My Kind of Crazy

My Kind of Crazy

by Robin Reul


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My Kind of Crazy 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
DanaElmendorf More than 1 year ago
My Kind of Crazy is one of those books where you want to give the characters a big hug. There is just something about well-written characters that makes you believe these are real people that actually exist somewhere in the world and not just between the pages. This book was full of humor and spark and all kinds of crazy. And sometimes a little heartache. The painful side of broken homes was captured so well. The whole book you’re holding your breath, hoping Hank and Peyton find a bright spot in life they can hold on to. This is the type of book that will sit with you long after you’ve put it down. Reul’s writing is my favorite style to read: real characters, lots of quirky humor, crazy teenagers and that whispering chance of love. The perfect balance in a YA novel.
SMParker More than 1 year ago
How debut author manages to combine laugh out loud funny with serious topics is beyond me, but she pulls it off brilliantly. I think this is in large part due to the wit and depth of her main character, Hank Kirby. Kirby is an average 17 year old kid, dealing with problems that he shouldn’t be dealing with. But he’s hilariously funny. Like, hilarious. The way Reul has built this character on the page is stunning. And hilarious. So, the book. Hank Kirby makes an epic fail of a promposal and consequently crosses path with the delightful and troubled neighbor to the girl of his dreams. But as he begins to spend more time with the troubled girl with her crazy nest of hair, Kirby’s dreams change. It’s no longer getting the perfect, out-of-reach-HS-queen to be is date for prom; it’s about meeting a person who gets you. Someone who gets you and accepts you, despite your crazy. What results is a beautiful story of two teens finding a way to accept themselves enough to invite another person in. It’s heart-warming and inspiring and so very hilarious. Reul doesn’t shy away from a lot of the problems facing HS kids: domestic violence, mental health issues, alcoholism in the home and working class poverty. The pacing for her characters to deal with all of these issues AND manage to open their hearts to trust is admirable. This book kept me totally engaged and completely rooting for all the beautiful crazy in all of the characters. This is a fantastic YA with pitch perfect voice.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As a veteran English teacher, I’ve developed an ear for the YA voice. “My Kind of Crazy” is that perfectly mixed cocktail of relatable characters and a driving storyline, with a splash of jalapeno. From the very first page, Reul lights a fuse for the reader as Hank navigates his way through high school, home, friendship and love. He knows that one more wrong move and his worlds will collide, leaving him with nothing to call his own except the blame once again. Its contemporary tone will appeal to mature teens, but I was able to pick up on the carefully placed nods to my own high school experience. There were moments when I felt like I was looking through the lens of an ‘80s film, when the masters of teen angst and far-fetched dreams gave you a story that you couldn’t help but root for!
MorrisMorgan More than 1 year ago
I really wish there were a half-star option, because “My Kind of Crazy” is a solid 4 1/2 star read. There is a lot of heart to be found in this book. Mental illness and the topic of not fitting in are heavily covered, but before you think “not that again”, please read on. It is NOT handled in the typical way. First of all, I cannot remember reading any other YA book that tackles pyromania. That alone makes it unique. The issues are presented as serious, but there is a gentle humor in it as well. The problems aren’t made light of, but it does make it obvious that there is humor in almost every situation, and your attitude is as important as anything else in determining the outcome. I promise that sentence will make more sense if you read the book. I loved Hank, Peyton, and the stripper-with-a-heart-of-gold Monica, red tassels and all. Main characters and secondary characters alike are developed beyond the surface. That makes for a nice character-driven read. The feeling of being stuck where you are is something I think many young adults (and adults) can relate to, and it is handled here in a way that has you feeling their hopes and fears as if they were your own. The only problem I had was the ending felt a bit rushed, but that doesn’t take away from the beauty of the story. I recommend “My Kind of Crazy” for young adults and adults alike. If you’ve ever felt on the outside looking in, this is the perfect book for you. It is a good book for reluctant readers as well, since it’s a quick read that doesn’t skimp on plot or character development. This review is based upon a complimentary copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Laura_at_125Pages More than 1 year ago
I wanted to love My Kind of Crazy. But instead, I liked it, but I did not like like it. Hank is stuck; his dad drinks too much and has a stripper girlfriend, his one friend is rumored to be the son of a mobster and his promposal backfired and set his dream girl Amanda’s front yard on fire. Then the weird girl Peyton starts talking to him like they are kindred spirits. She was the lone witness to his sparkler debacle and as a firebug herself feels close to him. Robin Reul created a very real world in My Kind of Crazy. The settings fit the story and the characters. The pacing was good, some scenes felt a bit rushed, but overall it worked. The writing was sharp and conveyed emotion well. The emotions were solid; nice highs and lows with an undercurrent of sadness. The plot and character were what lacked to me. My Kind of Crazy tackled some heavy issues, such as depression, parental abuse, and alcoholism, but glossed over them and never seemed to really focus on getting anyone help. The characters were very self centered and even when faced with a glaring issue that should have made them seek help, they moved past it quickly. My Kind of Crazy was not a bad read, it just did not delve as deeply into the serious issues it raised as it should have. The prevalence of mental health issues in YA is not new, and when it is used as just a plot issue, instead of a teachable moment makes me a little frustrated. Reul could have reached such a deep place but instead put a happy veneer over everything. So if you are looking for a deep meaningful read, this is not it. But if you want a decent fun read with some emotional parts My Kind of Crazy is your read. I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
JHMan More than 1 year ago
Warm, witty, and touching. Robin Reul perfectly captures the voice of Hank Kirby, loner, grocery-store stock boy, and comic book aficionado (with a sub-speciality in the Silver Surfer). I loved the voice in this book, which is imminently readable but feels substantial at the same time. The story tackles super-hero sized issues of neglect, loneliness, grief, and mental illness while still maintaining an overall tone of warmth, wit, and humour. I found myself really rooting for Hank as he navigates his difficult home situation, his friendships, and the complications of his first love. But best of all: this book is just so funny! I received an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review.
RAB19 More than 1 year ago
This book was at the top of my 2016 TBR list, and fortunately, I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I had high hopes for this, and it did not disappoint. The characters are relatable and authentic, and Robin Reul nailed Hank's voice. She flawlessly shifts between the poignant moments in Hank's life with his hilarious personality and knack for finding himself in ridiculous situations. The secondary characters are well fleshed out, and they don't always go where you think they're going to. This book is fast-paced and filled with both heart and humor. Can't wait to pick up copies for my teenagers and their friends!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a great read that I won't soon forget. The characters were endearing and I couldn't wait to see what would happen next. The connection between Hank and Peyton felt so real to me and that's number one in importance when I'm reading and getting lost in a new story. I missed Hank and Peyton when I had to put the book down to catch some zzzzz's! The story wasn't typical and had me on the edge of my seat more than a few times. It was a rainbow of emotions. I don't typically read the YA genre but this book far exceeded my expectation. Some of the issues the characters were dealing with reminded me of my high school experience and some were so real and raw it's hard to believe teens have so much to deal with hidden inside the walls of their homes. I was sad to see it end. I'm looking forward to more by this very talented author, Robin Reul.
Sandy5 More than 1 year ago
It all started with flames, Hank was just looking for a unique way to get a date for prom but catching a tree on fire was not in his original plans. Leaving the scene of the fire without getting a date wasn’t in the plans either. Hank didn’t expect Peyton to walk into his life that night either for it was Amanda who he was extending his prom invitation to, the girl who saw the dark figure of a boy fleeing from her yard. It began as a simple situation, the author started threading this scenario and casting the characters together and I found myself deeply involved inside the lives of Peyton and Hank. Amanda is the one everyone desires but Peyton is the one who catches Hank’s eye, as she’s different. It’s amazing he hadn’t seen her before. Peyton, she’s the girl with the carefree attitude, her own unique clothing style and her fascination with matchbooks. Then there’s Hank, he’s quiet but he has a lot on his mind. He’s the boy no one sees, he’s quite talented and he would like a future but he knows he must help his father pay the bills. I loved the pace of the story, how it gradually built up and the characters lives became more familiar. Looking inside the lives of Hank and Peyton, I wasn’t sure whose life was harder. Not the typical life that a teen should be living but the two of them were making the best of it and knowing that their high school years were almost over and turning eighteen might bring them different opportunities. Hank and Peyton are the only two who know exactly what happen the night of Hank’s prom proposal but as the two of them become better friends, they realize they both have other similar secrets in their lives. What I enjoyed about their relationship was the discreetness for one another. Sounds weird but they were bonded by a single event but other situations in their lives were now tying them together, some good and some not so good and all around them there were peers effecting them and soon everything started to become complicated, yet inside them…..they knew. This was a wonderful novel; one that demonstrates that sometimes what you set out to do might not what you’re truly meant to do. This is a must read for 2016, don’t pass this novel up. I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and Sourcebooks Fire in exchange for an honest opinion.
Deb-Krenzer More than 1 year ago
I'm pretty sure that this is a YA book, however I believe that adults would like it as well. While the characters are young, there are a lot of issues going on that would help older folks as well in a different context. There were a few chuckles and a couple of laugh out loud moments. There were many aha, light bulb over the head moments as well. I think it was a very well written story with believable and likable characters, especially the main character. It was a great story that just kind of left me with feel good feeling after I read it. Huge thanks to Sourcebooks for granting my wish, I loved the book! And also thanks to Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review.
brittanysbookrambles More than 1 year ago
4.5/5 Stars My Kind of Crazy made me laugh so hard that I thought my sides were going to split. At the same time, it made me feel sad and got me to really think about all the types of families there are, and all the different walks of life people come from. Robin Reul truly knows how to find humor in a dark place, and her book is a charming and heartbreaking read that depicts a side of high school that is rarely shown. Somehow, Reul managed to highlight important life issues, while also keeping it light enough that I didn't feel at all bogged down or depressed when I finished reading. My biggest love for this book lies in the characters. Hank is hysterical, relatable and even charming in a doofy kind of way. I'm convinced that in high school, him and I would have been besties. His story is truly compelling and I honestly wish that he was a real person. My Kind of Crazy is everything I want out of a John Green book minus the melodrama and pretentiousness. You guys know that I'm really picky when it comes to contemporaries, so believe me when I say that this is one of the good ones! Read my full review here:
ruthsic More than 1 year ago
This book definitely falls in the realm of unexpected. From that cover and how the book started (Hank firing up a promposal), I expected it to be some quirky light-hearted story about two awkward teens. Well, Hank is, but it’s the story of two teens who have always felt unwanted and invisible. As Hank becomes friends with the sole witness to his debacle, he realizes that despite her issues with fire, he finds her difficult to not like. So much that he loses interest in the girl whom he did the whole promposal for. But her circumstances are not exactly normal; secrets about their life also come out and they find a kinship in it. It is a little messed up at times, but the humor wasn’t kept far away, saving it from being a downer. The book is definitely an interesting read, and a wonderful coming-of-age book.
lovelygen13 More than 1 year ago
My Kind of Crazy is an original story with a few serious issues that are very thought-provoking. Right from the first chapter, I was hooked. It starts off with Hank doing a promposal that unfortunately isn’t successful because the girl’s house almost catches fire. With only this to start off with, I was invested in the story. The characters: While I liked Hank at the beginning of the story, his personality started dim as the story went on and it was Peyton who took the spotlight, in my opinion. Peyton was someone who seemed so weird from the beginning but I liked her. She brought something to the story and I dare say, helped Hank figure out a lot of things in his life (That’s my personal opinion here. It was how I saw it.). There came a point in the story, kind of the plot twist, where I started to question Peyton and Hank’s friendship. I always saw them as friends and couldn’t really believe the connection they had, seeing as for the majority of the story, it was only Peyton having feelings for Hank and not the other way around. Ultimately, I liked how the story ended for both of them, although the ending did seem uncertain. I really liked the side characters such as Hank’s father, Larry and his girlfriend, Monica. Once again, I questioned Monica’s motives but she ended up being a complete sweetheart!!! Larry had some major character growth in the story…MAJOR! I didn’t think he would change but he so proved me wrong. While the story started off strong, it slowly started to die down and there were moments where I was really bored. I was expecting the same hilarious note I got at the beginning to last for the remainder of the story. It did have some powerful areas concerning one specific character but the rest kept slowing down. It ended on a good note, uncertain as I mentioned above, but overall it was a good, original story. Genesis @ Latte Nights Reviews