Need (Need Series #1)

Need (Need Series #1)

by Carrie Jones


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Need (Need Series #1) 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1389 reviews.
booksonmynook More than 1 year ago
Wonderful book I enjoyed reading. would totally recommend
Books-Rule_Cats-Do-Too More than 1 year ago
Need was like a perfect combination of Stephenie Meyer's and Melissa Marr's writtings. Zara, the main character, is forced to go live with her grandmother up in a small town in Maine after her (step)father dies and her mother becomes worried about her sanity. A healthy mind though, is not the only worry her mother should have had for Zara as it becomes clear someone, or something, is after her. At least she has Nick, the amazingly cute boy who has a slight Heros Complex and seems to enjoy being Zara's personal hero. The closer Zara gets to Nick the more she becomes aware of the small towns little secrets. Along with her friends, some of which are a little more then human, Zara sets a trap to catch the "guy" who is after her. Full of suspence, romance, and easy to love characters, I don't see any teen girl not loving this book.
Kyokou More than 1 year ago
I read this with a recommendation from a few of my friends. It was, to put it lightly, okay. There were several situations where I found myself thinking I was reading a re-write of Twilight. For example, Zara, the main character, ends up being sent to a tiny, dreary little town in Maine to live with her grandmother after her step-father passes away. She remarks often that she misses the sun, the heat, etc. Gets a new car when she gets there, too. Then the typical awkward staring ensues, with random little friends popping in and the "all around good guy/bad boy" Nick presents a charm for all of about 5 seconds. I won't spoil the whole book, but needless to say it was too fast, often times the author would pull up Twilight highlights, and there were parts that made no sense. Overall, I would only recommend this to someone very bored and in desperate "need" of something to read.
Laurie_Jane_Kaye More than 1 year ago
This book is nothing like Twilight. Stephanie Meyer was not the first person to come up with this type of plot line, or the idea of a girl choosing between 2 loves. And she certainly did NOT invent werewolves. This book is good all on its own. Don't compare it, just enjoy it.
enticed More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book! Bought it yesterday, finished it today. very entertaining.
KatieCullen More than 1 year ago
I got this book, not really knowing too well what it would be about. I read it in one day, it was GREAT! I was a little worried it would be too much like the twilight series with the whole "something she never thought she'd have to worry about", but it was unique, and just great! (:
Tidbitsofscott More than 1 year ago
Need by Carrie Jones is by no means a wannabe Twilight. Zara is scared of what she doesn't understand but is not a magnet for danger like Bella. She likes Nick but she not totally crazy in love with him like Bella is with Edward. It starts out a little slow but you learn so much about Zara and why she has been sent to Maine. Zara is slow to put things together...especially when it comes to Nick. I think this was a pretty good book. I have been looking for something so that I could get over my "need" of Twilight.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book reads like something an over-obsessed 15 year old twilight fan wrote. I mean come on? Girl's mother sends her away, girl moves from south to cold northern town to live with a single relative, relative gives girl car, girl has boys who drool after her, girl gets strange boy to like her, boring non special girl gets special attention from random people, strange boy saves her from car incident. There are also the form of "pixie dust", I mean please, is she joking? I could point out like 30 other little things she ripped off of twilight. I've never seen two books that are so alike, I mean the writing is totally different, (it still sucks) but what are the odds? She even has this whole chapter about not being used to driving on ice and how people have chains on their tires. There is no way all of that is coincidence, and I am 110% convinced Jones went and read twilight or saw the movie then decided that Meyer had a good thing going. It's like Jones was just upset that none of her books sold like twilight so instead she decided to publish her own fan fiction RE-do, and threw in Pixies for a pinch of non-originality. (the pixies are really the frosting on the cake of this stupid excuse for a book) Jones will be pissed when girls don't scream and freak out over Nick Colt. ( last name beginning with CULLEN) Overall the characters are lame and unrealistic, Zara is annoying as hell. She has a stalker but it's like she likes it because she gets to be the damsel in distress. (a bit like James chasing Bella) Nick is just some other non-special emo kid, who's supposed to be special like Edward, and him and (normal) Zara like each other the way 6th graders get crushes during study hall. This book was a TWILIGHT RIP OFF. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME. Honestly it's like Jones took twilight and went and changed names and swapped characters around and changed little bits and pieces so she'd have something that she thought would sell. Well, I got this book from the library, and I'm not buying it.
monsterofbooks More than 1 year ago
Ever read one of those, 100 Things You Should Do Before You Die books? Well Need By Carrie Jones is on there!!! It's a Must Read!!! You'll regret not reading this paranormal/fantasy romance book. The author brings it all in 336 pages: Good Plot, Suspense, Emotion, fast paste and an amazing story. I found myself in love with all the characters, particularly Nick & Zara. They're such a good pair together, I mean they're so cute. I love how they're being so stubborn to admit the truth, it's adorable. I mean Grandma Betty is more open about there relationship then they are. I also enjoyed the character development in Zara (the protagonist). I enjoyed knowing that everyone kind of made her out to be a damsel in the distress at first but in the end she is able to stand on her own two feet. Also it's interesting the theory that she doesn't need to think big to save the world, it can be a small way. Am I making any sense??? The best thing about Need other then the great story and cool characters, is the dialogue. It's priceless, and probably the best dialogue I've read in a long time. It's so funny and down to earth. What they said made me laugh and made me like this book even more. For example: "'Okay, just don't hurt Yoko.' 'Yoko?' 'My car.' 'You named your car Yoko? As in Ono?' 'You have a better name?' 'How about Subaru?'" (Page.65). That's only one example, another one is: "Think about it. For almost seventeen years my mom hasn't come back here. Why?' 'It's cold,' Devyn says. 'It's creepy," Issie adds." (Page.263). With dialogue like that, how can you not love a book like this? The story brings tons of suspense too, especially in a scene where pixies come after Zara. I really felt what she felt, I was so in tuned with her it was unbelievable. Some of the plot twists are easy to guess, but others you won't see coming. The ending leaves you wanting more, but isn't a cliffhanger. And the only real thing that bothered me about this book is at first it felt very unrealistic of how Zara handle the knowledge of pixies. But once getting into the story more, you start to understand why she acts like that and becomes pretty real. Another intriguing fact is that each chapter had a phobia name on it!! It was so cool, did you know you can have a phobia of school? or a phobia of girls? or phobia of pixies *O.K Zara made that one up!!!*. I enjoyed this story so much and am so excited to read Captivate (the sequel). This is a must read, Carrie Jones did a excellent job and I praise her for that.
acsimps More than 1 year ago
This was not what I was expecting I must not have read the synopsis very well before I bought this book. I probably wouldnt have picked it up if I had know that it was about evil Pixies. I love supernatural books but Pixies just don't sound scary. I also ran into this problem when I read Rampant which is about venomous unicorns that kill really that's what its about lol. Anyways, the moral of this story it that this book was good. I have learned to give some of these crazy plots a chance and so far I have been pleasantly surprised. The next book is out in 2 weeks "Captivate" I am excited to continue the story about Royal Pixies, Weres, and the war that is brewing...
lilmudduckmuffineater More than 1 year ago
I basically only picked this book up at the library cuz I thought the cover was pretty(pitiful on my part I know LOL)This book could have been much more than what it is. It has a great plot and seems like the villian is cool but her writing style sucks. It just seems she jumped around too much and would go on and on about the cuteness of one character instead of building his character and other characters as well. We really don't know why most of the stuff happens,it just happens. I'd give it a C if I was grading it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A special thanks to Laurie Jane Kaye for realizing that you shouldn`t judge a book just because you think it`s like TWILIGHT. Stephanie Meyer didn`t create vampires or werewolves (thank God!). How many books do you think before Twilight had the same plot? ALOT!!! And of course there are going to be more books with the same plot!! She did create a really good series but NEED is an even better one! Oh by the way this book is NOTHING like twilight! So for all you Twilighters that think every book you read isn`t as good as Twilight or is exactly like it, you are probably wrong! Weather you like it or not!!!
maximum More than 1 year ago
This book was really good except for how the characters talked. I understand that this author is an adult, but she should have done some research on how teens speak because this dialogue was WAY off. But other then that I really enjoyed this book. Zara was an especially great character because she had experienced a ton of pain recently and that added a lot of depth to her personality. I would definitely recommend this book!
lawyerk More than 1 year ago
In the cold, snowy world of Bedford, Maine, pixies are not small, fictional creatures a la Tinkerbell. They are tall. And real. And far more dangerous than you might imagine. When Zara White is sent to Maine to live with her grandmother for a while, in hopes it will help her get over the death of her stepfather, she quickly learns that things (or rather, people) aren't quite what they appear to be. Carrie Jones excels at writing some of the best boyfriends in Young Adult literature, and this book is no exception. In addition, her heroine is a smart, proactive character who is interesting not only for her quirks, but for her core characteristics. The "leads" are backed by a fascinating supporting cast, and the description of the pixies and what they're up to is outstandingly creeptastic. The backhanded paean to Maine's master of horror, Stephen King, is just extra frosting roses on an already excellent cake. Fans of TWILIGHT and WICKED LOVELY really need to buy NEED, by Carrie Jones.
alaskas_labyrinth More than 1 year ago
How is Jones Award Winning? I'm giving this book one star and that is being generous. It doesn't even deserve one star. This is the most blatant rip off of another series that I have ever read in my life. Other authors work painstakingly hard crafting an ORIGINAL piece of work they can be proud of…I don't even know what Jones was trying to do . I'd be humiliated to have my name on the cover of this garbage.  Carrie Jones obviously hopped on the Twilight bandwagon. The book sucked from the first few pages but for some reason unbeknownst to me I finished the book. I've read better stories in my high school creative writing class. So, Zara's love interest? He's a Pixie. Are. You. Kidding. Me. That's so stupid it's actually hilarious. It's insulting to both the readers and writers of YA literature. A pixie? Honestly, why? That's the most laughable plot twist i've ever heard, and he's a DANGEROUS pixie too. Oooh wow. Cute, Jones, real cute. Even if the plotline didn't resemble a 13-year-old's fan-fiction, the writing in general is still astoundingly bad. I'm not hard to please, I usually read a couple books a week and I've never felt obligated to leave a negative review. Carrie Jones is a sad excuse for an author. This book is painful to get through as the plot, the characters, and the writing it's self struggles to form something resembling a story. There is no greater message, no meaning, no purpose of this book except to market to Twilight fans. Since I read this book four years ago it's still the most stupid book i've ever read. It's so bad, I actually advised another girl from buying it when I saw her holding this in Barnes & Noble. I checked this out of the library. Had I bought the book, it would've been the first time in my life I returned a book to get my money back. You don't NEED it. Trust me. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just got this book it was boring
AlexandraTargaryen More than 1 year ago
How did this get published?? I very rarely, if ever, NOT finish a book but I put this one in the charity box 3/4 the way through the book. It is amateur at best. The story is a complete rip-off from Twilight, the characters are cliche and annoying, and the dialogue is choppy, repetitive and unrealistic. I admit, I was drawn in by the pretty cover but please, do not waste your money on this. It's like a 12 year-old's fanfic that someone published on a whim.
ephemeralfemme More than 1 year ago
First of all, this book is an obvious Twilight rip off, which I absolutely hate getting suckered into buying. Read Twilight once thanks, don't need to read it again in the form of a shabby knock off, the original will suffice. Then there's the characters, who we all wish were whitty and original, but fall way short. I felt nothing for these characters or their romance. It was insanely predictable, leaving the reader angry at the subpar intellegence of the oblivious characters, who are careful not to trip over any of the major potholes in the story. I only read to the end to see if the swiss cheese plot would ever thicken, but alas I was yet again let down once i reached the stupid ending... I mean seriously stupid ending. It's aimed at ages 12+, yet I'm quite certain that even at 12 I would've been insulted to have such crap aimed at me.
frozenfireheart More than 1 year ago
I did not find this book twilight-y, if it was then I wouldve stopped reading it. There are similarities plot wise I give you that, but it was written way better. The characters had depth to them and the description was both wonderful and neccesary. Pixie dust was used very well in this book. (its not sparkles....not that a vamp should sparkle anyway). I liked this book because it was different with style and characters keep you entertained, its a good read.
Lizzyhi More than 1 year ago
this book was is a fast read and i highly recommend 2 thoughs who read twilight.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This story was okay. As I began to read this book it shared a lot of twilight characteristics. For example girl moving to small town. The story was too predictable for my taste, but kept me reading. Some of it sounded really not real, but it is a fantasy book afterall. The story is okay to read for fun, but the author was trying to make her version of Twilight. I like it if it was her own style. There was also a couple grammer mistakes.
Janae More than 1 year ago
I love books that have fairies and such. This book kept my attention and there were quite a few surprise that I wasn't expecting, but enjoyed. The author did a good job at making her characters have some depth and Zara was likeable. I liked the whole phobia; it made good chapter headings. There were a few times where I was confused by which father Zara meant, but other than that this is a fun, fast read, and with a nice touch of romance.
MeghanXorawrr More than 1 year ago
This book was GREAT. I LOVED IT! It was sooo good, i'm a twilighter and this book i have to say was almost better then the Twilight series. I got my sister and my friends to read it and they all LOVED it! I would recommend it to teens and also anyone who likes Twilight. Nick in this book is great hes so sweet through the whole book! If you haven't read this book you should its a quickish read. once again LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Most amazing series i have ever read! If you have a thing,magic,adventure,and danger you must read!!!!! Carrie jones is an amazing author and im planing on reading everythimg she writes because she is just that good
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great YA Book! Need introduces you to Zara White who recites phobias when she is nervous or scared. Her life turns upside down after her step father dies of a heart attack and she moves in with her grandmother. She quickly befriends Izzy, Devyn and Nick and thus the story begins. The characters are well developed making the flow of the story is easy to follow.