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NOOK GlowLight Plus

NOOK GlowLight Plus

by Barnes & Noble
  • Read easy, everywhere
  • Seamless day-to-night reading with Night Mode
  • Soft touch finish on front and back for easy grip
  • Page-turning buttons for faster reading experience
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NOOK Glowlight Plus 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 33 reviews.
KirkMontgo 19 days ago
I've owned every Nook every made. Yes..every single one. I've never given up on the brand or the product. Yes there have been a few bumps along the way, however this is the real deal! This is the one we have all been waiting for ...this is perfect for READING! The perfect size.. the perfect specs! - Other Nook products may be fine as tablets etc, but this is THE ONE for pure enjoyable READING. Just when all of the critics were counting the brand and product dead... This comes out! WELL PLAYED and WELL DONE!
Anonymous 19 days ago
Bought this Monday. Like it a lot. I left B&N about 6 or 7 years ago for Kindle. Nice to see a B&N device that makes me want to come back. Faster than the previous Glowlight and better screen quality. Only negative is it does not support audio books and I seem to have one dead pixel on the top left but it is so small you need a magnifying glass to really see it and it does not interfere with picture quality. Battery is not the best but then again it is a huge screen to power.
QuadTronix 19 days ago
I picked up the new nook GlowLight Plus the morning it came out in stores and am VERY impressed with it so far! The size is perfect for me. The larger screen means less page turns and more reading getting done! At the same time it's not too big either, as anything larger would just be overkill. The forward and reverse buttons on either side of the device mean that when holding it in my left or right hand (or both) page turning is always seamless. You can also swipe the page to turn pages if you prefer. My favorite feature by far though: The auto-adjustable blue light filter that changes the screen's color temperature as the day and night progress. I loved this feature on my GlowLight 3 and it is still my favorite feature! It just makes reading at night more comfortable especially in dimly lit environments. It's also supposed to help you sleep better at night once you put down whatever you're reading. Add to all that the fact that it's now water-proof and you've really got little to complain about with Barnes and Noble's new addition to the nook family... This is what I'm going to be doing my reading on this summer!!! Well done B&N!!!
DocJustice 18 days ago
I have to add my kudos to BN for an excellent device. I also have owned each ereader the company has made and have always wished for a larger version. The Samsung Nook S2 was the perfect size for reading, but a tablet can't compare to a dedicated ereader. I was the first in line for the new ereader on Monday and I haven't been disappointed. This Nook Glowlight Plus is faster than the smaller Glowlight, but maintains the excellent features. I also appreciate the reading progress line below my books on the homescreen. This device seems well thought out as with early BN devices. They really seemed to include features readers will appreciate and you can't beat the combination of the automatically adjusting glowlight with waterproofing from the previous GL plus. Great device BN!
A_Fantasy_Reader 19 days ago
This is the best ereader I have owned—and that list includes two Kindles and the last two generations of Nook Glowlight. The large screen is a revelation; every other device I have used has had a six-inch screen and they always felt too cramped, like reading a mass market paperback. This screen has the expansive feel of a trade paperback or hardcover. Otherwise, it keeps everything great about the last Glowlight—physical page turn buttons, great screen, adjustable front light—and improves them. The front light is more even, the touch screen is more responsive, and it's WATERPROOF AGAIN! I love it. The only downside is that you can't easily use it to read manga. Hopefully that's coming, as this reader is large enough to handle it.
Anonymous 19 days ago
It runs just like the glow 3 which was my favorite from their eInk family and am glad I have the best of both sizes now. Weight is better than I thought and overall very responsive.
nikkidog 19 days ago
Finally a Nook I love again. It is a great ereader. It has all the features I need and for the size it is a great price.
Anonymous 19 days ago
I love this thing. Easy on the eyes and does what I need it to do.
ElizabethCEC 14 days ago
Honestly, I think this is one of the best Nook devices so far. I've had my fair share and this beats the Nook Glowlight 3 by far. I've only had the Nook Glowlight Plus since Thursday and I haven't had any trouble with it. I'm just waiting for my case to arrive in the mail so I can start using it full time. It is replacing my other devices because it is faster than them and it has all the features I want- buttons, waterproof, and nighttime mode. PLUS that screen is like a page in a book. Less clicking, more reading. It is simply beautiful. I did not have any trouble with sideloaded content, library books and all. They were loaded with no problem. No overheating issues yet either. The night time mode is better on this device than it was on the NG3 as well. I hope all of the bugs were sorted out on this device. I haven't seen any dead pixels on my device yet but I have been pretty engrossed with reading since I got it. The charge lasted 3 days off the first charge but again, that is because I couldn't put it down when I first got it. I'm returning to my normal reading speed this week and it hasn't been charged since Saturday and it's at 80 percent so far on Monday. I think Barnes and Noble/Nook hit a home run with this device.
Anonymous 18 days ago
This is my hands-down favorite Nook e-reader ever. It is just awesome. I have bought all of them starting with the Simple Touch, and my previous favorite was the Glowlight 3 and this Nook is of course bigger but very similar and it is also faster. It’s the one I’ve been waiting for for years. I applaud Barnes and Noble for continuing to develop these e-readers and bringing out such a wonderful device. I love the color-changing light, the larger size (perfect for a senior with visual impairment), the physical page changing buttons and home button. I also appreciate the staff at my local store, they were kind and helpful with my purchase. I bought a cover at the same time and it is just perfect.
Anonymous 16 days ago
Finally - B&N puts out an e-reader that has caught up to current technology. An evenly lit display and a bigger reading area. The bezel is too large, but I could care less - just mentioning it for other folks. I had a lot of books on my old Glowlight. I kept the device just so I could read them, but I had quit shopping on B&N due to their pitiful excuses for e-readers. I happened to see the release of this one and I'm glad I did. The menu system is a little cluttered but it works. Thanks B&N, you brought a customer back into your fold. I will still mainly use my Kindles, but at least I can do some business with you again. I will say the device is somewhat overpriced but I will pay for quality. Hopefully I have no problems with it - I've only had it for a day.
Anonymous 14 days ago
asdfrrrrr 15 days ago
No issues side loading epubs no issues what so ever. Fantastic device. Perfect I’f al you want t do is read
alpope8 16 days ago
I was so excited for this device, which is my 4th nook ereader. Be warned that this one does not last more than 30 minutes in the sun. It’s waterproof, so I was excited about using it by the pool and beach, but it overheats and shuts off quickly. I live in Florida and read outside, I’ve never had this issue with a previous ereader, not even when on vacation. It’s going back.
Anonymous 5 days ago
So far I love it. Was sold out online so I went to a local store to get it, and with my B&N membership I got a discount (finally, yay)! Great size, lightweight, perfectly crisp fonts for reading, fabulous at night without being TOO bright as a normal tablet is. I love the level of nighttime 'warm' you can make it to remove blue light. I am a little disappointed to read the reviews about it overheating in the sun, I live in florida and bought it to use outdoors, though I am usually in the shade. The specs say it operates from 32 to 95 degrees, which is kind of where we get in the summer, when I go to the beach. I have an inkling that is has to do with the LCDs themselves freezing or cooking, as that was always an issue since they are liquid....I'll have to see. Other than that I have owned the Nook Color, and a 7" Samsung (which I still have), and 10.1" Samsung nook that I enjoyed and passed along to my Dad, but this does a much better job of rendering pages for books than those did. I use the nook app to look at magazines and newspapers on my iPad, so I no longer really needed one device to do it all. I love that there is no a lot of other things fighting for usable memory space, which was always an issue with the Samsungs where things could not download unless I removed something. I was never able to have more than couple of things open on them, one magazine would gum up the whole download process. While I agree about the price being high, I realize how much more enjoyable I find this version and therefore know I will be using it more to read books, so I can say that it is worth it. It is designed for that one purpose and I kind of really like that now. I'll update this review if I find the overheating issue as mentioned by a few others.
melmer1988 12 days ago
I've owned several Nook's since the beginning, and I can say that, without a doubt, that this one knock's all of the others out of the park. We have all been asking for a larger display, a faster processor, a more robust feel. Barnes and Noble has delivered on all three of these requests. The screen is beautiful, it is very responsive, and I just love carrying it with me everywhere I go. It's like I'm bragging to people around me that I have this gorgeous reading device that just happens to be huge and they should get one, too. I do wish B&N would offer a way to let people side-load content. I understand why they don't- it's illegal. And those books are filled with typos and other mistakes that pull you out of the content and rip off the authors you're supposed to be supporting so they can continue giving you new books and new content. Please support your favorite authors. As for this e-reader, it's a home run. Barnes and Noble finally listened to us on many different points- now if only they would update the software to include book subscriptions like what Amazon offers and include audio e-books so we can listen to them via Bluetooth instead of just podcasts (Who wants that?) It would be a simple software update, easy enough to do and would offer even more value to this device. Well done!
Anonymous 13 days ago
I have many Nook devices and purchased for reading at the pool. Day 1 - 80 degrees out and it overheats. Only way to get the overheat warning off is to plug into charger. Day 2 -75 degrees out and it overheats again! Very disappointed. Planning on putting an anti glare screen on my Samsung Nook and returning this.
Anonymous 13 days ago
I have had all the NOOKs and this is by far the best. Love every thing about it.
Michael_the_Writer 13 days ago
Having owned nearly all the Nooks that came out, including the very first Nook, I have to say, "I am impressed." The larger screen really does make a difference. It looks great, it seems to be more responsive than the previous versions, and I absolutely love how comfortable it is to hold. The physical buttons have a good feel to them and the comfort light system works like a charm. I thought they should have included microSD support but I've got over a thousand books on it, with room for many more, so what am I complaining about? lol The fact that this device is waterproof and has all these great features makes it, for me, a no-brainer. I bought it day one and and have no regrets. This is just what I've wanted and I'm super happy with my purchase!
readmorepc 14 days ago
Like Kirk Montgo I have owned every nook ever made including all of the Samsung models except this one. I will also have this one this week. I have lived them all and have given most of them away to friends and their children as I get a new one. Everyone loves them. I have had no problems except those caused by me and when I need help Kelly at my store has always been patient and helpful.
Anonymous 11 days ago
Just purchased this Nook and already impressed with the feel, weight, and look of this reader. I also have owned every Nook product that's been out, and looked forward to this one. Having just a reader without the bells and whistles is just what the doctor ordered! More to follow in a few weeks...
Anonymous 13 days ago
Great reader. I love the larger size and have had no issues reading outdoors and I live in the desert. Sorting features are plentiful as are fonts and spacing adjustments. Overall I feel Barnes and Noble has made a very nice product.
southern_bookworm 13 days ago
I purchased the Nook Glowlight Plus, this weekend. I have owned most all of the nook ereaders. This is by far superior to all that I have owned, previously. I LOVE IT! The size is perfect for reading. Some may find it a bit big to carry but I have not had that issue. The buttons are very responsive and the warm light for nighttime is perfect for me. The waterproof feature is excellent, since I read in the tub. I have owned a Kindle, as well and I have to say this is my favorite ereader. I also, love the curation of the Barnes and Noble online store. I feel they really have put a lot of thought into lists of books customers may enjoy. Highly recommend this ereader.
Anonymous 2 days ago
I love my new Nook Glowlight Plus. Good size, great performance, waterproof and with plenty of storage for sideloading books. So far I have not ran into problems with disappearing shelves on sideloading titles, hopefully it will stay that way. On the home page, there are progress bars under the reading titles which is quite a nice feature. I experienced an extreme battery drain the first 16 hours which freaked me out (like losing 99% in 16 hours in standby mode with wifi turned off.) I then realized because the build-in dictionary was being downloaded but I had wifi off. For some reason I couldn't download the dictionary successfully after turning on wifi. After I factory reset the nook and re-downloaded the dictionary, the battery performance has been performing up to expectation. 4% of battery consumption with about 35% light on and an hour use per day. That's pretty decent. A full charge would be sufficient for days. The size makes reading comfortable but I would not travel with it because it is slightly heavier than the Glowlight 3. I only wish the later firmware would allow Nook Glowlight Plus to play audiobooks so the bluetooth and phone jack features could be used. After $199 isn't cheap. The more I could get out of the reader the better. This reader deserves a 5-star rating. I just love, love, love my new addition!
Anonymous 4 days ago
Excellent product. The screen size is perfect - great improvement over 6" screen. Screen clarity and lighting is very good. The operating system is responsive (seems faster than my old Glowlight). I have not see issues wtih pixels. The rubber coating on the unit, the design feel and forward and back buttons on each side are design features that keep me using this platform over my Kindle.