Of Love and Death: Young Holocaust Survivors' Passage to Freedom

Of Love and Death: Young Holocaust Survivors' Passage to Freedom

by Miriam Segal Shnycer


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Of Love and Death: Young Holocaust Survivors' Passage to Freedom 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous 28 days ago
Perhaps the most persistent toll inflicted by the horrors of the Holocaust was not the pointless loss of individual lives snuffed out by twisted ideology , but of the fracture and disconnect of countless families that still reverberates today -- and will continue into perpetuity. These are the experiences explored in Miriam Segal Shnycer’s “Of Love and Death: Young Holocaust Survivors' Passage to Freedom.” Painstakingly researched and recreated from multiple survivor accounts, the book offers a bleak, terrifying, and deeply moving narrative of day-to-day life beginning with Hitler’s invasion of Poland, to upheaval and internment in ghettos, to the nightmare of Nazi concentration camps -- to eventual liberation and starting life anew in postwar America. We see these events unfold through the eyes of family matriarchs and patriarchs, aunts and uncles, cousins, sisters and brothers, and young children orphaned by unimaginable evil and circumstance. These are stories of survival by the mettle of your wits, religious faith, and of the resolve of hope and the undying love and responsibilities of family. This book will shock and move you as it plumbs the depths of man’s inhumanity to man, but more importantly, it will offer inspiration and hope. Highly recommended.
Carol Sabik-Jaffe 3 months ago
"Of Love and Death: Young Holocaust Survivors’ Passage to Freedom" is a harrowing tale of the Lipschutz, Ferber, and Schnitzer families’ journey and survival of the horrors of the Holocaust. Miriam Segal Shnycer’s vivid and captivating telling of this story gives readers an incomparable view of not only the terror but the ultimate triumph of good vs evil as experienced by these families. An edge of your seat ride that has readers rooting and wondering who’ll live and who’ll die is heightened and seared into the imagination by the realization that this is a true story. This chilling book is a must-read, impossible to put down account that needs to be told, and…needless to say, a story that should not, and will not be forgotten.
Ethel-Books_5 4 months ago
I have read many books by and about survivors of the Holocaust. Of Love and Death is a wonderful book by Miriam Segal Shnycer, which could easily be titled, Of Love and Death and Survival and Resilience, as it tells the story of three interrelated families from Krakow Poland, who fight and claw to survive the atrocities of the Nazis in ghettos, internment camps, and even Auschwitz and other extermination camps. While each of the families lost loved ones, led by Josek Lipschutz, the survivors bonded together and helped each other. Especially heroic was the fact that the adults managed to help two children, Roman and Wilus to make it through the trials, deprivations and cruelty imposed on them. Miriam Segal Shnycer is the wife of one of these, Wilus, now William. She lovingly recounts the tragedy and sorrow, as well as the courage, heroism and love which enabled so many of them to not only survive but to make it to the United States where they succeeded in achieving the American Dream.