Persistence of Vision

Persistence of Vision

by Liesel K. Hill



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Persistence of Vision 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Jessica_Peterson More than 1 year ago
PERSISTENCE OF VISION starts with a bang, throwing us right into a mysterious conflict. The entire first chapter is one bizarre event after another that immediately grabs hold of the reader, launching a horde of questions that I was eager to find the answers to. Maggie is the type of main character I can get behind. She has reasonably terrified reactions to horrible and mystifying events, but she’s also willing to work things out. She wants to know how to make things better, how to help everyone. She gets so much thrown at her in a very short amount of time, and she’s good at rolling with the punches. Marcus is the romantic interest, but not obnoxiously so. There aren’t constant descriptions of his dreaminess or his never-ending and disgustingly overpowered skills or abilities. Sure he’s a cool guy with an acceptable amount of dreaminess, but he felt like a real person. Marcus and Maggie’s relationship developed slowly and as a sub-plot, only interfering with the main conflict when absolutely necessary. This was mostly awesome because the plot didn’t need an overbearing romance to keep the book interesting. The big bad here are what is known as “collectives”; basically hive minds, where individuality is stripped away. Chilling, no? And yet it makes for such a good nefarious presence throughout this book as our heroes try to figure out how to destroy the leaders of said collectives. Throw in some fun sci-fi ideas like time travel and other super human powers, and you have yourself a wildly entertaining read. I can definitely say I didn’t know what to expect when I was asked to review PERSISTENCE OF VISION. What I can say is I wish I had gotten to it sooner; it was clever, fascinating, romantic, well written and well plotted. I would feel comfortable recommending this book to any fans of sci-fi/thrillers.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow. Just wow. Can I say that I sat there thinking this for a good ten minutes after reading this book? Not to mention the following hour it took to gather my words. And words come to me as easy as breathing. I always know what to say, it’s instinctual. I might not always say it, but I do. I think this may be the first time in my life that I may still be at a loss for words a hour later. I just don’t know that I’ve read a book that’s ever…enticed me like this. Reading it the first time was insane. The second time? I absorbed it with the same fervor in which I began it. It took me less than three hours to devour this book. And here I am sitting, trying to sort out all the questions in my mind. Let me begin by telling you: as far as first books go this is the ideal way to start out any series. You lead in with questions, very subtly answer them, but simultaneously leave the reader with further questions and several thousand conspiracy theories running around in their heads. I will get killed for saying this, but I’m gonna, Liesel K. Hill has the potential for a Hunger Games rivaling series. I need this to happen. Cause I have faith that this woman could churn out an amazingly haunting series, that satisfies readers in ways Collins fell short. And I don’t know how I feel about feeling that.  The characters, while they all start in that semi-dimensional way, have so many arenas to grow through that it’s unreal. You feel for them in this haunting, almost reluctant way. And, at this point, you don’t even know what the cast’s motivations are in any way. The potential in these books is alarmingly amazing. I need the next book.  The plot is excessively intricate. It makes me feel like I’m looking at the scenery of a Studio Ghibli film. Nothing is superfluous. Everything has a reason and a place, even if it’s not revealed to you. I have amazingly high hopes for this series and Hill could not have written a better novel. I challenge you not to read this and be completely captivated.  Insanity. I think this book is so good that it’s driven me to a new level of insanity. Harry Potter ended! I was not ready for an obsession of this level to grip me ever again.  But it happened. Courtesy of Liesel K. Hill.
llihttocs More than 1 year ago
Wonderful book. Kept me on the edge of my seat. I couldn't put it down until I was finished. Love the main character, Maggs. Lots of other cool people too. Story is mesmerizing. I have two signed copies and I got the ebook. I want to be able to read it again when I can on my smart phone.
MadHatterReads More than 1 year ago
Maggie Harper sets out to meet her brother in a Las Vegas bar, only to awaken with him twelve hours later in an unfamiliar hotel room, no memory of how they arrived and with reoccurring flashes of visions. One year later, she is still unable to put the incident behind her. After Maggie is attacked in her home, she is rescued the mysterious Marcus who insists that she is no longer safe in Las Vegas. Maggie agrees to accompany Marcus to a safe location and get answers to who is trying to kill her. But the answers to Maggie's questions are not anything that she was expecting. In their race to outrun the spider-web tattooed assassins, Maggie and Marcus shift into the future and reach the safety of Interchron. There Maggie learns that human brain chemistry has been mapped and previously unknown talents like telepathy, healing, telekinesis and time travel are now common place. In addition, the majority of the population now lives in hive-like collectives. The people of Interchron are individualists that are fighting to ensure that the total enslavement of the population doesn't occur. Maggie learns that she was brought from the past to become an integral part of the team based on a prophecy. She was returned to her own time when she lost her memory after an attack on the collectives. Now that she has returned, Maggie embraces the individualist struggle and must relearn her abilities to resume her place on the team. The world building in the first part of Persistence of Vision is rather complex. It details the intricacies of time travel and how the future collectives are structured. It's necessary for understanding how the world works and how the time periods interact with each other. Hill does an excellent job with the explanation making sure that it's plausible and not overwhelming. Both the main and supporting characters are well written. Marcus was Maggie's love during her first trip into the future. He is very respectful of her forgotten memories and doesn't push her allowing her to get to know him again. We also learn of the team members' back stories and how they came to Interchron along with Maggie as she is reintroduced to them. They are quite diverse and yet it is easy to get to know each throughout the story. The action really speeds up when the team leaves Interchron on a mission against the collectives. There are also some unexpected twists that left me on the edge of my seat. In the end, there are plenty of unanswered questions at the end of Persistence of Vision and I'm looking forward reading the next installment of the Interchron series.
LehuaParker More than 1 year ago
Imagine you wake up in Las Vegas to discover you’re missing hours in blackout that you fear is the result of a drugged assault. Now imagine that a few months later, just when you’re finding your groove, you get attacked again, but this time you’re rescued by a mysterious stranger who takes you to a remote location and tells you that he’s from the future. Yeah, Maggie had a tough time with that one, too. Past, present, and future blend a little in this series and a good portion of the beginning of the novel is taken up with explaining it all. Maggie was scooped from her original timeline and taken to the future where she was part of a rebellion fighting against the big collectives, hive-like mind control groups who have mastered time travel and want to enslave all humans throughout history. She lived and fought with the rebels for a year developing strong bonds as friends, family, and even the love of her life. Maggie got captured during a mission and had her mind erased, so she has no memories of her year with the rebels. Once rescued, the rebels decided that this was the perfect time to return her to her original timeline, resulting in the missing hours and bruises she couldn’t explain back in Las Vegas. Now for her own safety and to protect the ultimate destiny of mankind, she’s been scooped back into the rebel’s timeline. She’s surrounded by people who know her intimately who she doesn’t remember at all, fighting against the collectives in a highly specialized team. There’s a lot to chew on in this book. There are elements in this series that echo some of the deeper mythologies in classic science fiction series like Dune. Readers who like to get into the nuances of how things work and what makes people tick will enjoy it—it’s an intellectually satisfying read. Once the backstory comes out, the pace picks up substantially and the pay-off’s good.