The Resistance (Animorphs #47)

The Resistance (Animorphs #47)

by K. A. Applegate

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The Resistance (Animorphs Series #47) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am proud to announce that I have read every Animorphs related book ever written! This is one of my favorites. The war story that is on every other chapter(mostly) is good too. I would have paid $5 for each story. Read this book!!!!!
KEdwards More than 1 year ago
Animorphs is a young adults fiction book about how aliens called Yeerks, are invading Earth. The Yeerks crawl into your brain and take total control of your body. Since they are blind and helpless slugs without a host, the Yeerks liked humans. 5 teenagers and a alien named Ax are the only hope for the entire human population. They were all walking home from the mall one day and, POW! A space ship landed, a half man half blue deer with stalk eyes, no mouth, and a razor sharp tail, otherwise known a an Andalite, came out. The Andalite, Elfangor, gave the kids the power to turn into any animal they touch. They ran away as the Yeerks came to finish off Elfangor, and Visser 3/2, one of the Yeerk's many 'presidents', ate him. How they met Ax... Cassie and Tobias were having visions and daydreams of a voice calling for help from the bottom of the ocean. Well guess what, they were right. Ax had been aboard the dome ship, but the Yeerks destroyed it and Ax was the only survivor. The pieces of the wrecked ship were washing up and was on the news. They morphed dolphins to investigate, and Cassie 'talks' to a whale to find out were to go to get to the dome ship. they morph seagulls and stow away on a ship to practically the middle of the ocean. they morph dolphins and find Ax, taking him to the forest to hide in the meantime. Summary In Animorphs #47, the free Hork Bajir in the forest need help. When a young Hork Bajir is captured by the Yeerks, he is infested and the Yeerks find their way to the valley. They plan to attack it very soon. Planning the battle, the Animorphs come across a beaver dam. Then a great idea was born - flood the Yeerks out. As the others morph beavers, Tobias and Ax find a group of campers that needed to get out of the forest before the battle or would become hosts of the Yeerks. Jake decides to try and trick them, but it failed completely. So Jake decides to show them the real reason that they needed to evacuate. There was an alien invasion trying to take over the human race. They needed to get out or they would either be fed to the cannibalistic Taxxons, shredded to bits and then fed to the Taxxons, or have worms crawl into their ear and take total control of them. In other words, he morphed in front of them and scared them so much that one or two of them about fell over. But just to their luck, they wanted to help. They all were Star Trek fanatics, and thought that they were real aliens. By the time the campers unwilling to help left and Jake, Tobias, and the rest of the campers got back, there was a huge change. The water level of the dam had gone up by feet, the Hork Bajir were making platforms in the trees, even making bows and arrows. They were all busy prepping for the battle. Some of them were also digging deadly trenches with spears at the bottom covered with sticks and leaves. If a Taxxon fell in, others would dive in, very willing to devour their brothers. When the battle finally began, a wary, young Hork Bajir taking the leading steps into the valley, it was a bloodbath. The Taxxons, as planned, piled into the trenches, spears flew, and many were dead within the first few minutes. Even some of the campers passed. When everyone thought the war was over, they celebrated. But it was very brief. Just then, Visser 3/2, in one of his many hideous morphs, stalked into the valley. But the Yeerks had no choice but to be swept away by the current when the dam was released.