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Moonbeams 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Marcie77 More than 1 year ago
Moonbeams by Lakisha Spletzer is the first book in the Beams and Light series. Since it's the first book it lays a lot of ground work in getting to know the characters. There are a lot of characters in this novel but not so much that it's confusing. Rob, Cory and Megan are three college students in the Appalachian Mountains. They go out looking for some excitement one evening and by accident they step through the Veil. They are instantly transported into another dimension. They are rescued by Shayleah, an elf who is the peacekeeper of the Veil. Shayleah with the help of her entourage agree to help the three find a way back to their home. However dark forces are at work and cause trouble at every turn. I like most of the characters in this novel. Rob and Cory are a bit naive but they're brave. Shaylah and her group are very diverse. They include just about every species you'd expect to find in a fantasy novel. They complement each other very well. The only character I really didn't care for is Megan. She is a big time brat. Her character reminded me a lot of Cordelia from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Except I like Cordelia a lot more. Lakisha Spletzer gives a glimpse into Megan's insecurities which helps give an understanding into why she is the way she is. Honestly if I were one of the other characters I would have Duck Taped her mouth shut for most of this book. Megan is important to the story line though. Rob, Cory and Megan are part of an ancient prophesy. I hope in the next book Megan redeems herself. The story line in Moonbeams is good. I thought Lakisha Spletzer did a great job in creating this fantasy world. I like how she combined magical elements with serious social issues. I did want to know more about the dark forces that are after them. I hope the next book will have further explanation into this. Overall I like this book. I thought it is a great introduction to the Beams and Light trilogy.