Mortgage Matters

Mortgage Matters

by Sylvia M. Guti?rrez

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Everything was black with the exeption of huge glowing words spelling out Galaxy Warp. Underneath were two options- Continue and New Game. A hand reached out of the darkness, pressing New Game. A new glowing text box apeared reading: 'Are you sure you want to start a new game? Doing so will erase all other saved data.' The two options were Yes and No. The hand hesitated for a moment, before pressing Yes. Everything faded to white. <br> <p> They stood on a grey disk, in darkness. They noticed that to the left were some options for looks, while to the right were options for cloths. Below them was a place to add a name and a randomize button, while above was a gold button with Start written on it. Curiously they tapped the randomize button, and their appearance changed into a spiky haired boy with a monical. They shook their head, not liking it. They turned left, fixing the options. After a bit their apearence was decided- medium length brown hair with bangs, green eyes, and somewhere in the middle skin tone wise. A quick fiddleing with the right options had them settled on a short sleeved shirt with a blue vest and shorts, along with a satchle. Their hand hovered for a moment over the hat options. They carefully flicked through, pasing by an assortment of hats. They ended up with a strained on their head. As odd as it looked, they liked it. <br> <p> They touched the name area, and a keyboard apeared. More as a joke to themself they typed in Soup. They laughed, and pressed enter. A text box apeared in front of the keyboard. 'You do relize that people will call you that for your entire life. Do you really want to call yourself Soup?' They pressed no, only slightly dissapointed. Thinking for a few minutes, the decided to call themselves Dell. They looked over themself one more time, from their odd little hat to the name option down below. They jumped up, pressing start. Everything turned black. <br> <p> "Oh. I think they're awake," a soft feminine voice spoke. Their vision slowly came together as a soft pianio and flute duet song began to play. A woman peered over them. She had pale skin with long white blond hair. The only color she seemed to have on her face were her two soft blue eyes. "How are you feeling? Its a mirical that we found you before you died out there." They asked about 'we', and who the other people were. "My name is Elizabeth. I am the captian of the spaceship youre on right now. My crew is all around working. You dont look very good, do you remember anything?" Dell relpied saying that they didnt remember anything, thinking better than to mention the character creation scene. <br> <p> "You can help out around the ship here for now. Find me in the control room if you need me," with that the woman walked off. They stood up, and a text box apeared. 'Move with the D-PAD. Interact with objects by pressing [A] and open the MENU by pressing [START]' They dissmissed the text, and opened the menu. There were 5 standered options- Stats, Bag, Quests, Settings, and Save. A small red exclamation point pulsed at the corner of the Quests button,causing Dell to touch it. <br> <p> A new selection screen showed up, displaying one new quest; A New Adventure Begins. Pressing the title showed that to complete the task they had to find Elizabeth in the cotrol room. The closed out of the Quests option, and quickly saved. They didnt really know what saving ment, but the felt it was importaint. The closed out of the menu and went to find Elizabeth.