Our Stop

Our Stop

by Laura Jane Williams

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Our Stop 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
gaele 22 days ago
3.5 Stars, Rounded Nadia is still ‘recovering’ from a bad relationship while still ‘trying’ to get all of herself together to rival those Instagram lives she so loves to follow. Perennially late to the train that would leave her time to get to work unhurried as she’d rather spend time with her best friends Gaby and Emma, gets lost in a series of movies, or falls into the instahole at 11 at night, she’s determined to make a ‘new start’ that involves being early for the 7:30 train into the city center, puled together and projecting the image of ‘woman in charge’ while smoothly navigating her day. Sure, it’s a long shot most days, but she’s committed (mostly) and is sure that this will make her life start to feel more in control. Not less lonely, but in control, and then she can concern herself with meeting ‘her match’. Daniel is still reeling from his father’s death, but his new contract with a company downtown has at least his work hours occupied. His schedule means he needs to catch the 7:30 train into the city center, and then he spots her. The girl who could be the one of his dreams, with a coffee stain on the bottom of her dress, her sunglasses askew, and a general air of ‘harassed and rushed’ pulsing around her. He wants to speak, really he does, but no one does that on the tube. As sightings turn into obsession, and he decides that the Missed Connections section of the newspaper just may be a way to score an introduction – he places an ad. This was super cute and fun, with Daniel and Nadia missing one another repeatedly, both thinking that all is lost before they finally (and it takes a while) manage to step beyond the notices in the paper and the missed (even just by seconds) face to face interactions. Not only is Daniel a wonderfully drawn character with plenty of moments to show how different he is from others, Nadia and her best friends are super supportive while still being honest with her about her own failings, and the fact that Daniel found both a renewed connection with his university friends and a new friend who not only heard and listened (different things) to his dreams and hopes, but helped him to see that he was worth seeing them achieved was marvelous – and so perfect. This is the book for restoring faith in love and romance, and a perfect escape when you need to have that smile and guaranteed good book hangover. I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
Anonymous 3 days ago
Anonymous 14 days ago
Shelley-S-Reviewer 25 days ago
Our Stop is a really cute romantic comedy mixing moments of hilarity while also mining the depths of our characters hearts. Part of what made this novel so enjoyable was the cast of characters. Her characters went from serious to funny, from unbearable to swoon-worthy. She wrote a flirty, funny story with serious undertones that will have you turning page after page. What I really liked was the fact that it was a boy chases girl rom-com. It was nice having it from the man's point of view as well and Ms. William's did a great job of it. This book was tons of fun, and I was smiling from page one until the very end, just wonderful. Laura Jane Williams knows how to write Rom-Com and it really shows in this book. She wrote a plot-line that had a little bit of everything. I loved the ups and down of this relationship as it kept this story fresh even though the story is as old love itself. I was so rooting for this couple. This book is so raw and real and funny...I was seriously laughing out loud through the whole thing. This novel was one of my most anticipated reads for June. Did it live up to my expectations? It had a great meet cute, subtle humor, solid friendships, kooky best friends, and hot love interest. Yes! I wasn’t disappointed at all. Contemporary romance fans rejoice, this is another winner in this genre. And can I simply add that I adore the cover?!
SaraOxo 3 months ago
Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams a five-star read that will make you stop whatever you are doing to read. I had read some of the reviews for this one and wasn’t sure so put it off and read something else, then had a random convo about a tube station insta story about a meet cute with a friend and this novel popped into my head, it was like a sign and one I am so glad I acted on as I loved this novel so hard!! So many what ifs and missed connections kept me hooked and reading to the point I ignored everyone and everything. This was so sublime I want to take an ad out in the paper telling everyone to buy it!! I plan on buying a bunch of paperbacks just to give out to people waiting on the train tracks because more people need this story in their lives, they need the inspiration and power that the written word brings to life in these pages, more people need to hear the passion is Nadia’s voice as she talks to her boss, and the heart break she feels at different points in the story. There are so many near misses in this story, will they ever get their happily ever after? Go read the book and find out as I can’t tell you as it’s all part of the bigger story.
JW88 3 months ago
When Daniel overhears Nadia speaking with her co-worker about a business related matter, he feels an immediate attraction to her. After later noticing her on his usual morning train, he feels uncomfortable in approaching her directly, so instead writes into the local newspaper’s “Missed Connections” section seeking to meet this woman (Nadia). Our Stop gave me several LOL moments. I loved the cast of characters and the described challenges with dating in a large urban centre. I appreciated the strong female personalities and their professional success. The author brings up the subject of consent before sex , which I applaud her for - not an easy topic to discuss in a rom-com. Overall, I loved this book and look forward to reading more from Laura Jane Williams. I’d highly recommend this to those readers who appreciate a good rom-com. Thank you to Netgalley and Avon Books UK for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.