Perfectly Twisted (Book 1 C.O.R.E. Above the Law)

Perfectly Twisted (Book 1 C.O.R.E. Above the Law)

by Kristine Mason

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Perfectly Twisted (Book 1 C.O.R.E. Above the Law) 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
BooksChatter More than 1 year ago
3.5 - I liked it a lot Perfectly Twisted is the first part of Kristine Mason's new series "C.O.R.E. Above the Law", a well thought out suspense, in the vein of the Justice League meets the A Team, but with a pronounced romantic/erotic sub-current and dealing with the most controversial and unsavoury ('twisted') subjects. Be prepared for religious fanaticism, matricide and necrophilia.  The story is narrated from a third person point of view, which switches very effectively between the main characters Shane, Beth and Lola, and the two sinister figures of the necrophiliac and of the Reverend. The writing style is very effective in conveying accents and cadence of the spoken language, and I could hear them clearly in all of the various dialogues. The characters were developed in such a way as to allow the reader to make up their own minds about their actions, morality and possible justifications / mitigating circumstances. Although the premise, laid out in the first two sections, was very powerful, disturbing and vividly presented, I found myself temporarily lost and confused around chapters 3 and 4, with the introduction of a mysterious male and his love interest, Gabriela, as I could not see how these were fitting into the story that had been developing thus far. Don't fear: all did become clear in later chapters. The plot was generally very good, however I was not completely convinced by the Reverend's motivation and actions in relation to the necrophiliac, as I did not feel that they were wholly consistent with what had been previously presented about this character, but simply set out that way to fit the required storyline. At 422 pages, this work felt rather repetitive at times, especially when describing the inner thoughts of a character or specific events. For me this was particularly pronounced in the last three chapters and in the epilogue. A bit more streamlining would improved the overall pace of the book. Overall, Perfectly Twisted is an engaging, well presented, thought provoking and worthwhile read. [ARC received from Author]