The Postcard

The Postcard

by Laura V. Hilton


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Postcard 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
arkieclown More than 1 year ago
THE POST CARD by Laura V. Hilton is the second book in the Amish of Jamesport series. The author breathes life into the story of Rachel Miller and David Lap and their budding relationship by weaving a story that we can’t wait to take in as we flip the pages. Rachel was born in Jamesport, been there her entire life and has always dreamed of traveling and seeing other sites. Whereas David is originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania moved to Seymour, MO in a “man swap” before following his heart to the writer on the postcards and letters he’s gotten over the past year and moves to Jamesport unannounced. Rachel started sending David mail after seeing a notice in the Budget, an Amish newspaper after his disastrous open buggy accident that left him in the hospital recovering and with permanently disabled. There is an immediate connection from their first face to face meeting albeit unexpected on Rachel’s part. There are many obstacles between Rachel and David though. Rachel is promised to Obahiah. David, as Bishop Joe calls him, is a “stray” with no home, no means of support in order to take care of frau (wife), and limited physical abilities. David takes the temporary job of school teacher living in the school’s very small back room equipped with a cot. Sam, Rachel’s brother doesn’t like David at all and is instrumental in a few school “accidents” that David falls prey to. Later you find out why and how they work it out which is very touching and realistic. Although emotions get the better of them from time to time, David tells Rachel that they have to take the ‘high road’ to see if they can work things out, to see if it’s really meant to be and to be sure it’s God’s will. It takes a fire that destroys Rachel’s home while she is away with Obahiah and where David is badly hurt to bring it home to Rachel that David is her one true love. However, with the incorrect news that his Daed (Dad) had died, David abruptly leaves the hospital for Pennsylvania without talking to Rachel. The author not only expertly tells the budding romance of Rachel and David with all the interwoven complications of the here and now and the events of the past which greatly affect the present, but she also tells a wonderful story of how that by keeping our eye on the heavens and our prayers in earnest that God’s plan will become evident. She shows us that none of us are perfect and can be tempted, but if we take the ‘high road’ and walk with God that our lives can be richly rewarded. THE POSTCARD can definitely be read as a standalone book. If this is your first book in the series, you will see that you want to read the first book too. In the first book, we are first introduced to Rachel and learn briefly about her desire to travel and her fulfilling that desire through postcards – both sent and received. I am now looking forward to the third book in this series with great expectations and wonderful longing to read more about the folks of Jamesport. I recommend this book to anyone that not only loves Amish storied but to those that love a book written with faith, love, hope, family, forgiveness, resilience and the power of prayer woven into the pages of that story by an amazing author that consistently writes wonderful stories that will have your heart smiling and you wanting to share it with others.
Cindy-J More than 1 year ago
In The Postcard by Laura Hilton, Rachel Miller would love to travel, but she only sees the world through postcards mailed to her. She writes to people she reads about in the Amish newspaper, and if they are willing, she asks for a postcard in return. One of her letters went to David Lapp after he was seriously injured in a buggy accident. They have continued to correspond even though they each are in a courting relationship with someone else. Although The Postcard is book two in a series, it could easily be read as a stand-alone story. It includes some mystery along with the romance. The characters were realistic and well developed. They also were flawed. I loved the fact that the plan of salvation was included in the story, although I did not feel the Christian aspect was overbearing. When circumstances began to make life difficult, David struggled with his decision to come to Jamesport even though he felt God had led him there. David just kept taking his struggle to the Source of the plan. I liked Josh Yoder and look forward to reading his story in book three of the series. Amish fiction is not my favorite genre, but I truly enjoyed this story. I don’t recall having read anything by Laura Hilton in the past, but I would definitely recommend her based on this book, and I plan to read more fiction from her in the future. I received a copy of this book through The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review.
DKStevens119 More than 1 year ago
Rachel and David find that love is never easy. Through correspondence by letters and Post Cards they are drawn to each other but, Rachel is promised to another. David moves to Rachel's town to teach school and it seems that trouble just follows him. There is some mysterious vandalism, an attack on David and the problem of romantic feelings that keep the story flowing and wondering who and why these problems kept popping up. I enjoyed this book and would recommend it if you like Inspirational Amish fiction. I was gifted a copy from The Book Club Network to review.
Blooming-with-Books More than 1 year ago
The Postcard The Amish of Jamesport #2 By Laura V. Hilton Rachel Miller dreams of traveling outside the Amish community she calls home. But that seems unlikely especially as the man she is engaged to has no plans to travel once they are married. Obadiah is everything Rachel thought she wanted, until she began corresponding with David Lapp. Hoping to encourage David as he healed from a buggy accident, Rachel struck up a unique friendship with a person she had never met and never would. But Rachel's letters offered David more than encouragement. Her letters offered him a hope of something more. With nothing more than a few belongings David left behind all that he knew in hopes of winning Rachel's heart. But he is too late. Rachel is promised to another, though she is drawn to David even before she knows that this is the man to whom she has been corresponding for more than a year. When David is offered a teaching position at the school across from her home Rachel's heart is thrown into turmoil. The path to love is never easy and Rachel has some serious soul searching to do. But when tragedy strikes the decision may no longer be up to her. Fans of Amish romance will delight in this book. This is the second book in the series but if you have not read the first one you won't feel lost, as this book could easily be a stand-alone book. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher through TBCN/BookFun in exchange for my honest review.
loriweller1 More than 1 year ago
The Postcard By Laura Hilton is another wonderful addition to this author's collection of books. It demonstrates how life choices have a trickle down effect. It not only effect you but it also effects others-family,relatives, strangers, friends.Rachel has the travel bug but instead asks for postcards from various cities. She develops a long distance friendship with David who had a buggy accident and is in the hospital. Once he recovers he travels to meet her and shows up unannounced. It leads to many humorous and not so humorous incidents. The book demonstrates the way of the Amish if you are unfamiliar with them. Overall, I enjoy reading Laura Hilton's books and look forward to reading more. I received this book from the Book Club Network in exchange for my honest opinion
Mama_Cat More than 1 year ago
The Postcard is Laura V. Hilton’s 2nd novel in the series, The Amish of Jamesport. It can easily be read as a stand-alone, but definitely leads one to want to read the first and successive novels. To say that the author writes well is an understatement; this must have been a very interesting tale to plot! Rachel Miller is a young Amish woman who has an understanding with Obadiah, an Amish man who is in Ohio to learn the trade of custom cabinet making, that they will be married when his training is complete. He has only written to her a couple times since he left Missouri and rarely calls, even though she writes regularly. They have had this understanding for quite some time, but it was not a match of romance as much as making a marriage considered good within the faith. Rachel Miller is also a young woman who writes letters to some of the folks she reads of in the Budget who have been injured or are ill to encourage them. One of those folks is David Lapp, a man in eastern Missouri. They became the very best of friends in writing, able to discuss almost anything, including that they are both promised to wed other people. David takes it upon himself to pack up his belongings and move to Jamesport, Missouri, hoping to make a living in spite of his disability and meet this fascinating pen friend who he has fallen in love with. He met a very stunned Rachel, even more stunning when he was very open about his reason for moving to Jamesport. Oopsie. Not cool. The course of his early days there leads to threats on his life when someone in town realizes that David was involved in an accident in Lancaster, PA that took the life of a young man whose family lived in Jamesport. Also over the course of his early days there, David is convicted that his behavior was wrong toward a woman committed to marry another man and in spite of the strong pull between them, chooses to try to pray and study to be strong and wait for Rachel’s choice. This was a compelling read with very likable characters; the author is adept at opening the novel in such a way that the reader is immediately drawn into the story and captivated throughout. The characters were likeable, and most practiced their faith in a way that could attract even the angriest heart, in time. At first I struggled to accept the behaviors of David and Rachel when acting on their attraction; I had to understand that Amish are not perfect either, and they face the same struggles and attractions that any other believer does in a similar situation. I admired David for the choices he made, even though difficult, and Rachel followed suit. Their faith in God and desire make right decisions became their guide. I liked the Glossary of Amish Words and Phrases; it is very helpful! The plot was different from many Amish fiction novels, and included incidents that were not anticipated. It was executed flawlessly, leaving no open ends. The mystery and the story in general ended positively and was satisfying. The plot twists and turns made the novel highly intriguing as I tried to turn pages quickly yet without missing anything. I highly recommend ‘The Postcard’ to those who appreciate Amish Christian fiction; it can be enjoyed by adults of all ages. With a grateful heart, I received a copy of this book through the “For Readers Only” group at The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own, and no monetary compensation was received for this review.
grammy57 More than 1 year ago
This is one of the best Amish stories I've read. It actually shows that not all Amish are true Christians. It shows that ALL need to repent and believe. The story was well written and the characters were well developed. The only thing I found awkward was the insertion of the Amish words in sentences that were not conversation. This put me off a little. The story concept was good and well executed. I highly recommend this book. As to editing, I only noticed 2 errors.
tmurrell2 More than 1 year ago
Rachel writes letters to the people she reads about in the Amish paper. Rarely do they respond, but it gives her something to do. But an accident victim writes back and the two form a friendship. David was in a buggy accident that almost killed him. So when he's healed he makes the decision to move to Rachel's community where closed buggies are used. The bonus is that he gets to finally meet his best friend in person. He believes himself in love with Rachel. But Rachel is engaged to another man. The two need to work through their feelings about each other and about the other issues that surround them. The book started out slow for me. The plot is emotionally driven rather than character or plot driven. This means the main drama or conflict in the story is all about the character's feelings. This is book two in the series and I didn't realize this when I grabbed the book. While there are references to the first book, I do believe it can be read as a stand-alone. The chemistry and touching between the two main characters seemed completely out of character for the Amish way of life, but then I only know what I've read, so perhaps I'm wrong. Overall, it was a nice story that dealt with forgiveness and healing. I received this book free of charge from Book Club Network in exchange for my review.
amybooksy More than 1 year ago
The Postcard is the second installment of the Amish of Jamesport series. It is also the first book I have read by Laura V Hilton. Wow! I must say I was pretty impressed and look forward to reading more by her. I highly recommend this book. 5+ stars. I received this book from in exchange for my honest opinion, which was given.
HappyReader50 More than 1 year ago
This was a really wonderful book. Right from the beginning I was hooked. It is a delightful story of Rachel Miller and David Lapp. Two Amish people living in different parts of the country. Rachel has been pledged to be married, but is not in love. David was courting a young lady, but broke off his courting and travels several states to meet face to face a young lady he has only know through writing letters. Where will this meeting take them? Will their attraction be the same face to face as it had been in letters? This is a must read. It is a fun, easy to read book that contains a lot of life lessons. It is a book about temptation and about doing the right thing. I would recommend that teens through adults read this delightful book. You will not be disappointed. Thank you for the chance to read this book. I was given this book by in exchange for my honest review.
Calliegh0 More than 1 year ago
"The Postcard" is the second installment of the Amish of Jamesport Series. I have not read the first book within the series and find that it may be a little helpful to have this previous knowledge. However, the reader is introduced to the characters and given enough background that I found it somewhat easy to follow the storyline. Rachel Miller is a dreamer. She longs to travel to see other parts of the country but knows deep down her Amish roots and lifestyle tend to keep her at home. By finding Amish who are needing an ear to listen or encouragement, Rachel corresponds with them. She has quite a postcard collection. When one pen-pal comes to see her, will Rachel be torn between two men? David Lapp has already survived one "code blue" in his life. Drawn to the find the one woman who may understand him, he sets out for Jamesport, Missouri in hopes of meeting her. But when he arrives homeless and to a less than welcoming committee, will he stay or will he move on? And when a tragedy brings everything into prospective, will anyone get out the same? One aspect that grabbed me in this novel is that Laura Hilton took a different look into the Amish faith. She pulls the Amish faith toward the Christian way by her characters questioning if there is another way to worship God. Maybe the Amish way is not the only way. It gives one pause for thought and I found myself being pulled deeper into my own walk with God. I did find some of the Amish terms used over and over to be a distraction. However, after the first couple of pages, I tended to overlook this. I would highly recommend this book to friends. I plan to look at more of Ms. Hilton's novels for further reading. I received this book through in exchange for my honest review.
pautoyoung More than 1 year ago
The Postcard by Laura V. Hilton is the second in the series The Amish of Jamesport. Rachel Miller is a young Amish woman residing in Jamesport, Missouri. Although she is planning on marrying a local Amish boy, Rachel dreams of traveling to other places. In her free time, she sends encouraging postcards to people needing prayers who are mentioned in the local paper. Thru this correspondence, she strikes up a close friendship with a young Amish man, David Lapp, who has suffered a buggy accident in Seymour, Missouri. A “best friend” relationship develops through mail causing David a yearning to meet Rachel in person. When he shows up in Jamesport as the new substitute teacher, Rachel must deal with her conflicting feelings for David and her fiancé. Will their friendship develop into something more? David feels the call of the Holy Spirit in his life to preach. Will he go against his Amish faith? How will this affect his relationship with Rachel? The Postcard is a wonderful book of compassion, love, and heeding the call of God in one’s life. I received a copy from the author and publisher of The Book Club Network in exchange for an honest review.
homeschoolmom24 More than 1 year ago
About the Book: David Lapp (from Promised to Another) survived a “code blue” when he was in a buggy/semi truck accident in Seymour, Missouri. Now after extensive therapy he has lingering mobility problems and is still struggling to find his place in the world. Lured away from Webster County by thoughts of closed buggies and a postcard friendship he’s developed with an Amish girl in Jamesport, he moves north, hoping for a fresh start. He finds work in the area tying flies and basket weaving, selling his products in the Amish markets in the Jamesport area. Rachel Miller dreams of travel, but feels tied to her Amish life. She is being courted by Obadiah Graber, but wonders if there’s more to life. When she sees David’s name mentioned in The Budget, she strikes up a pen pal friendship with David while he’s in the hospital and in therapy, consoling him when he and his girlfriend part ways. She never dreams that David will come north and move into her community. David is still fearful in the buggy, especially in high traffic areas. Feeling he’s called by God to preach, David spends hours in the Bible, but the Amish discourage him, believing their ministers should be drawn by lot. Will David follow his call, even if it takes him out of the Amish church? Will Rachel realize her dream to travel? My Review: Laura Hilton is at it again when she gives us an addition to The Amish of Jamesport series. Rachel Miller is a bit of a dreamer. She feels like life is very much passing her by while she lives her mundane existence. But she comes up with a brilliant idea to keep her mind occupied, and maybe she will even be able to learn about some place new while she is at it. In her quest for a distraction she begins to correspond with others that she reads about in the local Amish newspaper. But soon she becomes attached to one person in particular. All of this while she is still being courted by Obadiah. The author takes the Amish culture and provides a connection to the regular Christian way or household. She tries to get you to understand the Amish in a more personal way. Because of this it makes her writing very unique and extremely inviting to read. I could relate to Rachel's character because she reminded me of my daughter. We are not Amish but searching for pen pals and to eventually find lifelong friends is something she undertook as well. **Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Book Fun.
DaphSelf More than 1 year ago
I usually will not read any book Amish, but I took a risk on this one. And I am so grateful and blessed that I did. It was wonderful (wunderbaar). This isn't a typical Amish romance or even a typical Amish story. Laura V. Hilton broke away form the norm. The Postcard brings to the heart life, love, faith, forgiveness, and about all following God's direction, no matter the cost. Characters would irritate me, make me want to smack them across the head. Others I would cheer on or my heart would break for them. And still another I would silently plead that forgiveness would come and attitudes would change. Of course there is foreshadowing for a future story (at least I hope). The Postcard surpasses anything written by Beth Wiseman and others. This is an excellent read. Although some might think of the spattering of German language throughout the book as a distraction, I found it to be a tool that drew me deeper and deeper into the story. There was one prevalent theme throughout and I think it applies to everyone in every walk of life: God cannot be put into a box, ain't so? Laura V. Hilton is an author that I will readily put on my shelf and I look forward to grabbing more of her books. **I received this book free of charge through courtesy of Whitaker House in exchange for an honest review**
DaliCastillo More than 1 year ago
Couldn't Put It Down! Every time I pick up a Laura V. Hilton book, I tell myself, "One chapter and that's it," but it never works out that way. Her books grab my attention within the first paragraphs, and I end up being unable to put the book down until I've finished it. The Postcard is no exception to this rule. It grabbed me from the start, and sure enough, I didn't stop until I'd read the entire book. The Postcard is unique in that David and Rachel's story began way before they ever met. This happened when David suffered a buggy accident. During his recovery time, he and Rachel began corresponding through letters and postcards. As they continued corresponding, Rachel told David about her community, including the fact that they use closed buggies. So, David, whose accident involved an open buggy, decides to move to Rachel's community in search of a fresh start and perhaps, much to Rachel's surprise, something more. And thus begins the story of David and Rachel.  I love the way the author offers just enough background on the characters to let you fill in any blanks, yet it doesn't overshadow what's happening in the present. David and Rachel's feelings for each other would seem to have developed quickly. But, in light of how long they've been communicating with each other, it's really not too soon, not rushed, and is totally understandable and believable. However, there is one problem. Both David and Rachel have their share of baggage which causes stumbling blocks in their blossoming relationship.  The Postcard is a story of redemption, forgiveness, new beginnings, faith, love, and a little humor thrown in for good measure. The author captures your attention from the first page of the book. Once you pick it up, you won't be able to put it down until you've read the entire book. The characters in the story are real people facing real issues, so much so, that the reader can easily put him/herself in their place and feel what they are feeling and experiencing. The ability to immediately grab your attention and create believable characters that make you feel what they're feeling and experiencing is the mark of a great writer, and Laura V. Hilton is just that. She is a master at hitting that mark, and she's definitely hit it with The Postcard. *****I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and viewpoints are my own.*****
Barb00 More than 1 year ago
Nowadays when I buy a postcard, I'm buying to keep it as a memory from a wonderful vacation. In the book, The Postcard, Rachel Miller had dreams of traveling, so writing to people from the Amish newspaper and having them send a postcard was in a way fulfilling her dream. Then David Lapp had a serious buggy accident, they became pen pals and David feels he should move to Jamesport. Does Rachel and David fall in love? Are there hindrances to overcome? The Postcard by Laura V. Hilton is a magnificent book. The author brings out so many different emotions in her characters that we really face today. I feel that I can connect with the characters in her book. I found The Postcard to be a wonderful book to read, but it's not like all other books. The author started with a storyline that has a special and different foundation and built her book from there. The Postcard is Book Two of the Amish of Jamesport series. I'm very excited to read Book Three and I highly recommend reading this book and this series. I received a complimentary copy from the author in exchange for my honest review. This review is one hundred percent my opinion.
sunshineJB More than 1 year ago
Sweet, Sweet, Romance (Sigh!) A book needs to grab my attention right away in order for me to keep picking it up and reading it. Not a problem with this book! I don’t think I had finished a whole paragraph before I knew I’d be hooked on this story.  My favorite characters are David and Rachel. Rachel is a dreamer and collects postcards of places she can only dream of seeing. Will her dreams come true? Just where did God want her to be or who did He want her to be with? Rachel is torn with indecision. She is promised to one man but her heart wants another. David, he knows exactly what he wants but is it what God wants? Will David’s past be held against him? When a tragic accident happens and a life is nearly lost, we see God’s mighty hand working. I have read all of Laura V Hilton’s Amish fiction books. She is one of my very favorite authors. She has a way of telling a story and when it comes to an end, leaves me wanting more. Her books are filled with God, scriptures, prayers, and faith. That is important to me. I also love that she writes clean romance. I would never be ashamed to pass her books along to a friend or church member. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series! I was given an Advanced Readers Copy of this book by the author and publisher to read and review. The opinions expressed in this review are mine alone.
NanceeMarchinowski More than 1 year ago
This story of redemption will leave you breathless!  Rachel Miller enjoys writing to people as she dreams of traveling to various locations. Rachel and David Lapp have communicated through letters for many months. A disastrous open buggy accident seriously injured David, causing him a lengthy recuperation, and leaving him with a permanent leg impairment. Unknown to Rachel, David moves to Jamesport because the community uses closed buggies for transportation. His fear of traveling in an open buggy is substantial. He is fortunate to find work teaching school. The discovery that Rachel lives right across the road is just too convenient! Their attraction for one another has already been piqued through their lengthy communication. David carries dark secrets from his past and insecurity for his future, and Rachel is betrothed to another. The challenges they face makes a relationship a dangerous concept! This is the second book in The Amish of Jamesport series, and it rivals the first installment which took my breath away! "The Postcard" is a very compelling story of forbidden love and passion, and the search for redemption. David is portrayed with depth and strength of character, and his reliance on God's will is richly documented. Rachel is a romantic dreamer, and the attraction that she and David discover for one another is tangible!  Laura V. Hilton creates characters who possess faults and insecurities, making her stories believable and palpable. The strong thread of faith and redemption throughout this book is undeniable and spiritually uplifting. By describing David with his sense of righteousness and acceptance of his responsibilities, his authenticity is unquestionable. "The Postcard" is inspirational, heart pounding, breathtaking, and the author's sensitivity is admirable! I highly recommend this book!  Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from Whitaker House in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own, and no monetary compensation was received for this review.