Masquerading with the CEO

Masquerading with the CEO

by Dawn Chartier

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Masquerading with the CEO (Entangled Lovestruck) 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
niterayvyn More than 1 year ago
Kylie finds out her fiance is cheating on her so she cancels the wedding and gets dragged to vegas. enter Jake she thinks hes the head of security but he really is the owner looking to get a reprieve. the masque is the perfect place to do it. on night of hot sex and he wants and gets more. the problem is his fake identity. i love the play between the two they are perfect for each other.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Short and Sweet review, just like the book. I did enjoy Masquerading with the CEO by Dawn Chariter. The book was cute and sweet. Not much going on plot wise. If you like short & cute books with minimal conflict, then I would suggest giving this book a try. I do wish that this novella would have been longer so I could have gotten to know the characters more. One thing that I always have a problem with in Novella’s (Short books) is that I don’t get more time to see their character grow and get to know more about their back story/life. And that is kind of an issue with me. If I don’t connect with the characters then the book is pretty much doomed. But, for this being short it was an enjoyable read. I did like the characters. I didn’t love them or anything but they were enjoyable. And their friends. It was cute and a simple love story. I will be reading more by this author in the future. But, it will not be at the top of my TBR list.
onlyminordetails More than 1 year ago
My Thoughts: This a short but quite enjoyable read! Kylie is in Vegas to meet with the owner of the hotel she's staying at for business. She and her friends decide to make the most of the trip and have fun while they're there. Kylie ends up meeting Jake before her meeting with him. Due to a little bit of confusion, she thinks his name is Macon and that he's head of security. When Jake hears her use the wrong name, he doesn't correct her because he wants to see if a girl could like him without knowing who he is. Turns out to be a big mistake because they're falling for each other quick. Will she be able to forgive him for not telling the truth? Masquerading with the CEO is a quick read but a nice one. It's fun and sweet, plus Kylie and Jake together definitely generates the heat! It's a lighthearted story that has the perfect pace and just the right amount of conflict. Even though some might say it's too short, I say it was just right to tell Kylie and Jake's story. Dawn Chartier brought it and I'm looking forward to more by her! My Rating: Very Good
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
BottlesAndBooksReviewsJA More than 1 year ago
Who is the man behind the mask? After Kylie catches her fiance cheating, on their wedding day no less, Kylie gets herself dragged to Vegas and masquerade ball. Meeting a man was not on her agenda, but the attraction is there and her masked man can give her exactly what she wants - and needs. Jake Royale is the owner of the casino hosting the masquerade ball. Dropping his recognized and highly sought after profile, Jake hides behind his mask for the night. Spending a night with Kylie is hot and passionate, but it also backs him into a corner. While Kylie's design could bring his casino back up to the top where it belongs, he would have to admit to his true identity. Masquerading with the CEO is sexy, steamy, Vegas fun. Jake is the full package - smart, sexy, and successful and Kylie herself is strong, talented, and sweet. The two of them definitely have a connection, but with Jake hiding his identity and Kylie determined to pitch her idea to the casino owner (aka Jake), trouble is bound to happen and while Jake and Kylie may not have been looking for more than one night, the truth might break both their hearts. The only flaws were that I found myself yelling "Just tell the truth! Tell her who you are!" quite a bit. Continuing the charade just seemed to make things worse. Also, I really kind of wanted to see Kylie's ex and her maid of honor have some horrible happen to them that made them kind of wake up and realize how awful they are, but I often wish that in books that feature this kind of scenario. Masquerading with the CEO is a fast paced and enjoyable book. I found myself rooting for this couple from the get go. I really liked their chemistry and the characters themselves.
MJHughes12 More than 1 year ago
This was a quick, fun read. I love the Vegas trope and expected things to move quickly – it is Vegas! – but this one still left me wanting a little bit more. Like with many novellas I read, the story felt a bit rushed and the ending ties things up but leaves lots for the reader to fill in. I really liked Jake. He’s sexy, successful, and is at the point in his life where he wants more than one night stands and relationships that are based on his balance sheet, not who he is. When he gets involved with Kylie he keeps his identity a secret, liking the fact that her not knowing who he ensures she wants him and not his money. Of course keeping that secret will only lead to trouble…and knowing Kylie wants nothing to do with CEO types, this secret has the power to end a relationship that really hasn’t had a chance to begin. Kylie was a mix for me. I didn’t really like her, but I admired her drive and desire to prove herself to her father and earn her position in his company. I got frustrated with her hating on all CEO types because of what her ex-fiancé did – it didn’t seem fair to punish all successful men because her ex was a scumbag who cheater on her. Jake and Kylie definitely had chemistry, and watching Jake spoil Kylie was totally swoon-worthy. They both are guilty of keeping secrets, and when things finally come to a head, both of them have some explaining to do! There were a few things that seemed unresolved to me, and the story jumps ahead sixth months later at the end and had me scratching my head and trying to fill in some of the blanks. But, if you are looking for a light, fun, Vegas read then this one fits the bill. I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.
aprilrenee1976 More than 1 year ago
CEO and the Designer-what a wonderful read ***A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for my honest review**** In the beginning of the book, we meet interior designer Kylie Edwards. Her life has fallen apart and she is devastated by a betrayal of the worst kind from her fiancé. She finds out in the worst way from her friend and maid of honor that she slept with her fiancé, on the way to the church’. Kylie had a melt down after this, she just wanted to slowly fade away because the man she thought loved her and a man she loved fully, cheated on her and was doing it during their courtship. She didn’t know what was true and what a lie in their relationship was. After realizing its time to let it go and move on from her near miss and just stay away from men like her ex-, She decides to just forget about men and make her professional life the one and only in her life. Her two friends have a convention in Las Vegas and she has some business there as well so off they go. Here we get to meet Jake Royale who is the sexy owner of the hotel Kylie is staying at. He is a take charge kind of guy.Kylie mistakes him for the head security guard and he doesn’t correct that mistake. Kylie is supposed to be giving some business speech/ideas to the owner of the company and if he likes her ideas, he will hire Kylie and her company. On the day she arrives at the hotel, she comes upon the Tic Tac thief and this is where the comedy of errors start and Kylie and Jake start off with giving false identities to each other, all to keep their real identities a secret and to protect each other. You probably wonder why to protect what—you need to read the story to find out. I won’t give away spoilers. You start to see who Kylie is- spirited, headstrong and not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. But also, you see she is bothered by misleading Jake about her real name and continuing the charade. There is a battle within herself but she continues. Same said for Jake- because of him being the owner of the hotel, he doesn’t want to be liked for being rich and he is trying to find out what is going on in his hotel . The chemistry is there and present- its explosive. But it’s a ticking time bomb because when Kylie finds out who Jake really is , she will go Nuke- She doesn’t want anything to do with rich men anymore, since what happened with her ex-fiancé. The feelings that MC have for each is so real and you can tell the fact they are hiding who they are from each other is wearing and its pains them. There are some twists and turns toward the end which is terrific. My only two grips that I have is this is a short story (130 pages) so I would have liked a little more story and would have loved to have seen something happen to the maid of honor and the cheating ex fiancé-more of a revenge type written in so the reader knows they got what was due them. Overall this is a good story, the MC have a great chemistry and the premise is one I can buy. I liked knowing there are other stories going on at the same time also worked but the author at same time kept the focus on Jake and Kylie. Would like to see another story written in this world and get to revisit Jake and Kylie , Ashlyn, Mark, Mason, and Sara. My rating: 4.2 stars ****
Catherines_Reads More than 1 year ago
This was a sweet romance mixed with a little bit of deceit. I found it very lovely and a great afternoon read. It seems to be more of a novella though, so expect a shorter story. However it is definitely worth the read.
ljtljtljt More than 1 year ago
​​​​​Masquerading with the CEO by Dawn Chartier, is a quick read with lots of sexy times. In fact, Chapter Nine is almost completely devoted to the hot, scorching act of love. The beginning is exciting, but I found most of the plot to be lacking real depth. On the way to the church, in a beautiful white limo, Kylie's maid of honor lets the cat out of the bag. She and Kylie's fiancee are sleeping together. Naturally the wedding does not take place, and Kylie retreats to her apartment for endless crying and moping. Now it is a week later and she is reluctantly leaving her apartment for Sin City. Her two girlfriends have a romance writers convention to attend and Kylie now has an account she needs to procure. Kylie is an interior designer for her father's very successful design firm, and she finally convinced him to let her sell her ideas to Jack Royale, the CEO and owner of Masquerade. Jack's casino requires a little cosmetic lift in order to stay ahead of the competition. Both Kylie and Jack are not looking for love, however their attraction is too great to ignore. At first, they both pretend to be someone they are not, however, Jack takes the masquerade a little too far. Luckily, true love conquers all. If you are looking for a hot and steamy novella with some interesting characters, then give this book a shout. Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
MJSanders1021 More than 1 year ago
Light, fun, and sexy. Being mistaken for someone else never felt so right. Being able to show your true self before the truth is out may save you a love you waited for. Is it too late though? Will all be forgiven? Kylie needed to get away and her time in Vegas was work and play but mostly an eye-opening experience that changed her for the good. Who could resist a run-in with Jake and NOT be affected? He was HOT, passionate, and a wounded soul. Shoot he had me at hello and I was a reader. Good fast paced book but not rushed in any way. Dawn, I was delighted to read it.
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
This was a very lighthearted fun romance story to read. Jake started out as an every day normal fun hot guy to a very intense sexy smoking alpha male. Grab a fan on that part. Kylie and Jake's chemistry was immediate and a whole lot of fun. They were both leary of trying anything more than a one night stand, but their bodies and hearts spoke for more. I liked that both Kylie and Jake were hesitant about getting involved with each other, they held themselves maturely and thought things through. There was no unnecessary drama and a real understanding of how to handle each other. I thoroughly enjoyed their ending, so very sexy and romantic. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
This is a fun, quick, sexy read. There isn't any real depth to the story, but for those times when you just want something fun and entertaining, this is a good one. I definitely recommend it. While on her way to the church for her wedding, Kylie finds out her fiancee has been unfaithful with her maid of honor! After a week of wallowing, it's time for her to get on with things so off to Vegas she goes. Hopefully for a little fun before she takes care of the business side of things. Shortly after she arrives she meets Jake Royale but she mistakes him for Macon, the casino's head of security rather than the owner. They both have their reasons for keeping their true identity quiet but when the truth comes out things really get interesting!!
A_Hayes More than 1 year ago
This is your typical read about a jaded girl who has been hurt before and then she meets the guy who is going to change her mind except he's pretending to NOT be the millionaire casino owner. God love her heart, I wanted to shake her because it was pretty obvious what was going on but I guess good sex blinds people sometimes. :) With that being said, I liked this story because it wasn't extremely ridiculous. It was fairly short and I managed to read it in less than an hour. It was pretty developed for being such a short story. I would definitely read this author again with no reservations. Book provided in exchange for review.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
A fun read. Kylie and Jake were perfect for each other. Although they started out on the wrong foot, these two people brought out the best in each other. Misunderstandings, secrets and past heartbreaks have played pivotal roles in the makeup in both characters. I received an ARC of Masquerading with the CEO for in exchange for an honest review. A modern day happily every after that leaves the reading feeling good.