One Way Out

One Way Out

by Wendy Rosnau

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I¿ve read all the other books in this series. This is a good continuation and held my interest. It had a great plot and the characters from the other books were woven in quite nicely. However, I found the behavior of the male & female lead rather unsettling. Rhea had been married to a man who had treated her as a possession, completely ignoring the fact that she might have a stray thought or two of her own. Yet, Rhea allowed Joey to treat her the same way. Most of Joey¿s statements had the words ¿I want¿ or ¿mine¿ in them but ¿please¿ or ¿Thank You¿ seemed to be foreign words. He TOLD Rhea what she would do, never asked, never considered her dreams or feelings. He expected her to follow his orders, and they were ORDERS, which she did. She couldn¿t go outside, wasn¿t allowed to pick out her clothes or anything else for herself or for her son. Joey just bought what he ¿wanted¿ her to have. He seemed to think she wasn¿t smart enough to be let in on anything that was going on. ¿My house, my rules¿ applied everywhere. I understand that he wanted to protect her but that didn't have anything to do with treating her like a trained monkey and her acting like one. This is not the Joey from previous books. That Joey was tough but smart, responsible, unselfish and ultimately if at all possible, compassionate. He would never have kidnapped a two year old, in the middle of the night, flown the child a thousand miles from his mother, brought him into a completely unfamiliar home and surrounded him with strangers. Instead, loving his child deeply and wanting what was best for Nicci his first thought would have been the potential disastrous effect on his son. I hope that in the final book of the series, Lucky stays more true to form.