Murder, She Wrote: Murder in Red

Murder, She Wrote: Murder in Red

by Jessica Fletcher, Jon Land


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Murder, She Wrote: Murder in Red 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Russ_Ilg 10 months ago
MURDER IN RED By Jon Land Reviewed by Russ Ilg “Well, at least I wasn’t murdered.” So opens Murder in Red, Jon Land’s third effort writing as Jessica Fletcher for the eternal Murder, She Wrote series and one he pulls off with literary alacrity so smooth and suave that I almost forgot he cut his teeth on the more hardcore thrillers he continues to dazzle us with. In fact, I’d venture to say that under his steady hand Jessica Fletcher has come to resemble his Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong without the gun, given that she, too, is relentless in her pursuit of justice. And there’s plenty of it for her to pursue in Murder in Red, starting with the suspicious death of a close friend Jessica thought she knew far better than she actually did. Secrets, of course, have long been a staple of the mystery genre. In this series, though, more than anything Land has managed to deftly blend the more modern material of Michael Connelly or Robert Crais’s hardboiled mystery writing within the fabric of a classic cozy. Think Phillip Marlowe or Sam Spade if Chandler and Hammet respectively had written them as women. And the mystery presented in Murder in Red, involving a potentially sinister private hospital that opens up shop on the shores of our beloved Cabot Cove, might have been right up their alley as well. Jessica comes to suspect that Clifton Care Partners and its smarmy founder Charles Clifton is somehow complicit in the death of Mimi Van Dorn. Van Dorn, it turns out, is a hotbed of secrets, including a quadriplegic son whose got his secrets of his own, along with more than his share of skeletons in his closet. When he turns up dead too, of an apparent suicide, Jessica steps in to teach yet another bevy of law enforcement interests about her keen powers of observation. At the heart of a mystery lies a dementia-riddled ex-police chief who tests even Jessica’s mettle to sort through the morass of his words in search of a coherent meaning that might yield the clues she needs. And there’s also a visit to a Big Pharma concern to probe the truth behind secretive clinical trials underway at Clifton Care, one of which might be the sole hope for the only man Jessica has ever been romantically inclined toward in the wake of her beloved husband Frank’s death. See what I mean? Land knows how to pile on the plot but shows a more disciplined grasp of the material and a more seasoned hand in dispensing it for the Murder, She Wrote audience. This is still your mother’s Jessica Fletcher, only updated to fit a more 2019 sensibility and still with Sheriff Mort Metzger, Dr. Seth Hazlitt, and private eye Harry McGraw along for the ride. The cliffhanger rich, rocket-fueled pacing makes the pages fly by until there are no more left to turn. Murder in Red is a classic mystery in every sense of the word, Agatha Christie as channeled through John D. MacDonald. Sumptuously sizzling reading entertainment that is not to be missed.
Anonymous 6 months ago
GabbyWP 7 months ago
I was pleasantly surprised by Jon Land’s rendition of Jessica Fletcher’s Murder She Wrote Murder in Red. For a bestselling author of strong as steel suspense-thrillers to transform his skills into an entirely dissimilar format was an exceptional achievement. Mr. Land captured Ms. Fletcher’s voice, tone and attitude to perfection. It was J.B. Fletcher writing. I doubt if many writers could have pulled of the transformation so completely.
CozyMarie 8 months ago
Jon Land has found his stride with the Murder, She Wrote series. He shows us a more philosophical side of Jessica in this book. We see her thoughts and feelings on life, as well as the case. The book is a page turner and I found myself quickly engrossed in the story. Although there was a time or two I had a hard time imagining Jessica doing what was written on the page, I still very much enjoyed the story.
Carstairs38 9 months ago
When Jessica Fletcher’s friend Mimi Van Dorn collapses, Jessica is naturally concerned, but when Mimi passes away later that night, Dr. Seth Hazlitt thinks she had help. Naturally, Jessica starts investigating, and she quickly finds evidence that Mimi was indeed murdered. Does the new clinic outside town hold the answers to Mimi’s death? Or is a secret from her past responsible for her murder? Jessica will have to figure it out fast since another old friend has checked into the new clinic and could be in mortal danger himself. Yes, we are once again in Cabot Cove and environs for much of the book, although Jessica finds herself traveling quite a bit as she tries to piece together this puzzle. Things start off a bit slowly, but they gain speed as the book progresses, and by the end I was completely hooked. Part of the early slowness are attempts to develop Jessica with her thoughts about life, but they come across as forced and don’t add much to the book. Still, I was turning pages quickly at the end to see just how Jessica would bring everything together. I was happy to find that the foul language that has bothered me in the last two books wasn’t present here, which is much more like the franchise of old. I was also happy to find that Jessica’s relationships with Seth and Sheriff Mort Metzger were much closer to how I remember them from the TV series. George Sutherland, a recurring character in the books, is present here and I enjoyed getting to meet him for the first time. Fans of the franchise will be very happy with this book. I know I was.
Anonymous 9 months ago
SherryF 9 months ago
I love how Murder in Red starts. Maybe I’ll do the same for my passing. Touches on one of my pet peeves…the health industry. Jessica Fletcher has her posse, Mort, Harry and George, to help her get the justice she must have. The great thing about cozies…they can deal with serious issues but keep the writing light with some humorous events and dialogue along with unique and quirky characters. As I finish and all is revealed, I smile and close the cover, feeling cozy and content I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Murder in Red by Jon Land.