Rumors and Promises

Rumors and Promises

by Kathleen Rouser


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Rumors and Promises 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Catherine Brakefield More than 1 year ago
Sophia Bidershem is raped and conceives a child out of wedlock. This is an unspeakable and unheard of sin for the pious righteous of the early 1900s. Her parents order her to marry her daughter’s father. Sophia flees her parents’ home to keep her daughter, Caira, safe. Sophia hides the truth that Caira is her daughter and tells everyone that they are sisters. Heartwarming, and oftentimes humorous, the reader is hopeful that Sophia and Caira’s charade will not be disclosed. Sophia prays God will forgive her sin of lying and deception. God answers her pray by having her bump into Reverend Ian McCormick. Reverend McCormick is a man seeking God’s guidance, but he hides a treasure chest of hidden hurts himself. Sophia’s knight in shining armor is flawed. Can God heal Sophia’s and Ian’s flaws that keep these two loving people at arm’s length? Kathleen Rouser’s Rumors and Promises is a well-written historical romance that leaves the reader with a better understanding of what societies’ finger-pointers can do to a young girl’s moral. This venerable young heiress, though homeless and alone, shows us that as Jesus forgave the woman at the well—when you call upon God, He is our omniscient champion without equal!
Kathae More than 1 year ago
Yearning for safety, acceptance, and permanence, Sophie Biddle and her daughter Caira move to Stone Creek, Michigan to work in a boardinghouse. In order to keep her true identity hidden, and to be accepted into the community of the small town in 1900,Sophie introduces Caira as her sister, both having been orphaned. As Sophie works hard at the boardinghouse, she is endeared by the owner, and the local (single) pastor and his sister. As these relationships develop, she is slowly able to trust God again, and accept that she is a worthy and honorable person, despite rumors to the contrary. Reverend Ian McCormick must forgive himself and accept God's forgiveness for a mistake he made in the past. Only then would he be able to allow himself to consider entering into a romantic relationship. The author portrayed Sophie in a way that made me want to cheer for her when things finally went her way. That said, she faced some heavy opposition from influential townspeople, which made for an interesting and believable read. Fans of historical fiction and romance will want to lose themselves in this book! I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review, which I have given.
Stefanie0 More than 1 year ago
I was given an advanced copy of this book in exchange for a fair review. This is a debut novel for Kathleen Rouser. I have to admit I now have another favorite author and I look forward to more great reads from her! This novel is set in the early 1900's when women led restricted lives and outcasted if they had a child out of wedlock. Sophie Biddle arrives in Stone Creek, Michigan with her "sister" and is offered help by the handsome Reverend Ian McCormick. She is hesitant because she does not want to be recognized. She is on the run from her family and an evil man. Sophie and Ian both have past secrets that could threaten their peaceful lives in Stone Creek. They do both feel a connection to each other but both are afraid of losing everything. As bond becomes stronger, the naysayers of the community and Sophie's past catch up to them. Is their Faith in God and their strength and conviction to choose the right paths enough to keep them together? Or will it tear them apart and destroy their lives? This book has so many facets and makes you really think about how important Faith in God is as well as standing up to do the right thing is. It is both captivating and intriguing as well as romantic. I felt such a connection to the characters and the way it is written, you just want to keep reading. I literally read it in one day! I highly recommend this book!!
CarolJo More than 1 year ago
Rumors and Promises is a story of forgiving ourselves and accepting God's forgiveness. You will sympathize with Sophie who does not feel she is worthy of love because of her past. Reverent Ian McCormick has to realize that he can't fix every situation. I enjoyed this book by Kathleen Rouser. I received this e-book from Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas in exchange for my honest opinion
Digging4Pearls More than 1 year ago
I recently had the pleasure of reading Kathleen Rouser's new book, Rumors and Promises. I was swept up in the tale of young Sophie Biddle and her daughter as she's thrown into a world of having to provide for herself instead of living in the lap of luxury, like she was raised. A meddling minister, Ian McCormick and his sister, are determined to help Sophie. He's dogged by his past failures and wants to assist however he can, without drudging up his past mistakes. Sophie passes her daughter off as a younger sister, but her conscience is pricked by the lie. Trying to avoid rumors and speculations of her sordid past, will she ever be able to find love and acceptance and a promise of tomorrow? Kathleen Rouser has a wonderful way of describing things and pulling the reader into her story. Her dialogue, setting descriptions, and historical accuracy makes her an author I'll be reading in the future. This book was provided free for review by Heritage Beacon Fiction - 2016.
Xmiler1 More than 1 year ago
Sophia Bidershem, a teen-aged heiress in late nineteeth century Detroit, was taken advantage of by a predatory older man and bore a daughter outside of marriage. To avoid a forced marriage, she runs away with the Daughter, Caira, always fearing her predator might find them. Taking the name Sophie Biddle and pretending that the now-two-year-old Caira is her sister, she arrives destitute in Stone Creek, Michigan, to take a job in a boarding house and start a new life. Her pleasant personality, competence, and obvious love for Caira quickly win her friends, but she feels guilty for lying about her status, and she lives in fear of being found by the girl’s ruthless father. The young minister Ian McCormick provides Sophie charitable help and is instantly attracted to her. But Ian has hidden secrets of his own, secrets that leave him as guilt-ridden as Sophie. He tries unsuccessfully to assuage his guilt feelings through good works. Sophie’s presence and their growing attraction to each other only complicate his situation. Kathleen Rouser threads this story skillfully from that point, surrounding her protagonists with a colorful group of well-drawn secondary characters, introducing new conflicts, and building to a thrilling climax and satisfying denouement, all the while weaving in the spiritual dimensions of her characters. The result is an always-interesting, well-written romance that will keep readers turning the pages.
EStock More than 1 year ago
I finished Kathleen Rouser's Rumors and Promises with a sigh of delight over this nostalgic love story. Not only is it a love story between Sophie, a woman who learns how to hold her head up in dignity despite a great harm done to her, and Ian, a Reverend who suffers when he believes he's allowed another to suffer, but it's also the love story between God and His children. And that's my type of excellent read! I appreciate Ms. Rouser's subtle but lovely message that we all need to take our concerns to the One who can help. And oh, that hero--Ian--is a keeper!!