her "uncle" Robespierre. When a letter is sent that the flour will no longer be sent, the Bonham women decide to go to Paris to beg for Robespierre's mercy. After learning that Scarlett is related to Robespierre, his enemy, Chrisophe takes off for Paris to avenge his family and their deaths so that he can start a new life with the one he loves--Scarlett.. Will Christophe and Scarlett ever reunite and declare their love for each other? Will Robespierre be murdered by the Count of St. Laurent? Will the French Revolution ever be over?Whew! Just when things start to go well for the characters, another wrench is thrown into the storyline. The action starts on page one and we get to experience the deaths of the St. Laurent family as we hide in a secret compartment in the walls with Christophe and his sister Emilie. Things take a turn when they must run for their lives and this is where the story begins to slow down so we can figure out who the key characters are in the story. I enjoyed reading about the blossoming romance between Scarlett and Christophe--although I did worry about their income if they were to get married. I mean, he's in hiding, so he can't really say-"I'm the Count of St. Laurent, here are some jewels to pay for everything." (Everything was stolen after the deaths of his family.) I was also excited to go to Paris with the ladies as Stacia had to go out and find a husband to help save the family. I've often wondered if the balls were like "meet markets" and everyone tried to pair up with someone else before all of the "catches" were taken. Exactly how is a lady supposed to act with the attention of several men at once? (I think I would have loved to be a fly on the wall just to soak up the atmosphere in the room during this time period.)Overall, I enjoyed reading "Love's First Light" by Jamie Carie and I;m excited to see what she brings us next.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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